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Original authentic SJ4000 HD 1080P Waterproof outdoor sports camera movement DV1200w pixels

Note: all our machines, we can provide unlicensed neutral products and packaging.

Packing List:

Unit: mm

Category name Length Width Height

Bare Metal Size: 604,240

Package Size: 17,060,160

Packing size: 485 340 350

QTY: a box of 20 GW 14kg

Package 1 = official configuration + 4G authentic licensed card

Package 2 = official configuration + 4G authentic licensed card + reader + digital rub

Package 3 = official configuration + 8G authentic licensed card

Package 4 = official configuration + 8G genuine licensed digital rub + card + reader

Package 5 = official configuration + 16G authentic licensed card + reader + digital rub

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The body center of gravity to have the foot plate, the upper body slightly forward, knees bent, arms stretch, balance.
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