Patent new product: mhl to hdmi adapter otg card reader 5 in 1

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 Function 1:


MHL to HDMI, from small screen to big screen.

supports smartphones with MHL technology.

Such as:

Sumsung Galaxy S4/S3/S2/Note3/Note2/HTC  


Function 2: Card Redar 

Directly imports images, videos and document files such as PDF, Word, Excel, etc.
from SD Card, Micro SD Card and USB Disk  to smartphones/tablets.


Ports: SD / Micro SD / USB


USB port also supports USB keyboard and mouse.


Note: This function only fits for cellphones with OTG funciton.


Q1: Are electronics cheap in
A: Of course. They are very cheap. The factories provide the goods. One-stop sourcing.
Q2: Why are electronics so cheap in ok order?
A: On ok order they are the lowest price. Because it is a wholesale website and factory provide goods.
Q3: Do all electronics have silicon in them?
A: No but most modern ones do. Older electronics that don't require micro chips don't have to have silicon at all, and their mother boards are made from copper. Silicon is used in micro chips as a semi-conductor in modern electronics but some other semi-metals, like gallium and germanium can also be used. Silicon is just the most common because it is so plentiful.

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Q:wii USB loader with a card reader.?
it might just be the card reader, homebrew is picky. make sure your using a SanDisk brand card thats all i can tell you, i use neogamma
Q:How do I get my card reader to read an 8 gig micro sd card?
An 8 GB Micro is an SDHC card, meaning that it is high-capacity. You need a card reader that supports SDHC cards to properly use the card. Offhand, I would guess that your card reader does not support SDHC.
Q:are there any SD card readers that can corrupt or erase SD Cards unexpectantly?
Ditto. I use a $15 all-in-one card reader for both CF and SD cards. Never had a problem.
Q:How do I get my micro SD card reader to work?
this may be a software problem so go into acer website or make a search in the internet to get the definition drive of ur card reader . when u get it as zip - I guess- extract it and double click the extracted file to reinstall the drive .so ur card reader may works again . if any ather question tell me ,i can help u more . good luck .
Q:Dual Core processor and 13/1 Media card reader?
hi, i visit't tell out of your spec as you've ignored out what video card and sound card it truly is that you've and which operating gadget.8-(( The spec you've reported so some distance seems ok. yet you want this to finish it :- 128MB nVidia GeForce 6600 GT, ATi X1600 or equivalent portraits Card with Shader variety 3 help (256MB nVidia GeForce 7800 GT, ATi X1900 or equivalent portraits Card with Shader variety 3 help) • ATI Radeon X600 256MB HyperMemory • integrated Sound Blaster Audigy more desirable HD Audi • V.ninety 2 information Fax Modem uk (or a broadband connection i assume) • Win XP SP2 abode Arnak
Q:Micro SD Card Reader Problem?
If there us an external power supply (plug it into wall outlet) to the card reader and the power light doesn't come on, it's probably dead. Card readers that just plug into the computer, usually USB, may not light up if the computer doesn't recognize it. Most computer built in the last 5 to 8 years will do so without any drivers needed. If the computer is older you definately need a driver. There are a lot of card readers on the market, and some are made cheaper than others. There's a decent chance it's a dud.
Q:Info about SIM card readers?
Text messages are not stored on the SIM card so there is no such possibility
Q:HP 9-in-1 internal card reader (part number 5069-6732)
have you tried installing it to other desktop computer? you may need to install it to other units or from its original source(HP Pavilion a819n desktop). And if it wont be detected by other computers too, then it is already not working or somehow damaged. Because as far as your using windows Vista almost all of the plug and play hardware are being detected(that includes your card reader). But if your hardware came with a driver, you should install it. And with your case, you dont have a driver for that device you may try to download those driver from the manufacturers support page. hope this could help.
Q:What is the name of the reader?
And Writer, Programmer, Reading Device, Portable Readout Device, and Automatic Equipment Identification Device.
Q:What are the classification of the card reader?
Card reader from the interface point of view are: parallel card reader, serial card reader, USB card reader, PCMICA card reader and IEEE1394 card reader.

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