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Global Terminal Gate Cam Supplier & Manufacturer from China is a professional Global Terminal Gate Cam supplier & manufacturer, offers integrated one-stop services including real-time quoting and online cargo tracking. We are funded by CNBM Group, a Fortune 500 enterprise and the largest Global Terminal Gate Cam firm in China.

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Brief introduction Integrated wiring system commonly used in the continuous equipment which?
The above is the set-top box of three audio and video lines, the TV jack is not right, only the audio input and output no video input, you look at the side of the TV there are no yellow and white three jacks, and some words you put the corresponding three Plug into the plug, the TV can be opened in the AV
What is the meaning of AP in integrated cabling system? Need to access patch panel? 6-core panel, 12-core panel is what? Is it a jack panel?
Is the direct say that the HDMI cable ... depends on the helium section of the boiling edge of the sand every spoon brand ... ... the cheapest few pieces of money ... ... expensive hundreds of pieces ... ... within three meters effect will not affect ... better products Can be five meters ... is ten meters ... ... and then twenty meters ... ... 20 meters above no amplifier, then the basic no show ...
Where is the fiber patch panel used in general?
Plug one can also be plugged in, and were connected to a different source of power, only one way the power supply, then plug in the meaning is not one of them can be a UPS, do not two groups are plug UPS The
A sub-eight splitter, behind the link ONU equipment, which also need to add fiber patch panels, or can be directly connected?
Laying the horizontal length of the path, the vertical length and the specified additional length, the reserved length (see the link page)
How does the SDH device connect to the DDF patch panel?
So that you can only split the screen to use you can send a display from the Internet shell and then the apple screen installed
In the integrated wiring system, the use of the 110 patch panels, fiber patch panels, RJ45 patch panels are different between what? How to use it?
Ah, according to "JGJ / T16-2008 civil building electrical design specifications" Table 21.9.1-1 integrated wiring cable and power cable spacing, parallel with the twisted pair cable laying the same route 10kVA 380V power cable, two Minimum spacing between cables: . such as parallel laying: 600mm. one side of the metal wireway or steel pipe: 300mm. both sides of the metal wireway or pipe: 150mm
Is the patch panel in the weak battery a telephone and network wiring cabinet?
Patch panel sub-network patch panels and telephone patch panels, basically the network cable and telephone lines in the color hit the patch panel, and then through the jumper connected to the network switch or telephone exchange. Patch panel is to contact the terminal and switch the middle of the equipment, it is best to look at the physical room, the theory of practical contact with the fast.
Fiber optic cable split box, integrated wiring box, cable terminal box, cable transfer box difference
The set-top box video, two audio output with audio and video cable connected to the TV's audio and video input, the TV signal source selected as video, OK.