Car Accessories Head Lamp for Toyota Camry 2007-2011 (ISO9001&TS16949

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20 PCS pc
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1000 PCS/MONTH pc/month
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1Specifications of Head Lamp For CAMRY:


StyleTOYOTA metalbody parts 
colorblack, crystal
MarketAfrica, South, America, Mideast, Europe, etc
CertificationTS16949/ISO9001/CCC,ISO9001:2000 ,CCC,E-Mark
OemR 81110-33270-1
L 81150-33270-1


2Applications of Head Lamp For CAMRY:


3 Advantage of Head Lamp For CAMRY:


 1.Small  MOQ: It can help your marking business very well.


2.Continuous development of new products   .


3.Good Service : We treat clients as friends.


4.Good Quality :We have strict quality control system & good reputation in the market.


5.Fast & Cheap Delivery: We have great discount from forwarder (Long-term contract ).


4Packaging & Delivery of Head Lamp For CAMRY:


Packaging Detail: strong cartons and wooden cases, can pack according to customer's requirements.


Delivery Detail: in 20 days










Q:just bought the car, after fist payment check engine light is on, tested at Auto Zone and they say converter. Options? must pass emissions within the next month- HELP!!
the car will get through emissions with the converter but not with the check engine light on. the code is for a deteriorated catalyst and that means that the ability to process exhaust gasses (clean them up so to speak) has deminished to less than 50% of the converter's original capacity. It doesn't mean that the converter isn't working so the car is probably still operating within the emissions limits. the code for the converter takes a long time to set, so my suggestion is to have the code cleared and drive the car. If the check engine light comes on again, note how long it took for the system tests to trigger the light. I've seen it where the light doesn't come back on for months. If the light comes back on in two weeks, then simply go to autozone and have them clear the code about a week before you go for the emissions test. that way the light will be off and you should pass the test. If the light hasn't come back on by that time, just go through the test. I know you don't want to know how much the replacement converter cost. lets hope clearing the light gets you through the emissions test. Then you can drive the car until your next emissions test is required without buying the converter. the car won't act any differently with a deteriorated catalyst and won't leave you stranded or die on you as some other manufacturers converters will Hope that helps
Q:when driving at night with my lights on auto 5 mintues they turn off. ?
The light sensor in the dashboard is damaged or defective. The system in the car thinks it is day.
Q:Nanjing where to change the car headlights good?
My Ford car lights in Nanjing lights Shiming inside the transformation, which transform the light of the beautiful, fog can see clearly.
Q:The engine light came on in my car and we took it to Pep Boys to get code pulled and they told us that it was coming back with two codes, P0101 and P0172. They told us the mass air flow sensor is bad and that it is running too rich, is this something that can be repaired at home my husband? He was told to replace the air filter and clean the sensor with fuel injector cleaner and that, that should do the job. Is this correct?
I give it a 9 of 10 chance working
Q:The little yellow check engine light I guess it is came on yesterday in my 00 Grand Caravan, wondering if anyone might know what causes this. The manual says possible emissions issue, or auto transaxle?
It's definitely time to go to a good shop and get the right diagnosis. It is probably an oxygen sensor, but it could be a number of other problems. The sooner you get it fixed, the better. The check engine light comes on when the engine computer detects a problem with the emissions control system, which includes the transmission.
Q:'94 Camaro, V6 auto, 125k. All electrical systems (interior lights, headlamps, pressure gauges, etc.) flicker off and on constantly. Been this way for months and it is really getting on my nerves. Had a shadetree mechanic try to attach a code reader and he couldn't get a reading. Please, no wild guesses.
new head light switch - it has a heat switch in the switch - it gets hot lights go out - cool down lights on - sometimes you hear them click on and off - fords make lots of sound - this happen to me in mountains - bright lights will most like kill our switch
Q:What is the car taillight
The tail of the car group, the general car tail of the light group is composed of brake lights, reversing lights, turn lights, fog lights. The car's taillights played a prompt role, told the car before the car at this time the state of progress, to avoid accidents. At present, the car taillights use both beautiful shape, light effect and high LED light body group, so that the car can be more clearly see the car before the state of progress.
Q:My car is running fine but the engine light came on one day.. I took it to advance auto for a free computer reading and it cam out with system or car running lean..I ask the guy he said it could be the O2 sensor? I don't have the money right now to take to a mechanic .. what could it be? and where are the O2 sensor locate in a 2001 ford escort zx2 ?. maybe I can change them.. Thanks
The o2 sensor is screwed into the exhaust manifold, or screwed into the exhaust pipe just behind the exhaust manifold. It reads the amount of burned or unburned fuel in the exhaust of your engine. the sensor sends a report to your cars computer of it's findings and the computer corrects the problem if there is a problem. The guy that said it was the o2 sensor was most likely telling you correct. When the sensor goes bad, it will either lie to the computer, or withhold it's info completely. Now for the best way to learn the location of the o2 sensor. Stop by an independent automotive shop, (or your Ford dealer) raise your hood and ask a mechanic to point to the o2 sensor. Not being a smartass here, I have found this works for the ladies without fail every time. Or at least it works this way in the great state of Texas.
Q:Hiya,I don‘t know if anyone knows any fancy effects that can be had with a sheet of polarizer gel, placing them in front of flashes to polarize the emitted light? I‘m used to using lens polarisers - but not on the lights - or combining them for that matter.So basically . is it practised? If so what is it useful for?
Yes, it's used. There's a chapter in Light, Science and Magic on using polarising filters on lights as well as lenses. Doing this allows you to fine tune the balance of the artificial lights against the ambient. It can help you reduce the glare of lights on shiny objects too.
Q:What is the meaning of the car lens?
Is to make the high beam together, near light is not needed. Because the light is looking at the ground. Far away to look at the distance.

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