Movement tachograph camera

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170 degrees A + grade-resolution wide-angle lens

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English / German / French / Spanish / Italian

Video Video

1080P (1920 * 1080) 30FPS

720P (1280 * 720) 60FPS

VGA (848 * 480) 60FPS

QVGA (640 * 480) 60FPS

Video Video Format


Video compression formats


Photo resolution

12M / 8M / 5M

Memory card


Camera mode

Single shot / self-timer / (2 seconds / 5 seconds / 10 seconds) / Continuous

Light frequency shelter

50Hz / 60Hz



Power supply


Battery capacity




Recording time

1080P / 70 minutes

Charging time

About 3 hours

Operating system

Windows XP / VistaorAbove / Win7 / Mac os


59.27 * 41.13 * 29.28

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Q:How does a beginner slide a split slide?
3, stepping on the foot, gently pedaling, and then received the skateboard, placed in the back of the skateboard, then, the whole body and slide began to slide forward.
Q:Recommend a good skateboard, as a means of transportation
If it is used as a means of transport, the toy board can be, but the toy plate to bear the bridge and love worse
Q:Is the bridge loose or tight?
I think this is a personal habit, the bridge soft point for the future action easy point, the earlier can be tight point, but I personally suggest using soft, so that for the future to help relatively large!
Q:Skateboard, regular, GoofyWhen I was a kid, I didn't notice goofy when I was playing with a toy board.
You can't jump when you start training. The main thing is that the front foot is not good enough to take off. To jump high, start practice, the front foot pressure down, so the board can not play. When jumping up, the front foot, the thigh belt forward, while the front foot, leg forward swing, should pay attention to swing, the calf is not always perpendicular to the ground. You can't just lean on your thighs, you can't jump high.
Q:What are the parts of the skateboard?
4. bracket (bridge):Bracket, which we refer to as "bridge", is the most widely used skateboard, which has the most twisting force, the most extrusion and the most friction. The bridge is usually made of alloy casting, and the process and design of the brands are different. The bridge is divided into the middle, the low and the middle axle, and the length of the bridge is different from the width of the surface.It's important to choose the right equipment for skateboarding. A skateboard is made up of several different components. The part is different from the terrain and the style of the skateboard. In general, the skateboard consists of the following components:1, board (deck), 1, usually with five layers, seven layers, nine layers of maple wood, microwave cold pressing. There are also aluminum alloy, carbon fiber and other materials made of board. Now the panels, the head, the end of the board are tilted. The individual's favorite pattern is the 20cm*81cm size with a slightly rounded head. 22cm above the surface, basically can be regarded as U pool plate, the plate can accommodate more feet, make it more robust in the U pool. About 19cm of the plate, mostly in flat road conditions used in the surface, sub class board with small wheels, start the action to agile, quick. In addition, the different companies of the board, the foot of the nest is not the same depth. Some skaters prefer the foot deep panel, which makes it easier to do the action of turning over the plate, and makes it more stable when doing OLLIE.
Q:Who sang the original "my skateboard shoes"?
Pang Pang Lang said, "my skateboard shoes" from the creative background of their own personal experience, he said he did not want to fame, as long as some people like listening to him singing, it has been very satisfied.
Q:How do two wheel brakes stop?
Simple stopping method(1) first optimistic about which side to stop the vitality board.(2) a body to tilt the direction of the parking activity.(3) push the panel toward the parking direction so that the energy board stops.
Q:Which year did the skateboard introduce to China?
At the end of the 80s, the glamour of skateboarding attracted many Chinese teenagers because of the release of the American movie "danger". But many cities in China did not sell skateboards, and most of the children's dreams were nipped in the bud. At that time, the family only in Taiwan or the United States have relatives can buy back to the mainland, you can imagine when the children get the joy of skateboarding. They played video repeatedly from television, and many children practiced on the ground together. Of course they had to go around the only skateboard.
Q:How do skateboards jump? skateboarding is not flying, but still on the ground?
Hello ~ board to forefoot must brush plate rear plate OL principle points up basically is to point up the rear skateboard people jump to slide to brush up.
Q:How to buy a good skateboard?
In addition, choosing a good skateboard shop is also very important, if you have a local entity skateboard shop, you can buy in the store, if not, you can only buy online

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