Accessories-Nonwoven Waterproof

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Product Description:

Accessories - Nonwoven Waterproof

It’s equipped on the roof with flashing to waterproof.

Product Description:

Laminated Glass


2.Min size:300*300

3.Max size:3660*2440

nated glass, is a kind of security compound glass made by sealing two or more pieces of glass together with PVB film through the process of heating and pressurization. The shape of the glass can be flat or curved.The laminated glass has 2 layers,3 layers,5 layers, 7 layers, or more.

Function and Characteristic of Skylight Laminated Glass:

1.  Security: because of  the agglutinated function of the PVB film, when the glass is broken, only bring into radiation-like crackle, the fragment will not scatter out. It is safe and can not hurt people. So, it is widely used in the windshield glass for automobiles.

2.  Sound insulating : With a good damping function for sound wave, laminated glass is a favorable sound insulating material.

3.  Energy saving:  Laminated glass has better thermal performance than normal glass. Combined with insulating glass, laminated glass can achieve even better sound reduction effect and thermal insulation performance. Apparently, it is an ideal and safe energy-saving product.

4. U.V. Filtering : The interlayer can filter out ultra-violet rays, so that can prevent the indoor or objects such as furniture from fading.

5. Wider variety of color and patterns to choose for better decoration effect: PVB interlayer can be in various colors to meet with architect’s design intent and decoration requirements. It can also control transmittance of solar energy and reduce indoor air-condition load.

Specification of Skylight Laminated Glass:

Flat laminated glass: Thickness 6-40mm

Max size: 2650x6500mm

Min size: 150mm*150mm

Curved laminated glass: Thickness 6-30mm

Max size: 2000x3000mm

Min size: 300x400mm

Application of Skylight Laminated Glass:

Architectural door, window, ceiling, floor, partitions, stair-steps, handrails,railings, awnings and curtain wall glass.

Ships and automobile windshield glass.

Bullet/violence- resistant glass for financial places, exhibitions hall, hospital and jail,etc.Safety glass for furniture

