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Product Description:


Factory price 5 inch 40W auto lighting system led spot light 
1.Stainless steel bracket 
2.high intensity LED 

1. Wide operating voltage range: it can apply to different types of vehicles .


2. Long life: more than ordinary advanced LED light bulbs, more than 30000 hours life .


3. Aluminum casing, shock-proof waterproof better.


4. Light perception: a softer light to prevent glare.


5. Waterproof and anti-corrosion: it can in the rain or harsh environments.


6. Lumen is 90-120LUMEN / W, much higher than ordinary halogen 20-30LUMEN / W.


7. One year limited warranty.


8. LED work lights are widely applied to enhance lighting, eg.Vessels,Bus,Off-road vehicles,Trucks,Fire Engines,Forklifts,Mining,Trains,Tanks,etc


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Q:I am fairly new to dslr‘s. I have a 35mm f/1.8g lens on a d90. I would like to know what the best settings are for shooting people and moving objects in the dark or very dim lights. Any advice would be appreciated thanx!
Depending on the lights you have, If they run on Direct Cables (Red, Green, Ether) cables, then i would suggest you open the light mainframe (making sure car if off of course) and slowly screw or pull the bulb, if you find out its just a simple screw in and out operation, then common sense will guide you, however, if it has 2 or 3 extension wires lodged behind its bulb, then acquire the exact same bulb and slowly unscrew your old one from its cables and screw in the new one, keeping in the mind the correct circuit wires. Hope this helps. Stay safe and Good Luck!
Q:But it turns back on after cranking it immediately(sometimesl). After a place like running in to grab food it dies and rapidly clicks. I‘m replacing the alternator tomorrow but can it cause stalling in the streets or is that something else
the motor is junkyard for price on replacement.some repair shops will charge you for installation only.the motors are NOT cheapcall around
Q:I do installing for a living and i am stumped on what to do about this. I put a viper 350hv in my 2002 dodge intrepid. my car never came with key less entry. mind you that car had power locks already. if i manually lock the door with the switch on the inside of the car and shut the door my dome light will dim and go out but if i just shut the door and lock it with the vipers fob the it will lock and chip twice meaning it is overriding the dome light because it wont dim. there are two ways i can think of to fix it. one is to set the setting on the viper to auto arm 30 seconds after the last door is shut or fix the dome light problem. please help!
What exactly do you need help with? Your door trigger and trunk trigger are going to be found in the driver's kick panel, and the parking lights will be on the back of the fuse panel. Constant wires should be at the ignition harness.
Q:I had it checked already and fixed the problem but there are no more errors or codes. Just need to reset system and turn off engine light. If not I can‘t pass emissions.
Agree with Steph. MiracleGro plus vermiculite and peat moss, 2:1:1 ratio. Lowe's has vermiculite and peat usually all the time. Don't forget to try sprouting cuttings in clear containers of water. If in doubt, plunk it in water. Remove lower leaves so they don't rot and stink the place up. have fun playing in the dirt.
Q:What is the reason why car bulbs are often bad
It is recommended to check the battery voltage, and then the amount of battery after the battery voltage, and then to the throttle, and then about the voltage, such as the difference between the more than 14V, is the voltage is high, causing easy to burn bulbs.
Q:What is the difference between m4 and m16?
Very little difference. Folding stock, some fire in 3 round burst, not as accurate at longer range than M-16, Fully gas operated. I think they have changed the bolt. It is still an M16 which has been modified. I never liked the M-16's anyway. They jam too much, as does the M4.
Q:What is the best portable Auto gps on the market today. I'd like one that updates automatically and uses the cigarette lighter for power.
Well....I don't know of any navigation systems in the market that will automatically update there's some that use Cd's to update. In my opinion Garmin's are great.....Good Luck
Q:There is nothing in any manual about these two options in the MMI setup and while I have read elsewhere that the "Touring Mode" has to do with where the headlights point I was hoping someone might know... I believe the "Auto Running Lights" feature have to do with the sensitivity of the full lighting system coming on but am not sure...
call your saleman. hell tell you exactly what those mean.
Q:About three weeks ago my engine light came on in my car and I‘d never had anything for wrong with it in the few years I had it. I took it to auto zone and they ran a test that came up saying that my gas cap was defective. It wasn‘t loose because it had be on both prior to and after filling up my car. They gave me a new gas cap and said to drive around for a while and the light would turn off on its own. Well it has been three weeks and my light is still on. What‘s wrong?
This Site Might Help You. RE: Why won't my engine light turn off after I fixed what auto zone said to fix? About three weeks ago my engine light came on in my car and I'd never had anything for wrong with it in the few years I had it. I took it to auto zone and they ran a test that came up saying that my gas cap was defective. It wasn't loose because it had be on both prior to and after filling.
Q:like a basic definition that every auto repair shop does.not meticulous detailed thingsDoes this cover the basics?mechanical brake, tire service, electrical and engine work
like it disturbs my beauty sleep in the middle of a quiet night? i'll probably take my effort, go out and get any spray paint and spray crazy paints with their car!!! that should teach them hahahahaha

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