Turbocharger Electric GTA1749V 753519 Turbocharger Electric Turbo for Ford Transit VI 2.2 TDCi

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Product Description:

Quick Details

  • Type: Turbochargers

  • Car Make: Ford Transit VI 2.2 TDCi

  • OE NO.: 753519-5009S

  • Model Number: GTA1749V

  • Warranty: 12 Months

  • Engine: Duratorq

  • Power: 130HP

  • Capacity: 2200ccm

  • Cooled Type: Oil cooled

  • Fuel Type: Diesel

  • Part No.1: 753519-5009S 753519-5007S 753519-0009 753519-0007

  • Part No.2: 6C1Q6K682BE 6C1Q6K682BD 6C1Q6K682BC

  • Part No.3: 1372392

  • Build/Year: 2006

Packing & Delivery

Packing Detail:

  • Neutal Packing or the package as requirement

  • One turbo in a Carton

  • Wooden case is a good choice for ocean shipping

Delivery Detail:7-30 Days.(As Per Quantity)


  • High Speed, higher torque and improved response.

  • Lower Fuel Consumption.

  • Turbo and all its parts 100% changeable with original.

  • Perfect Follow-up Service

In Addition,we are also business in parts of Turbocharger such as:

  • Turbine Housing

  • Compressor Housing/Cover

  • Bearing Housing

  • Repair Kits

  • CHRA

  • Valve

  • Shaft Wheel 

  • Compressor Wheel/Impeller

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Q:What is the best exhaust system for a LT250Ri have paul turner pipes on it now and the silencer is like 4 or 5 inches long lol.i need a good pipe for low end power.
Total length of exhaust is what matters. Stock is usually best for general use. The pipe you have now is for racing, if your not running at high rpms all the time its probably not best pipe for you . You want to look at low rpm torque pipes ( usually 'fatter' in the front section) How about some best answers for me for all this stuff?
Q:Hi, I‘m just a 13 yrs. old kid trying to know these things. I love cars and i just want to know more stuff. Could anyone describe these for me? I will really appreciate it. THANKS
Here's a basic run down hope it helps Supercharger- Forces more air into the engine and it works off of the crank so it will gain a lot off HP but also rob just a little bit so make the supercharger spool up A Turbo- Forces air into the motor but it spools up from the air coming out of the exhaust there for it powers it self and does not rob any HP but you get Turbo lag because it takes longer to built up the boost pressure rather than a supercharge is almost instant. Exhaust System- Is just where the air goes after its been through the motor. the Air goes through the manifold or the headers depending on the car/truck then through the cat and then to the muffler and out into the air. Air Intake- This is where everything starts becasue a motor can't run without air. Air gets sucked into the intake with would go through the throttle body or the carburetor depends on the car/truck then into the intake manifold then into the motor. Torque damper- is sorta like a motor mount it keeps the engine from moving around when its under power it can help acceleration and Reduced wheel hop and even smooth shifting. There are more things to it but i can't remember everything. Hope all this helps
Q:What‘s the difference between Magnaflow and Flowmaster?Do they both increase the same amount of horsepower?Save the same amount of fuel?Which sounds better on a truck?I got a V8 4.7 quad cab, and can barely hear the engine running, and it feels like the truck‘s being robbed of its power.Which exhaust system will give my truck some confidence?
If your doing it for power or fuel efficiency, your doing it for the wrong reasons. An exhaust system is really only utilized when other performance parts are added like an ECU tune as well as a cold air intake or high performance heads. Also, most exhaust systems don't do much because no1 bothers to do exhaust headers, which are the most important part in my opinion. Your only as good as your weakest link. As for your question, the companies both make good quality stuff. Magnaflows seem to be a little quieter but have a very nice tuned sound. Flowmasters are a little louder (talking 40 series here) and a little more raw sounding. Either is an excellent choice. For trucks, i like the flowmaster 40 series. I hear good things about the 80 series as well. You can always Youtube the mufflers and i'm sure someone has taken a video of a truck like yours with those mufflers. It wont be great sound quality, but it might give you an idea. If your doing this, it'll be for sound, nothing more. If your expecting more power you are going to be really disappointeded.
Q:. and what are it‘s benefits and disadvantages as opposed to a standard exhaust system?
you can get that i Any store OK you should get it OK
Q:I have a 2000 z28 camaro and I‘m trying to install a SLP loud mouth exhaust system
I could recommend lots of things to look for,but this particular 4 runner is having a moment of its own,I suggest a 45 caliber handgun or a 12 gauge shotgun,sometimes you need to slap it around a little bit,--jump in,pull down the sun-visor look directly into mirror sayingI'M YOUR BOSSDONT MESS WITH ME.scream as loud as you can into the head rest,put a potato in the exhaust,let it choke up a little while,it will learn soon that you paid for it.
Q:I‘m redoing my exhaust system for my 1996 Mazda MX-6.I just want to make it a straight pipe with a glass pack (to tone it) instead of muffler to make it sound loud. I like loud.Anyways there is a long resonator right after my catalytic converter. My friend says it‘s for both noise and emission control and I can‘t pass smog without it. I said it‘s just for noise control and it‘s muffling the sound of my little rice burner.I want to take it off and make my car sound like a mean lean rice burning machine, but I want it to be able to pass smog.So is it for both emission and sound control, or just sound? Is taking it off a good idea?
The resonator is used to provide the sound the maker of the car wants as well as helping performance in a specific RPM range. So by removing it, you may get the sound you want at the expense of performance. The exhaust system on a car can be tuned just like the pipes of a organ. It has to do with resonance, volume and length. It is one of many details that auto engineers make big bucks figuring out. It is also one that a novice can to a lot of damage (to performance) by messing with it. Proceed with caution!!!
Q:Ok so last year my dad bought a used 2005 Nissan Titan and it had a loud exhaust system on it. He is now giving the car to my mother and the noise from the exhaust really bothers her. We have no clue how to take it off, could we bring it to somebody. Would it coast alot of money?
There are many chain muffler shops such as Meineke, Midas, CarX. Sears, Firestone, Walmart or any auto repair shop can do it. The price will depend on what was done to the original exhaust. If all it need is a stock muffler the cost should be about $100 to replace it. If it needs a complete exhaust system perhaps $400. Bring it in to a few places to get some quotes for exactly what it needs.
Q:i have a 2007 chevy avalanche lt and i need to know what the tightest sounding, deep, rumbling exhaust system is that makes peoples heads turn and say wow i wish i was that cool. hahaha. Can anyone hook me up?? Thanks (price does kindof matter)
Flowmaster super 44 or 40 series flowmaster they both sound down right mean lol and they are affordable probly 100$ each
Q:2004 Honda Accord V4 2.4 Exhaust System?
undecided with regard to the diameter alterations between the two, if there is one. you are going to be able to desire to probably make the accord exhaust fit, even though it might probably be greater exciting to manufacture your guy or woman exhaust - that way you could run it although you want and decrease lower back on the regulations.
Q:is a exhaust system on a baotian speedy the same as a baotian pulse?
I don't really know tbh :/ But bikes like that, that the chinese make to turn a very fast buck, tend to have 'universal' parts, and in actual fact, some bikes are identical except for the unpronouncable name! Chances are, that the exhaust systems are indentical, but I would recommend buying the correct exhaust for your specific bike, if you can get one. --Mikey B--

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