304 Stainless Steel Coil

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Product Description:

 304   Stainless    Steel    Coil1、Describtion:

304 stainless steel is a kind of universal stainless steel material, anti rust properties than the 200 series of stainless steel  material.   Heat resistance is also  relatively good, the general use of the temperature limit is less than 650. 304 stainless steel has good stainless steel,corrosion resistance and better intergranular corrosion resistance.304 stainless steel is a common stainless steel material, density of 7.93 g/cm3, the industry is also called 18/8 stainless steel. High temperature 800 degrees, with good working performance, toughness, and widely used in industrial and furniture decoration industry and food medical industry.

 2、Specification (mm):

The ultimate tensile strength of B (MPa) = 520

304 stainless steel Atlas (7)

Conditional yield strength (MPa = 205) 0.2

5 elongation (%) = 40

Section shrinkage (%) = 60 PSI

Hardness: = 187HB; 90HRB = 200HV;

Density (20, g/cm3): 7.93

Melting point (c): 1398~1454

The specific heat (C 0~100, KJ, kg-1K-1): 0.50

Thermal conductivity (m-1 - K-1 - W): (100) 21.5 (500)

Linear expansion coefficient (K-1 - 10-6): (0~100) 17.2, (0~500 18.4)

Resistivity (20, 10-6, m): 0.73

Longitudinal modulus of elasticity (20, KN/mm2): 193


¥ 14.72 -- ¥ 18.52/ton
4、Product characteristic:

304 stainless steel is a kind of universal, it widely used for requirements of making good comprehensive properties, resistance to corrosion and formability of equipment and parts. In order to keep the stainless steel corrosion resistance, the steel must contain more than 18% of the chromium, more than 8% of nickel content. 304 stainless steel is produced according to the United States ASTM standard a grade of stainless steel.

Suitable for food processing, storage and transportation. Has good machining performance and can be welded. Plate heat exchanger, corrugated pipe, household products, medical appliances, building materials, chemical, food industry, agriculture, marine parts and so on.

304   Stainless    Steel    Coil


304   Stainless    Steel    Coil

304   Stainless    Steel    Coil

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Q:Will a stainless steel ring rust, or tarnish?
Stainless Steel does not rust...that is why it is used in our kitchens and the top kitchens of the world...!! sorry...Stainless Steel does not Tarnish either!
Q:Stainless steel water bottle, no spout?
That's normal. I'm sure there are caps that you can get that have a built in spout though.
Q:what Wok to buy - carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron?
Carbon steel is definitely the way to go. This is the authentic wok. Of course, you must be aware that it can rust if not dried--but in use you will seldom wash it anyway. The correct practice is simply to wipe it out with a paper towel. In this way the wok keeps its natural non-stick qualities. Whenever it is washed it must be re-seasoned--by heating it very hot with salt. Stainless steel of course does not rust and makes a pretty picture hanging up--but its utility ends there. It does not have the heat conduction qualities that are needed. Still, there are other factors which go into wok cooking (such as degree of heat available) which have nothing to do with the wok. With that in view, a SS wok might be your choice, but from a cooking standpoint, carbon is better. One added factor you must consider is thickness of the steel. Cheap woks will flex readily if grasped by the handles. A quality wok is twice as thick. It is not too much to aim for 1/8 thickness, or nearly that. There is also the flat bottomed Shanghai wok which is about 1/4 thick and usually comes with a teflon finish. These are very inexpensive but useful because they can be heated up to a high temperature which it will hold to a certain extent. The bane of wok cookery is insufficient heat. (I have an electric stove right now which exhibits that defect).
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Q:What is the maximum width of galvanized steel strip, please? The galvanized coat is 275, and how long is one coil?
But this kind of steel coil is not well processed in the market. At the beginning of Wuhan, several processing plants are good at processing, and other processing plants usually process 1850 at most.
Q:How difficult is it to harden steel?
harder steel has a higher carbon and chromium content
Q:Does steel have a valence?
Steel is a mixture, so it doesn't have any valence number. On the other hand, all of the components of the steel mixture are in their elemental forms, so all the various valences are zero.
Q:How to clean all-clad stainless steel pans?
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Q:how simple is it to recycle steel?
right. May need some coke to remove iron oxide
Q:Question about STEEL?
stress fractures, corrosion and heat can lead to failure. I worked the high steel for a few years when i was younger as an iron worker. Everything has to be set and welded or riveted properly. can you be more specific Steel is very flexible, so it makes a good building material. Its usually the concrete that fails first.

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