I have the graco pack and play with that little music/light part and i cant figure out how to put batterys in it. i see part of it looks like a battery pack but i cant get it open! i lost the instructions
You have to unscrew it with a screwdriver. Its in a tight corner so put the screwdriver on...
Bought an xbox 360 arcade for the kids for xmas and a second wireless controller for it and the battery packs and charger station both controllers workfine with AA batterys in them yet when we try and use the 2 battery packs that came with the charging station only 1 of them will connect to the console at a time unless I use AA in one of the controllers and one battery pack in the other and it does not matter which controller 1 or 2 as long as we have 1 with AA's and 1 with the rechargeable pack yet we did the connect and they both are connected without using 2 rechargeable packs
Is it always the same battery pack that is unable to connect? Have you checked, that both ...
Extensive battery pack - Battery packs that let you 3DS' power stay longerYou know, is there one that doesn't stick out and isn't any bulkier? Do you think there ever will?
Im sorry there is not one but with the new chargiing base you can play at the same time yo...
I have an Olympus Camera with a Model LI-42B Battery Pack.I haven't used my camera in a while so I charged the battery then pulled it out of the charger and put it on my desk. I don't remember how long it has been sitting thereI got it to try and use it and the sides are puffing out!It won't fit in the camera any more!I'm afriad that it will burst If it does, what does that mean?Is it dangerous?I put it in a plastic baggie just in case but I'm worried and PISSED that the GOOD battery that came with my camera has crapped out so soon.What does this mean?
Lithium ion batteries have been known to explode and to catch fire. It is one of the techn...
I live in Akron Ohio and would like to dispose of the old battery pack. Anyplace around here to recycle?Joe
There should be an 800 number to call printed on a sticker on the HV battery itself. I how...
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