Center Pivot Roof Window - RXD Series

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Product Description:

Center Pivot Roof Window

RXD Series

●  Wooden parts of the skyview roof window are made of first class pine from Russia. The
   surface of the sash are treated PINSKAN preservative solution and have pasted the test
   of European wood protection standard EN599-1 and EN152-1. The sash can also be
   rotated through 170o and locked, allowing easy and safe cleaning of the outer pane to
   carried out.

●  Unique ventilation hole ensure permanent replacement of moist air inside the room by
   fresh air from the outside with the window closed. The filter removes dust and other dirt
   from air.
●  One piece on top of flashing,  both-side painted 0.6 - 0.8mm thickness aluminium sheet
   with polyester coated corrugated lead skirt, which does not need any maintenance.

Product Description:

Laminated Glass


2.Min size:300*300

3.Max size:3660*2440

nated glass, is a kind of security compound glass made by sealing two or more pieces of glass together with PVB film through the process of heating and pressurization. The shape of the glass can be flat or curved.The laminated glass has 2 layers,3 layers,5 layers, 7 layers, or more.

Function and Characteristic of Skylight Laminated Glass:

1.  Security: because of  the agglutinated function of the PVB film, when the glass is broken, only bring into radiation-like crackle, the fragment will not scatter out. It is safe and can not hurt people. So, it is widely used in the windshield glass for automobiles.

2.  Sound insulating : With a good damping function for sound wave, laminated glass is a favorable sound insulating material.

3.  Energy saving:  Laminated glass has better thermal performance than normal glass. Combined with insulating glass, laminated glass can achieve even better sound reduction effect and thermal insulation performance. Apparently, it is an ideal and safe energy-saving product.

4. U.V. Filtering : The interlayer can filter out ultra-violet rays, so that can prevent the indoor or objects such as furniture from fading.

5. Wider variety of color and patterns to choose for better decoration effect: PVB interlayer can be in various colors to meet with architect’s design intent and decoration requirements. It can also control transmittance of solar energy and reduce indoor air-condition load.

Specification of Skylight Laminated Glass:

Flat laminated glass: Thickness 6-40mm

Max size: 2650x6500mm

Min size: 150mm*150mm

Curved laminated glass: Thickness 6-30mm

Max size: 2000x3000mm

Min size: 300x400mm

Application of Skylight Laminated Glass:

Architectural door, window, ceiling, floor, partitions, stair-steps, handrails,railings, awnings and curtain wall glass.

Ships and automobile windshield glass.

Bullet/violence- resistant glass for financial places, exhibitions hall, hospital and jail,etc.Safety glass for furniture

