Hand Made Carpets and Rugs with Persian Design

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1. Description 

Material:80% polyester,20% polyamide or 100%polyester, or 20% cotton and 80% polyester.
Color & Design:Our existing colors or customized PANTONE color. Both designs from supplier or buyer are acceptabe. And before mass production, buyer should confirm all colors or designs.
Size:14"*21",15"*20",16"*18",18"*24", 2' * 3', 3' * 5', 5' * 8', accept customization.
Thickness of foam:0.4~25px
Certificate:ISO9001,SGS audit.
Fabric Weight:220gsm,240gsm,260gsm,280gsm,300gsm etc.
Logo:Embroidery / Printed Logo on Wash Tag.
Edge:Own production line or hand made.
Packing:One piece one poly bag, 10 or 20 poly bags in one big bag. Or Bulk pack or individual paper cardboard attached, or Customized packaging.
Washing:No Machine washing except special instruction.
Sample:Free for standard items
MOQ:50 pcs for pure color.
Sample Lead Time:3 days after confirmed.
Mass Production:30 days after deposit received and color / design approved by buyer.
Payment term:30% deposit and balance TT against BL copy or 100% LC at sight.
Loading port:Tianjin, China

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Fast delivery and popular design.

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How about delivery time?

40~50 days.


How about MOQ?

50PCS per design.


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Q:comfused about certain rugs and fleeces?
The best rug for cooling down is a cooler obviously. There are different versions of these some are like a mesh whilst others are more like a waterproof sheet with technology that makes them wick away sweat and water. I don't know which of these styles is better but they both do the same job. A fleece rug is usually used for a horse in a stable as it is quite warm but not waterproof. An exercise sheet is good for using when warming up a clipped horse as it keeps the quarters warm whilst allowing the shoulders to move freely. They should really only be used for hacking or slow work as they can cause the horse to overheat and sweat. When doing cross country it is a good idea to use tendon boots but spend time finding ones that fit well. Speak to someone at a local tack shop as they are usually very helpful with finding products that will best fit your horse. Something I was taught with boots that might be of interest is to buy full tendon boots and open front tendon boots. The open ones can be used when warming up for showjumping competitions as if the horse hits the poles, she'll feel it and will make an effort to jump higher next time.
Q:Carpet bombing?
Carpet bombing is a very effective method for getting countries negotiate or at least effective at inflicting severely impacting their ability to wage war. In Vietnam, we had three major bombing campaings: Operation Rolling Thunder (was unsuccessful because political restrictions on possible targets), and Operations Linebacker I and II (both were very effective and brought the N. Vietnamese the to negotiating table, where a peace plan was drawn up. After the US left, N.Vietnam invaded the south. However, the carpetbombing campaigns were extremely effective. In the long run, it might cause less casualties because of a quicker end due to the shock factor. However, it can easily inflict a great many casualties on the enemy. Also, if you know where you are bombing, then it is very easy to avoid hitting schools, hospitals, etc. You just don't plan a bombing run over those targets. Its not at all similar to Hezbollah. Hezbollah was intentinally trynig to hit civilian targets (not even anything like manufacturing centers or trying to take out infastructure, which could be a legitimate target, but rather houses and such).
Q:Can I use a rug?
Get the same colour as your carpet. That's what I have done. It doesn't really show very much.
Q:Design question about rugs?
It depends on what you are going to put on it. You could turn the other rug so they won't be so close together.
Q:How much will the apartments charge for carpet replacement?
I have never heard of the tenant changing the carpet. Usually the apartment complex will look at and assess the carpet to determine if it can be cleaned to a reasonable degree. This is done after you have moved everything out and handed in your keys. If the carpet is older than six years (at least in my complex) when the renter is moved out then it is automatically replaced, saving whatever we can for patches in other apartments such as flood damage or burn holes. I recommend having a professional carpet cleaning company with a truck mounted steam cleaner come and give you their assessment on the carpet. Ask them if they think they can get the carpet clean. If not, don't have them do it, as you will be wasting your time and money. As far as the carpet replacement goes, depending on your location ( I'm located in the Midwestern United States) You can figure on about $10.00 a square yard, depending on the installers agreement with the complex and the quality of the carpet and pad it could be a little more or a little less, but $10.00 is a pretty safe estimate.. This is then deducted from you deposit check before it is sent to you. If the carpet is in reasonable condition then you are not charged anything for the automatic steam cleaning that takes place when a tenant moves out. GOOD LUCK!!!
Q:Does it need to uncover the carpet of car room and dry and coat oil for components after the car submerged
There is no need to bother, open the car door and dry in the sun, take the foot pad out and dry, but the car must be dry,
Q:How do you keep an area rug from shedding?
I would take it to a rug cleaner and let them clean residual rug fuzzies out to their best ability. Some rugs will shed even after having this done, but this will eliminate a lot of the fuzzies. Vacuum frequently, daily for a while.
Q:Where can I find a simple Solid White Oval Rug?
in basic terms %. a base color(black, white, brown, tan, beige...) and your typical color(trim). i could recommend: green/brown blue/brown black/pink white/pink white/rainbow in basic terms use regardless of base color (or a similar color) you opt for for the furniture, and a trim color for the pillows/rugs/curtains/decorations. you will possibly desire to difficulty related to the great stuff first, and get around to putting the ending touches later. you're able to additionally use a stencil to paint types on the partitions, and incorporate that development into different aspects of the room. additionally, circulate on google and seek for variety rooms. you may get relatively good suggestions from them. circulate out to random shops and flick with the aid of for suggestions. consistent with danger that lamp ought to paintings with that development you like, or the rugs tournament the pillows. Do regardless of you like. it is your room, and you will possibly desire to like it. good success and chuffed adorning!
Q:Why does the new carpet has places to change color
Q:It's easier to carpet the concrete staircase
Embedded pressure bar fastener. Each corner of each step is provided with two fasteners, and the central line of the stair width is symmetrically laid. The fastener bore hole wall from the stair tread and play equal to the distance, and slightly smaller than the thickness of the carpet; each step tread, playing surface width and volume cut out carpet length, such as considering the replacement of wear parts, can be reserved for a certain length of perception; from top to bottom by laying carpet. The top end of the carpet with layering nail on the platform, each step of fastener position, cut on the carpet, let the pressure rod fasteners can extend from, and then through the fastener hole metal bar, tighten the screw; be an metal anti slip strip of the stairs, the carpet is fixed, with the expansion of screw (or plastic tube) will be fixed at the edge of the metal anti-skid tread corner nail from 15~ 30cm.

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