Micro USB 3.0 OTG Card Reader and 3 Ports USB HUB for Samsung galaxy Note 3

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$3.00 - 4.25 / pc
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50 Pieces pc
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3000 Pieces per Week pc/month

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 Micro USB 3.0 OTG Card Reader and 3 Ports USB HUB for Samsung galaxy Note 3  



    • support SD (HC) / TF/MS/M2 kanye photos into Pad

    • USB port may meet camera/keyboard/U disk, etc

    • support large current USB device/large current memory card

    • support the keyboard and support multiple USB devices at the same time use the Pad

    • Support type: note3 n9000 n9002 n9006 n9008


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Q:my card reader cannot read my memory card?
go to the hp/compaq website and download the drivers for the c700's card reader they're free, easy to find (labeled), and quick to download just run the application and it'll install for you your reader should work after this i also believe that the producer of the card reader is realtek, if you want to google other solutions
Q:hi, how to use card reader in laptop acer 5520 ?
well you could go to radioshack and get a cheap memory card reader if the one on your laptop is too big then i dont think itll fit.
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Q:8 in 1 card reader?
For some sockets, you can insert memory card directly and some you need adaptor. For adaptor normally inside the box will have it
Q:i have bought a usb 2.0 combo card reader but its not working.it saying no driver installed .please help?
Sounds like a problem with the USB controller, have a look in the device manager, see if there is a warning against the controller and update that driver.
Q:Just bought a new PC with Vista and can't figure how to use the Memory Card Reader. How is it used?
The card readers tend to be listed as drives in Windows Explorer because they're connected via USB (may be listed as Removable Drive). See if they are there and try to access them. You may find you are able to browse one which has your pics on it. Otherwise, you will probably have to get into the manual or contact the PC manufacturer.
Q:Memory Card Readers?
go to OKorder and you can buy a memory cad reader (reads 21 or more memory cards and connects to your USB) for 5-10 dollars (including shipping). I bought one and they work great. good luck
Q:husqvarna Viking 3d D-card reader?
According to my Viking dealership you must purchase a new Reader-writer box or upgrade to a machine that will download directly. The Vista program rejects any designs. My suggestion is to find a computer or laptop with Win XP and use it for your designs and creations.
Q:why wont my card reader respond?
What OS are you using? Windows 7 came out yesterday with an update for their USB driver. Try uninstalling your USB driver, reboot the computer and click on Windows Update. By the way, just to clarify, REBOOT Click on Start Restart. It's also called 'Restarting' the computer.

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