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1Specifications of head lamp for CIVIC:


Production Name



HONDA metalbody parts 


.Autoclave technology,straight weaves, nice flexibility 

Non-fading glossy look,good fitting 


Africa, South, America, Mideast, Europe, etc




2Applications of head lamp for CIVIC:


3 Advantage of head lamp for CIVIC :


 1.Small  MOQ: It can help your marking business very well.


2.Continuous development of new products   .


3.Good Service : We treat clients as friends.


4.Good Quality :We have strict quality control system & good reputation in the market.


5.Fast & Cheap Delivery: We have great discount from forwarder (Long-term contract ).


4Packaging & Delivery of head lamp for CIVIC:


Packaging Detail: strong cartons and wooden cases, can pack according to customer's requirements.


Delivery Detail: in 20 days








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Q:i have kenmore water heater from sears, with auto pilot light, which it keep turning off, any suggestion ?
Here on the east coast it take 1 day to get that fixed. Wait for them.
Q:Emission Control system leak?
A code p0455 most likely means one or more of the following has happened: •A loose or improperly affixed gas cap •A non-conforming gas cap not factory/original brand) •Other leak or damaged piece in EVAP system
Q:What is the brightness of the car headlamps?
Eyes full of stars
Q:I just bought a remote auto starter for my chrysler 300c. The lights now shut off while driving and?
you seem to know the answer already ...new command start needed sorry .good luck
Q:Key features of LED car lights
Take the brake light and the direction indicator tube as an example, assuming that the vehicle speed is 125 km / h, or 35 m / s, the incandescent hot start time is about 250 milliseconds, and the rapid response of the LED can be issued about 8 meters Brake warning, so as to effectively avoid the car collision. The same is true for the indicator light.
Q:Antelope car headlamp how to tune
Boot cover, headlamps around the left and right have two holes, adjust the light level and adjust the light around.
Q:what alternatives is there to auto air conditioning, that i can plug a system into my cigarette lighter?
A bucket of ice and a wet towel.
Q:How much color is the car headlamps
On the choice of color temperature. HID color temperature of 4300K, 5000K, 6000K, 8000K, 12000K and other different models, light color in accordance with the yellow and white, white, blue and white, blue, purple order change, the higher the color temperature lumen gradually reduced, the worse penetration. All kinds of high-end car original HID are about 4300K color temperature (national standard can not be higher than 5000K), intuitive comparison of 4300K light white with a little yellow, regardless of rainy days fog penetrating effect is good, but no 6000K visual effects Well, 6000K light was white with a little blue, rainy day fog effect is very poor, it is recommended to choose 4300 or 5000. For the 8000K and above the color temperature is only cool when used, the irradiation effect is very poor, encountered rain and fog is equal to no headlights
Q:What are the four kinds of car headlamps
Is currently four: the current ranking should be this: laser headlamps (not popular) --- LED car headlamps (on behalf of the brand: Leixi) --- xenon headlamps (on behalf of the brand: OSRAM) --- Halogen lamp (on behalf of the brand: Philips, OSRAM). Because of the cost reasons, the car factory is generally out of the halogen standard, pre-xenon headlamps as a halogen alternative light source, with the current LED technology is mature and development, and gradually show the alternative halogen and xenon headlamps Potential value.
Q:How to use the 600D night to shoot that beautiful car lights traffic lights line? C
In front of the two did not tell you to the tripod, whether it is a few seconds of slow, less than 1/30 are best with a tripod. There is the direction of the traffic, the car headlamps illuminated much stronger than the taillight times, often seen too serious exposure to the night flow film.

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