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Q:I want to install a regular window A/C. These A/Cs usually release water drops when they're on.Unfortunately, directly under my window there's small aluminum roof from an external balcony built in the 2nd floor. So if it starts leaking, the drops will fall on the roof and bother the neighbor.I can't install it unless I find a way to avoid the drops from falling on the roof.Is there any way I can do that?Thanks.
There should be some kind of drain tube on it. Just get some tubing and extend it.
Q:Classroom length of 9 meters, 7 meters wide, 3.3 meters high, to paint the walls of the classroom and the roof, doors and windows and blackboard the total area is 20 square meters. If every nail nail filling to kill ghost cool Handan whale square meters need to paint 0.8 kg, then the whitewash of this classroom at least how many kilograms of paint? More
(9 × 7 +9 × 3.3 × 2 + 7 × 3. Ji nail filling irrigation to change ghost cool natural whale 3 × 2-20) × 0.8 = 148.6 × 0.8 = 118.88 kg
Q:Roof skylight leak how to do in the morning up the skylight position on the floor are water, the walls are moldy,
First of all, need to confirm that the time of the leaking, is not rainy days? If it is in the rainy day when the water leakage, then the above description of the waterproof work is not done; the other hand, if the outside is not in the rain, the morning to see the water drops down, it is caused by climate reasons. Indicating that the outside temperature is relatively low, and the indoor air moisture and more, so that the water encountered in the cold glass that condensed into water, that drop is very normal. The moldy appearance on the wall should be too humid in the room, or there is a problem of water seepage - but if it is "moldy", it is caused by the indoor air; if it is a local wall, especially Is the junction with the outside of the wall, this situation is the problem of leakage. Suggestions: find someone to understand your home, in the end what is caused by the situation? And then targeted to take measures to repair. ☆ ☆ ☆ above answer, from Google know the team "decoration I know". If satisfied, please click on my answer below the "selected as a satisfactory answer", thank you! ☆ ☆ ☆
Q:Is the window against the roof of someone else?
From the feng shui is not related, not so superstitious Oh.
Q:Flat roof bay window, water leaking in through to the lounge. There is what looks like a drain hole in the lead on the roof...and water has collected on the roof before now. It seems there might be a blockage with this hole..Just wondering how big a job it is and if my insurance will cover it????
Sonds like the scuptor (drainhole is clogged. Try a garden hose with a strait nozzle aatached. Chek your flashing where the roof meets the adjoining roof, Most roof leaks are flasing around vents, chimneys ect. Flat roofs are trouble from the get go. The insurance will mot likely cover it- but you have a 500 or 1000 dollar deductable and they will possibly raise your rate or worse. job sholdn't cost that much so think twice. Best Rj
Q:We have been struggling with mold in our home for almost 4 years now. It was making us and our baby sick, so we have put all of our money into remediating the mold and are out of money for now. We were out of the house for 10 months while they remediated. When we came back, we became sick again. We have no where to go and we barely have food to eat lately, but now we smell a mustiness coming from the wall where a window is, right above the porch roof. The mustiness is worse after the rain. It makes my baby cough and it makes him congested. Sometimes he is up all night coughing.Could some kind person with smarts point us in the right direction of how to find and hopefully remedy the problem? We were even considering putting a tarp on the porch roof, but we don't know how to put it up there and we don't know if it would fix the problem.Maybe the windows are not flashed correctly I read somewhere. Could anyone please help?
if it were me-and i had no money to get it fixed--I'd climb up on the porch roof with a caulking gun and caulk up that window like no one's business----really look for where it could be leaking--they also make this stuff for caulking leaks on a roof-take that up there too, just in case the leak was where the porch roof met the house...then you are going to have to poke around and look for the wet moldy drywall in the house around the might be able to borrow a moisture meter from someone...or sometimes you can just feel it or see the wet spot...when you find the area you will have to remove any moldy areas and replace the drywall...patching isn't so hard...and the insulation...if its moldy. wear a face mask...clean any other moldy surface with a bleach/water solution. not an expert solution...but i went through this before i got my new roof....and this is pretty much what i did!
Q:2011 to buy the commercial housing, lived less than a year of the window, the roof on the many times to find the property to apply for maintenance, but the property is not every time to repair, but still repaired once or twice, and now the property actually Said the leak is not responsible for them, but also call for property costs. How can i let me pay the property fee ah! Now actually said not to pay the property fee is not to repair, do not rent my parking spaces, really have this reason ah! How to solve it? In fact, I do not pay the property fee, really do not worry, pay the property costs even more to repair, and housing leakage is really bothering, who leak who knows. Property do not understand the voice of the owners. Hope that experienced friends or professionals to share the experience and experience. More
This is also looking for the best advice of the construction of the seller under the lawyer
Q:can anyone tell me what solution i can use to clean an outside copper bay window roof?
You aren't supposed to clean the copper roof. It is supposed to turn green and left alone it will last almost forever. Any cleaner you use to remove the green oxidation will also remove some of the copper and eventually ruin the roof.
Q:I have a roof sag above my windows on the front of my house. I looked above the windows and there is an oak 2x4 laying on its side supporting the roof. The 2x4 has bowed and let the roof drop down. Has anyone run into this problem before? The house is about 60 years old. It's a brick rambler. Thanks.Craig
the 2 x 4 is the wallplate this should go all around the top layer of bricks This in itself is unlikly to be the the cause of the sag It sounds like you have a problem with the window lintell this can be brick, timber, but bigger more like 6 x 4, or it can be steel it will require some work before problem gets worse
Q:I have no idea if it IS an automatic feature of this car, but is there something it's automatically set to do (in VERY cold weather?) or a button accidentally pressed that leaves all of these things open in the car?No smart asses please. (You know Idiot, you were car jacked)
There is no setting that would do that, but holding down the unlock button on your key fob will open all the windows and sunroof, and the trunk button will obviously open the trunk. Was your key fob being pushed by accident?

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