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19 inch led monitor hot sales                     
Pixel: 0.297(H)×0.97(V)
Response Time: 5ms
Resolution: 1280×1024
Contrast Ratio: 6000:1
Brightness: 400cd/m2
Display Color: 16.7M
Viewing Angle: H:168° V:168°
Language: English French German Russian Portuguese Italy Akaorean Spanish
Accessory: VGA cable /Power cablele/ User Manual
Caton Size: 400×368×102mm
N.W/G.W: 3.2Kg/4.0Kg

1800pcs/20ft container 4200pcs/40ft HQ


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Q:Various components of folding machine tests are not unusual, and the bottom plate connected with the power ^^^ output voltage reaches 5V, the test switch machine parts has reached 3.3V, with a multimeter, power indicator light, please heroes under the guidance of brother ~ ~ thank you!The display is Acer V193W, about a year
Change the host to try the monitor, if the good is the computer graphics card problem, if bad, it may be the monitor internal problems, this master came
Q:I have 2 LCD / Samsung 19 inch LCD (display), Changhong 22 inch LCD (TV), now the LCD TV has the function of display, we all know that I use 22 inch LCD TV as a monitor, which charges electricity? Friends say LCD TVs are cheaper than monitors, but protect their eyes more than LCD monitors
People think that electricity is not important, they should be estimated power consumption between 30-50 watts, if the difference, may be between 5-10 watts, 0.01*0.6*24*30=4.32 by now 6 yuan, calculate the angle / degrees, 24 hours, 30 days a month is not 4 yuan.LCD is better than LCD TV. It is now using 37 Inch SKYWORTH LCD TV, and sometimes used as a computer monitor (plus host computer). The effect is worse than the liquid crystal display. It's tiring to look at it for a long time.
Q:I want to hook up an LCD monitor to my laptop. I do mainly Excel/Outlook work so I am more concerned about crisp, clear text than color matching. Which specifications should I focus on? Any recomendations on a specific make/model? I am looking for a 19 or 21 Widescreen for under $250.
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Q:1. what are good LCD monitor companies. 2. TFT v.s TN displays.
dell and viewsonic are the best!
Q:Hi,I am about to buy during the course of this year a Playstation 3 and I already own a Xbox 360.I have my Xbox 360 connected to my lcd monitor through the Xbox 360 VGA adapter. I want to do the same when I get the PS3 later this year at some point.Id like the option to have a splitter if there is one, where if I want to play one of the consoles, I could have the other one off and have that one toggeled off so then I can play the PS3 on my monitor without having to have to different vga cords.I also forgot to add that I have my xbox 360 running through my amplifier and I'd need my ps3 to be doing the same.I also was wonderingHow do I connect my Ipod touch to my amplifier since it is not an actual hard drive with disk mode, my Xbox 360 will not recognize it, unlike the regular ipod, mp3, and zune models.Well thanks for all the help. :-)
Well depending on how old your monitor is there should also be a DVI-I(don't know if you already use it or not) as well as a VGA connector on the back(use the monitor menu to switch between connections or there will be a button on the front that says source). In that case all you need is a DVI-I to HDMI adapter and run the ps3 via HDMI(of course there will be no audio) and there should be an adapter for the ps3 to output audio via RCA jacks for older systems. If your monitor doesn't have another connection then you may have to get an adapter for the ps3 (don't know if ps3 has a VGA cable available) they have adapters to connect consoles from RCA to VGA. You'll also need a KVM switch if you need to connect two VGA sources. As for the audio you can buy splitters at your local audio shop. Good luck and sorry for the lengthy answer.
Q:I have a crt monitor right now which is fine and I like to mainly play cs1.6 and i heard crt monitors are better for gaming because it has something to do with faster refresh rates.Im getting tired of staring at my old crt and want a gaming lcd that will look great but also play great like a crt.I really like samsung.Id like the lcd to be at least 24 inches.
Refresh rate used to be a problem with older monitors. But LCD technology has advanced a lot and most games these days are played on flat-screen monitors. I've got a 1-year-old Samsung 2233RZ 120Hz monitor for gaming and it works well for most of my games. It's a 24 monitor but I recommend getting a 32 Samsung or Viewsonic LCD.
Q:I have an HP LCD 19 inch wide screen monitor which came with HP desktop. I'm using DVD-to-VGA adapter and VGA cable to connect the monitor to the Nvidia graphic card.Some games does change the refresh rate of my monitor. Each time when I run or exit some game which will change my refresh rate, my monitor go blank. I have to turn off my monitor and turn it on again to see the screen.Why this problem occurred?Is there any solution?Don't summarize your answer. Give as much details as possible.
It's becasue they arn't designed to go any higher. Only recently have refresh rates gone up to 120Hz on the extremely expensive top end LCD TV's. Going above 75Hz is hard to tell the diffrence, above 120 would be nye' on impossible.
Q:There is a gap between the black frame and the LCD screen of the display. It is about 1MM or so. There is no fully contact with the LCD screen. Is it normal?
What brand do you want to see?. Second line brands can be accepted. A line of brands is unlikely to happen
Q:How do you hook up a TV to a LCD monitor to see the TV on your computer screen at the same time?Is this possible? :(
You don't. Not possible. Your LCD monitor does not have a tuner plus additional circuits to extract the signals from the incomming RF signal to display them on the screen. You could use a cable box with a Digital output or HDMI output, depending on what inputs your monitor has.
Q:Hay just wanted to ask u folks if u could tell me what kinda specs. to look for in a monitor for extreme gaming?
lcd doesn't deliver the best results. gateway hd monitors are the best.

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