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Original authentic SJ4000 HD 1080P Waterproof outdoor sports camera movement DV1200w pixels

Note: all our machines, we can provide unlicensed neutral products and packaging.

Packing List:

Unit: mm

Category name Length Width Height

Bare Metal Size: 604,240

Package Size: 17,060,160

Packing size: 485 340 350

QTY: a box of 20 GW 14kg

Package 1 = official configuration + 4G authentic licensed card

Package 2 = official configuration + 4G authentic licensed card + reader + digital rub

Package 3 = official configuration + 8G authentic licensed card

Package 4 = official configuration + 8G genuine licensed digital rub + card + reader

Package 5 = official configuration + 16G authentic licensed card + reader + digital rub

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Q:Why does the four round turn automatically?
Not in a skateboard shop, but I really want to practice it... Teach me how to speed up and turn the corner. Is it that you pedal second feet after kicking your feet? If so, you're kicking
Q:What's the difference between a double skateboard and a street skate?
Let me tell you something. Skateboard, if it is double warped. Then the double warped board is divided into 2 branches. Street style and freestyle, free style, you can see the Shen Meng at home. In short, the game is different. Common double warped. It's all street style. Yes, of course。 The boards are all the same
Q:How does a skateboard turn?It's on 4 wheels
The plate is lifted up is a kind of method, but this method is difficult to control, easy to fall, recommended novice taxiing in the centre of gravity is tilted forward or backward tilt to control direction, can slowly slide and then feel.
Q:Children scooter good, advantages, disadvantages?
But after all, children's scooters are sports toys, the quality must be better, in the economic conditions of the premise, or choose a good quality brand, such as the British COOGHI, cool scooter ride.The disadvantage is that common to all sports products, is a security risk, because the child ability and reaction are not as good as adults, easy wrestling, this is also the reason to choose a good brand, and is the best parents to accompany children together, wear protective devices.
Q:What are the skills of skateboarding?!
When your money may lose half! If you buy a stunt, you can practice foundation, can play tricks, also available for a long time! Again, find a flat and empty, training base: skateboarding skills cheat: 1. The first slide practice: focus on the foot does not move on the ground in the sliding support body slightly forward, no tricks, slippery will steady skateboarding skills: 2 cheat. Turn: where do you usually use your foot to slide the ground? Just put that foot at the end of the board and put pressure on it, while the other foot raises slightly, while the board will tilt. Then use your hands and body (especially your waist) for proper rotation (and you'll get the hang of it). Take the strength of the body to control the angle of the turn. A skateboarding trick cheat: 3. Stop: the most common way is straight down and pick up the board, or with your usual support slip the ground foot heel ground friction to slow down the foot; also available behind the press will be tilted at 45 degrees, so that the board will stop fast but I don't encourage you to use Shashi method, commonly used words at the end of the bottom of the board will be worn.
Q:Skateboarding skills?Start by standing on the wall or relying on someone else to help you balance the balance.
Method 2At the same time, slide the front and back parts of the skateboard and then lean forward in a moment, coasting with the inertia of the previous movement. Then, depending on the waist and two thighs swing left and right, and left and right foot pedal, so that the direction of the slide forward S words
Q:What brand of skateboarding is more professional?
Toy boardA toy board is a skateboard for sliding only. Beginners can also use it. Beginners should choose flat sliding field, when sliding wear elbow, wrist, knee pads, helmets and other protective gear. But if you really make up your mind to start your extreme career, then put down your child board!Professional boardProfessional board, this is a real skateboarding people should know and familiar with, your extreme career, from now on with it. The slip of the hand to do a variety of difficult moves and tricks of all kinds, even strange and eccentric gameplay, so professional in all the components of strength and a variety of performance indicators should be used to meet the requirements.The street and the U pool, highway, slope downhill, little difference, U pool plate is wide, the bridge is soft, road type board is very long (in fact, the road plate has independent become another movement, referred to as LongBoard), high bridge type slopes downhill and pneumatic tire.
Q:What are the prices and considerations for buying child skateboards?
Many parents in order to let the children have a strong body, will encourage children to participate in some sports, but the National Research Institute of sports medicine, chief physician Huang Guangmin said: "the tug of war, bumper cars, the three slide movement is not suitable for children. According to the characteristics of the development of children's health, children can jump rope, rope skipping, making a small ball, playing football, playing basketball, small swimming and other sports, these projects are helpful to children's height."
Q:We seldom play skateboarding here. Many people have never seen each other
What are you so shy about? Maybe people are envious, even jealous, and maybe there are a lot of people around you who want to play
Q:Which brand of skateboarding is better, the novice should choose what?
Specific depends on how much you budget, and I would like to say here about the price of the best way to choose it.Anyway, if you want to seriously play board, do the action, then you can not buy the whole board, do not buy the whole board, in short, the assembly board is much better than the whole board, the cost is also not in a grade.

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