China Hot Sale Car Accessories Led Front Light / Auto Lighting Systems For VW Lavida

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Factory price 5 inch 40W auto lighting system led spot light 
1.Stainless steel bracket 
2.high intensity LED 

1. Wide operating voltage range: it can apply to different types of vehicles .


2. Long life: more than ordinary advanced LED light bulbs, more than 30000 hours life .


3. Aluminum casing, shock-proof waterproof better.


4. Light perception: a softer light to prevent glare.


5. Waterproof and anti-corrosion: it can in the rain or harsh environments.


6. Lumen is 90-120LUMEN / W, much higher than ordinary halogen 20-30LUMEN / W.


7. One year limited warranty.


8. LED work lights are widely applied to enhance lighting, eg.Vessels,Bus,Off-road vehicles,Trucks,Fire Engines,Forklifts,Mining,Trains,Tanks,etc


Q:what causes the emissions control system waring light to come on in a f 150 2005?
Leave it to the police, don't take a risk.
Q:What is the brightness of the car headlamps?
Eyes full of stars
Q:sorry to ask this in military but i figure yall will know best. i‘ve noticed that since we‘ve had usaa auto they have consistently gone up when our policy renews every 6 months. it‘s around 20-50 dollars every time. we have not had any tickets or accidents. when i call customer service they assure me it‘s nothing we‘ve done and that everyone‘s rates are going up. i find this hard to believe. anyone else having this issue?
You should be getting a detailed description of what your paying for and by seeing that you should be able to figure out what has gone up. I have State Farm and they send me a monthly policy description so I know exactly what I am paying for. I have never heard of insurance rates going up for no reason. If you got a new car that could why, if the car that is insured is on the top list of stolen vehicles that could be why as well, then of course there are accidents and tickets ect. So if the customer service people wont tell you why your paying more than you were before it would be best to get a detailed outline of your policy so you can be sure they have the right information and you are getting billed for the correct coverage. I have dealt with enough insurance people to know they screw that kind of stuff up often.
Q:converting auto pilot light to standing pilot on gas furnace?
Can't do it . there is a circuit board involved.
Q:I have the goods (lights) to export to Europe, the customer asked to do ECE certification, I do not know ECE certification and lights E-Mark certification is not the same thing, ask the professionals to help ah, not sure friends do not answer, Thank you!
E logo: from the European Economic Commission (Economic Commission of Europe, referred to as ECE) issued by the regulations (Regulation). ECE currently includes 28 countries in Europe, in addition to EU member states, but also Eastern Europe, Southern Europe and other non-European countries. ECE regulations are recommended for members to apply, not mandatory. Member States may apply ECE regulations or extend national regulations. At present, ECE members are willing to receive test reports and certificates that comply with ECE regulations from market requirements. E logo certificate products are parts and system components, there is no vehicle certification of the corresponding laws and regulations. E-certified products are accepted by the market. Domestic common E logo certification products are; automotive light bulbs, safety glass, tires, triangular warning signs, automotive electronics products. E certification of the implementation of the certification body is generally ECE member countries of the technical service agencies, E logo certificate of the issuing authority is the ECE member states of the government departments.
Q:car has a miss very noticeable in stop and go traffic changed fuel rail sensor and still the same
I wouldn't mess with can very easily break your blade rendering it useless into you get it replaced. If you must, heat it up using a blow torch and slowly bend it. You should have checked out the curve before buying it.
Q:Hello, I own 2008 hyundai sonata, white. I bought it base, so now I want to do some changes on it so it can look a bit better. First off I wanted to install new wheels 17, tint my windows, add HID xenon lights and I also wanted to add subwoffers. Wheels and tint windows is number one on my list. I can cancel subs idea. Yes and I was told I have 10 year warranty. Thank you
Why do you need third row seats homie? Are you gonna **** a ***** in the back seat?
Q:Can anyone tell me how to make an homemade auto mister for a chinese water dragon?
Well, I said it last time you posted this question, but if you're only misting the one lizard it would probably be simpler to just mist with a bottle a couple times a day unless you're not around. I don't know about making a mister, but would a drip system work? It can be as simple as a 2L plastic bottle with a couple pinholes poked in the bottom, set on top of the screen on top of your dragon's tank. Try to have it dripping near where your basking light shines so the water will evaporate back into the air raising the humidity. If you're still having humidity problems, you can also cover up most of the screen top with a towel or some tin foil to keep it from drying out so quick. You'll have to keep an eye on your temps though as this will usually also raise them some.
extremely tough step. check out into bing and yahoo. it can help!
Q:had dead batt now it's gone crazy when i went to jump start it the alarm went bannanas but hear the problem bought the truck used and had no idea it ean had an alarm to get it to stop the noise i cut the horn/siren now the blue light flashes all the time never flashed b 4 ..and its makeing a quite clicking noise like every 30 seconds with no remote what would you do .... btw its a 1999 burban
is it an after market alarm or is it factory fitted to the car? If it is factory fitted you should be able to get a remote from the manufacturer, if not, your gonna have to remove the alarm system. can be tricky because there are heaps of wires hooked up to the control module.

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