3.5mm Headphone Audio Jack Pay Tellphone Mobile Phone Card Reader for Iphone Andriod

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3.5mm Headphone Audio Jack Pay Tellphone Mobile Phone Card Reader for Iphone Andriod


It is an encrypted magnetic stripe reader that works with various mobile devices. It reads up to 2 tracks of information with a single swipe in either direction, providing superior reading performance for your mobile device. A merchant account is required to accept credit card transactions. Customize appearance and color is available



1. Slim size: light and slim size for high portability

2. Reduce investment: The user may use own mobile phone to complete the transaction. No need to invest for the heavier POS or ePOS

3. High security: Data is encrypted before transmitted to the mobile phone. Avoid the possibility of being stolen by trojan horses.

4. High reliability: Embedded professional decoder IC speed up the decoding. High swiping performance

5. Ultra low power consumption: Power up by button cell. Peak operating current < 1mA, which could be the lowest power consumption in the similar products.

6. High compatibility: Support bidirectional communication between phone and device. Compatible for domestic and imported mobile phones. Can support 90% or above smart phones.




  • Plugs into audio headphone jack – no cables

  • Mechanical design allows easy and reliable card swipe

  • No external power supply required

  • Superior magstripe reader performance

  • Bi-directional card reading

  • Reads up to three tracks of card data

  • Data is encrypted for end-to-end security using TDES, DUKPT







  MS612 (Dual tracks: 1, 2 track) MS623 (Dual tracks: 2,3 track)

Power Source

  Power up by embedded button cell (Depend on customer: Can be powered up by Audio jack of Mobile phone)

Connection to mobile

  Plug-in 4 pins 3.5mm audio jack


  Magnetic card. e.g. Credit cards, debit cards, membership cards

Decoding format

  Build-in Hardware decoder

Battery life

  20,000 times for normal swiping

Battery standby time

  5 years

Swiping speed

  3 - 70 IPS (7.6 - 177.8 cm/s)

Swiping direction

  Dual direction

Swiping time

  500,000 times


  Swiped data encrypted before sent to mobile phone

Encryption method

  Optional: 3DES (TDES)/AES. Support FIXED KEY or DUKPT key management

Encryption spped

  < 200ms (complete data encryption from all tracks)

Supporting system

  iOS, Android system

Peak current

  < 1mA

Operating Temperature

  -20'C to 70'C


  41.7mm x 30mm x 13.7mm




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Q:I plug my memory card reader into my computer but nothing pops up!?
already try to plug it in the other usb slot ? what about the red light on the memory card reader? turns red or not? if its not, it means the memory card reader is broken now, but if it still turns on, i think there's a problem with the memory card cable or virus on your sd card. i hope its not a virus coz you will have to format it and lose all the data. o(^_^)o
Q:Micro SD usb card reader not working.?
try it on other usb ports and if possible on different pc. if it is in warranty get it replaced or repaired. BTW the card reader come very cheap you can get a new one any time, if every thing fails give it a try.
Q:i have a 15 card reader on my hp computer with vista and it will not work?
If the card-reader is built-in to your computer, Windows probably still sees it as an external device. When you safely removed or ejected the other device it is possible the Windows disabled your card reader so it could be safely removed (even if it's internal). If it is an external reader, try unplugging it and plugging it back in. If it is an internal reader, try rebooting your computer.
Q:what 12 in 1 card reader should i get?
Card readers frequently go on the fritz since they are so cheap, I would buy an external USB one if I were you so you can just toss it if it malfunctions. But if you have to just have an internal card reader, I would go with the temperature controlled one.
Q:What is a 6-in-1 USB card reader? Read Description.?
It either comes with cable, or it might be size of flash drive which you just plug into USB port. Those memory card reader usually does not accept microSD cards. You need microSD to SD card adaptor which you put the microSD into and make it the size of SD card(it usually comes with microSD card when you bought microSD card, or you need to get one). Usually the phone has usb connection, and you can access data that way.
Q:Realtek SD Card Reader invisible in Windows 7?
i could attempt to run yet another SD card to work out if this is the cardboard it is not being examine. you may additionally run the kind interior the residing house windows 7 Compatibility center and notice if the driving force desires to be as much as date. you in addition to could ought to evaluate that it must be a hardware concern. -- Ryan residing house windows Outreach team
Q:What are SIM card readers, writers and SIM copying devices?
SIM card readers are generally used to back up your data. Certain Networks' SIMs are security embedded so you cannot transfer your contacts from one handset to another easily. Therefore SIM card readers are perfect for this. Some use Excel format and you simply plug the device into a USB port and it saves a file of names and numbers for you to use as back up. You can edit the file and if you have more than 1 phone you can keep a record just in case you lose or damage your SIM in the future. It is best practise to buy one (they are about £10, $20) and at least this way, if your handset plays up and has to be re-flashed then your numbers will be safe.
Q:do memory card readers need drivers? computers anyone?
WIndows XP design feature called Plug-in-Play which lets you plug any hardware you like to attached to your computer including card readers and WIndows XP readily recognize what type of hardware you are installing. Most hardwares though not all can be recognized but card readers are just one of the few that XP can read. No more additional drivers/softwares to be installed that is why XP or later version is the most handy OS could consider.
Q:My memory card reader isn't working?
the connector port that it plug into may be undesirable on the motherboard,additionally pass the the gadget supervisor on the coolest click view click teach all contraptions hidden and notice in case you have any pink x's
Q:card reader question please help me?
Most likely yes, I do that for my BlackBerry all of the time. You may need to put it into a specific location (folder) on the card. If you told us that make of phone you are using we can be more specific.

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