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Q:Does it matter whether I have a new roof installed or exterior painting first?
Paint after the roof. You may experience roofing materials hitting the sides of the house after they peel the layer of tiles on the roof. Then paint w/o the chance of tiles hitting the sides of the house.
Q:was the UK aid-worker in October that US navy seal killed came from the roof or from the Window?
You are 100% right on The killing by the SAS were handled in the U K as understandable the killing of the aid worker was murder As soon as the terrorist heard the American helicopter they ran The Translator ran towards the British yelling ''Journalist'' ,,''journalist''and was shoot of course no one knows who shoot him The reporting of these two incidents by your BBC has upset many American military people Google it
Q:Buying a house that needs work. Need to know about how much peeps pay for a roof and replacement windows?
I shopped around and found an out of work roofer, actually two of them. If using a regular roofing company get at least four bids. The difference in cost could be thousands of dollars! Be smart and tough. NOBODY gets paid except by prior arrangement. Pay the day workers after the completion of the day, or every two or three days. Do NOT pay in advance. Do NOT pay for crappy work. The workers must use guidelines across the roof so that roll roofing or individual pieces are laid straight. Do NOT pay somebody to go and buy the materials before starting roof. Do NOT pay in advance. Day workers can come in, tear off the existing roof materials, get money, go away and NEVER come back! DO get a permit from your local building department. DO contact your homeowners association before starting work. We had a neighbor who had to tear off and re-do an entire roof because our neighbor hood has shake roofs and she out on a fibreglas shingle roof! DO hold back money from your workers until the roof passes inspection. The workers have no reason to keep coming back if they are paid up to date. DO NOT keep a guy working on your job if that person flakes out. I had one college student that sat on his butt, turned around and knocked a few roofing nails in when he felt like it. Duh! Had to run him off! It has been ten years. My roof is holding up wonderfully well. I saved thousands of dollars.
Q:I had a dream. I was on a roof. I saw my mother and my husband in a window of the same house. I told my?
It means a black person is going to help you when your husband is not around. Maybe a black dude will put cable on your roof and your husband will be looking through the window as you pay him for the service.l
Q:How far is the sill of the upper window from the roof of the building?
The average speed as it passed from one windowsill to the other is given by Vave = 2.5m / 0.91 m The instantaneous speed when passing the midpoint of that 2.5m would be equal to Vave. The length of fall required to reach a speed of Vave (which it had at the midpoint) is given by the kinematic formula Vf^2 = Vo^2 + 2*a*d where Vf is instantaneous speed when passing the midpoint, in other words Vf = Vave; Vo = 0 (it was dropped, not thrown down; a = g, and d is how far that midpoint is from the roof. So the top windowsill is 1/2 of the 2.5 m closer to the top.
Q:Slope roof window due to the cold outside the heat window frame and glass condensation drops, how to solve?
With double glass windows can be resolved
Q:Suzy drops a rock from the roof of her house. Mary sees the rock pass her 5.7 m tall window in 0.186 sec.?
Suzy drops a rock from the roof of her house. Mary sees the rock pass her 5.7 m tall window in 0.186 sec. From how high above the top of the window was the rock dropped? The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 vf = vi + a * t = vi + 9.8 * 0.186 Eq#2: vf = vi + 1.8228 Substitute vi + 1.8228 for vf in Eq#1 (vi + 1.8228)^2 – vi^2 = 111.72 vi^2 + 3.6456 * vi + 1.8228^2 – vi^2 = 111.72 3.6456 * vi + 1.8228^2 = 117.72 3.6456 * vi = 111.72 – 1.8228^2 vi = (111.72 – 1.8228^2) ÷ 3.6456 = 29.73 m/s To determine the initial height of the stone, we need to know the distance the stone falls before it reaches the top of the window. Distance = Average velocity * time Average velocity = ½ * (vi + vf) Distance = ½ * (vi + vf) * time 5.7 = ½ * (vi + vf) * 0.186 Eq#1: vi + vf = 5.7 ÷ 0.093 vf = vi + a * t vf = vi + 9.8 * 0.186 Eq#2: vf = vi + 1.8228 Substitute vi + 1.8228 for vf in Eq#1. vi + vi + 1.8228 = 5.7 ÷ 0.093 2 * vi = (5.7 ÷ 0.093) – 1.8228 vi = [(5.7 ÷ 0.093) – 1.8228] ÷ 2 vi = 29.73 m/s This is the velocity of the rock when it reaches the top of the window. As the rock falls from her hand to the top of the window, its velocity increases from 0 m/s to 29.73 m/s at the rate of 9.8 m/s each second. Time of fall = 29.73 ÷ 9.8 Distance of fall = ½ * a * t^2 = ½ * 9.8 * (29.73 ÷ 9.8)^2 Distance of fall = 45.1 meters This is the distance from Suzy’s hand to the top of the window. Check vf^2 = vi^2 + 2 * a * d, vi = 0 m/s, a = 9.8 m/s^2, d = 45.1 m vf^2 = 2 * 9.8 * 45.1 vf = √(2 * 9.8 * 45.1) = 29.73 m/s This is the velocity at the top of the window. Velocity at the bottom of the window = 29.73 + 9.8 * 0.186 = 31.5528 Distance = ½ * (vi + vf) * time = ½ * (29.73 + 31.5528) * 0.186 = 5.7 m This is the height of the window. So, I believe the answer is correct.
Q:What colour roof, windows and down pipes would suit large cream brick home, having a jarrah wood front door?
grey roof with white trimming looks best with brick houses, that is what I once lived in, brick with almost black tile roof and white painted gutters, window storm covers and trim, with brass accents on the door. very classic look.
Q:How to get on my roof?
Okay, first assess if the roof is too steep for you to stand on. If you have seen others in the neighborhood walking on the same kind of slope, then it should be okay, but until you feel safe, stay three feet back from the edges. You could have a rope tied securely inside to the bed frame and just draped out the window for confidence getting back in. But the main thing is that the distance from the bottom of the window to the roof at the window is a height you can get back into. So first time, with the rope hanging out, hang firmly onto the bottom of the window, stick out one leg and straddle the window, then pivot onto your belly, and drop the second leg and scoot out to the roof. By the way, on a really hot day, you don't want to get burnt by the heated roof, so wear long pants or bring a towel that won't make you slide. Because the roof can get over 150% just sitting in the sun.
Q:I bought a new top with a loft, ready to decorate, would like to ask whether it should be waterproof?
Of course, is better to do waterproof. The The The

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