• For CHEVROLET Cars Auto brake shoes 372379 System 1
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For CHEVROLET Cars Auto brake shoes 372379

For CHEVROLET Cars Auto brake shoes 372379

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Product Details

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Drum Brakes Classification:Brake Shoe

Main Market:Mild East

Certification:ISO/TS16949, ISO9001

Type:Brake Shoes

Material:Ceramic Fiber



Export Markets:North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia

Product Description

ISUZU ELF NPR57 3300 F16 / 07/84-06/90

ISUZU ELF NKR66 4300 F / 08/90-06/93

ISUZU ELF NKS58 3600 / 08/87-08/95

ISUZU ELF NPR58 3600 F16 / 01/87-06/90

ISUZU ELF NPR59 3900 F / 07/84-07/93

ISUZU ELF NPR59 3900 F / 07/90-07/93

ISUZU ELF NPR61 4300 / 06/88-04/95






Q:Is there an ABS system on a motorcycle?
Car ABS can not be copied to the motorcycle, because the motorcycle space is extremely limited, so ABS also "do as the Romans", to change the volume and structure to meet the needs of motorcycles. Take the ABS device of Yamaha motorcycle as an example. (The engine next to the side); two sets of sensor components placed in parallel on both sides of the wheel, responsible for monitoring and feedback wheel rotation of the subtle changes; ABS electronic control unit (the engine is the most important parts of the hydraulic control valve ECU) placed in the rear (under the seat cushion), responsible for handling the sensor feedback information and issued a command signal, control the hydraulic control valve to increase or decrease the brake hydraulic pressure. When the ECU found that the wheel has been locked (slip) phenomenon, immediately react, so that the hydraulic control valve solenoid valve open, so that brake fluid reflux storage room, wheel brake pressure drop; when the wheel rotation is accelerated, ECU And instructed to re-close the hydraulic control valve, forcing the brake fluid out of the reserve room back to the brake clamp cylinder, the wheel brake pressure increases, the wheel rotation slows down. Its hydraulic changes can be completed in a tenth of a second, that is, instant wheel brake repeatedly retractable, will not be locked.
Q:i was in a car wreck that messed up my left arm and they had to take out my shoulder joint and split my elbow joint and put half of it in my shoulder, apart from that my left hand is like retarded and **** so i cant use it anymore so i wanted to know if i could put a clutch and brake on one handle bar of my motorcycle
there is a guy in our district who has no left hand- he straps his left hook to the handlebars, has both clutch brake on the right, and races in the senior class, and does very well. so, the answer is a definite yes.
Q:I need to get a motorcycle inspected, in MD? How strict is it?
either , air or hydralilc shocks and you need to find a shop that has them
Q:Im sixteen living in a urban area and would like to move around. (Like today I rode my bycicle to pick up milk and juice and it was uncomfortable.) Any affordable options for a beginner. I don‘t want to do any 30+ minutes commutes but also drive on the freeway time to time
Some people find that usuing the motorcycle for short commutes and chores to be unpractical and suggest a huge motorcycle. I dislike being in a cage, I ride full time. I find a motorcycle the perfect vehicle in the city. Lots of options. For prior eight years / 30K miles I rode a Suzuki Savage. Yeah, I know a GZ250 or a V-Star 250 would have been better, but I was having fun. Mostly just carried in my saddlebags, but I did have a milk crate that I could bolt to the pillion/sissy bar and carry more. Sold it, now have a Vespa LX150. Would be good for you. You know how to ride a bicycle, scooter is almost the same, just you don't have to pedal. Brakes are right hand/left hand, same as your bike. Want to move, just twist the right grip and it goes. Off the throttle, brake down and the scooter declutches and you are stopped in neutral. Twist and off you go again. Simple, easy. Have storage under the saddle that can carry gallon of milk. Want to carry? I have a rear rack that can carry a top box. My box is just a bit too small, so I a few seconds to unbolt the box and I can carry a case (24 bottles) of beer back home. I got the Vespa because it is a 150.5cc -- California Freeway Legal and I can and do run the freeways, doing over 60 mph. Timed: 40 miles in 39 minutes. Nice thing about the scooter is that people do not keep telling you motorcycles are dangerous -- all they say is cool how much mileage 70 mpg! Whoa!
Q:Its a salvage vehicle, and I know HWY Patrol will need to do a brake and light inspection, and a vin verification at the DMV, But Is this going to more difficult than it sounds? I am considering doing a trade for this vehicle and wanted to know what I was going to get myself into before hand, any thoughts from anyone else In Cali who‘s done this?
I've titled several salvage vehicles in CA in the last 5 years. You do need a break and light inspection, but I've never had the CHP do it. There are special inspection stations that do it.They are listed on the DMV website. I'll come back and post a link in a few minutes. FROM THE DMV WEBSITE: Brake and Light Inspection Certificates Check the yellow pages of your telephone directory or business guide for California state-licensed brake and light inspection stations. The certificates indicating your vehicle has passed California brake and light inspections are required for registration. Certificates are not required for trailers weighing 3,000 pounds or less gross vehicle weight. Exception: When a California official brake and light station that inspects specific vehicles, such as motorcycles or large commercial vehicles is not located within a reasonable distance, the California DMV will accept a Statement of Facts (REG 256) from a California repair shop attesting that the brakes and lights are in proper working order.
Q:Anyone heard of Sharp‘s Salvage at Chillicothe, Ohio ? I‘m trying to get their address.
Motorcycle salvage works good on older parts. Advice buy more than one.
Q:Hi, I need help with anyone who perhaps can tell me if whatever I am doing is wrong or not.I have a motorcycle, it‘s front wheel left hand side disc brake(rotor) is bent, right hand side is good so it would be a silly thing to go ahead and replace both disc brakes - left and right sides. Now, would it be wise to get a NEW BETTER left hand disc brake/brake pads to go with my ‘LESS NEW‘, SLIGHTLY MORE WORN right hand disc brake/pads?Will this cause any instability? Warping or brake discs? etc.? ANY knowledge is helpful and welcome. Thanks,
on a car it would cause problems, but on a bike with a 6inch wide axle it would make no difference. I would however fit the same type ie a new genuine part to go with a genuine old part. Brake discs are often cheaper from genuine parts over EBC or similar.
Q:When i ride my motorcycle and i go from accelerating or cruising (anything where the throttle is open at all) then pull the clutch in, the engine dies. When i go from throttle open to throttle closed without pulling the clutch in, using engine braking (or down-shifting), then the bike has no problems.I have tried increasing the idle speed, and have gone as high as 1800rpm for the idle speed, and the problem still exists.This seems like an idle or carburetor issue, but I am not sure. It seems like the idle is not engaging when it should.I have synced, and cleaned, the carbs as well, with no avail.Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.The motorcycle is a 1995 kawi ZX6R.
Sounds like either a fuel delivery problem or a vacuum leak.

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