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Thank you for purchasing SJ4000 HD Sports Camera tachograph. This product has a super small body and the integration of design, ease of recording whenever and wherever you shoot great and outdoor sports scene, while the dynamic photography technology can clearly record a variety of activities, using a wide range of vehicle mounted recording, outdoor sports, home security deepwater exploration indispensable recording tool.

Product Features

> Provide waterproof waterproof shell, allowing you to shoot exciting water sports, waterproof housing can waterproof 30 meters depth

> Shooting Functions

> Ultra HD display, video display and wonderful heavy shooting

> Battery removable, easy to replace the battery and prolong life

> Recording function while charging

> Unplugged video work can be

> 12 million high-definition wide-angle lens

> HDMI HD output function

> Webcam function

> Support up to 32G memory card

> Multiple video recording format 1080P 720P WVGA

> Style shooting modes: Single AF Continuous

> Video files plus pin

> Ultra-small mini appearance, color optional.




170 degrees A + grade-resolution wide-angle lens

Select your language

English / German / French / Spanish / Italian

Video Video

1080P (1920 * 1080) 30FPS

720P (1280 * 720) 60FPS

VGA (848 * 480) 60FPS

QVGA (640 * 480) 60FPS

Video Video Format


Video compression formats


Photo resolution

12M / 8M / 5M

Memory card


Camera mode

Single shot / self-timer / (2 seconds / 5 seconds / 10 seconds) / Continuous

Light frequency shelter

50Hz / 60Hz



Power supply


Battery capacity




Recording time

1080P / 70 minutes

Charging time

About 3 hours

Operating system

Windows XP / VistaorAbove / Win7 / Mac os


59.27 * 41.13 * 29.28

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