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TEMPER: O H14 H16 H18 H22 H24 H26
WIDTH: 200MM-1600MM
STANDAR: GB/T 3198-2003

Q:what are some easy ways to make a solar cooker for a science project? it needs to be relatively easy and actually able to bake somethingi can't use a magnifying glass.
make a parabolic reflector out of aluminum foil and put the hot dog at the focusParabolic reflectors are difficult, but a hemisphere is a good approximationImagine a sphere and chop off 1/3 of itForm a piece of Al foil to this shapeUse a bowl or a beach ball as something to form the Al foil onUse heavy foil or use 3 or 4 layers so it holds it's shapePut it in the sun, pointing towards the sun, and put a marshmallow at the focal point, which you can find by trial and errorIf you formed it from a beach ball, think of where the center of the beach ball is, that would be the focus.
Q:My boyfriend got me a silver necklace with an emblem of an angel, and the wings of the angel have small diamond pieces in themIt's gotten kind of dirty, and some grim has gotten in between the pieces of diamonds, and I want to clean it.I've seen videos of how to clean silver jewelry by putting aluminum foil in a bowl, then putting in salt, baking soda, and boiling waterWhat I'm worried about is if this mixture will somehow mess with whatever is holding in the diamondsIs this safe for the diamonds? Or will they fall out?Or if any of you know any other home mixtures for cleaning silver jewelry with diamonds in it, I'll be glad to know.Thanks
Advantages Of Transformers
Q:I am looking for a recipe for a candied bbq sauce for beef or pork ribsAny help would be appreciated.
totally possiblesolid-liquid-gas-plasma (vaporization.)
Q:I have some ALUMINUM tubing i would like to bendThe tubing is 1.25quot; O.Dwith .25quot; wall thickness (which obviously leaves .75quot; I.D.)Would it be alright to use a hydraulic tube bender that can bend up to 2quot; O.DSTEEL tubing or would i need a larger tube bender considering the wall thickness of my ALUMINUM tubing? I would also like to achieve no kinking at the bends, and minimal or no cracking as wellThank you.
The saving grace of the size of tubing you are using is the wall thicknessThicker wall tubing are less likely to kink or wrinkleOn the other side of the coin, with a thicker wall size you will not be able to bend on a tight radiusYou will want to be on a 5 CLR radius to give you the best bend qualityAs for the cracking of the tubing, stay away from 6061 in any treatment It will crack 100% around 15 degreesThe best Aluminum for bending is 6063-T52 or 5053These grades support being bent the best.
Q:Density of aluminum 2.70g/cm.^3 -how many atoms thick is aluminum foil if each atom is 236pm in diameter? (1pm10^-12m)??
You're missing some information like the thickness of the sheet of foilLet's take a slab of Al which is 1 m thick The number of atoms to span this is 1 m / 236 10^-12 m 4.2 10^9 atoms
Q:When driving back from post office i noticed a rear clanking noise that sounds like you are dragging an aluminum can on a rope2002 honda civic with 113k miles.
Isagenix is a quick way to lose weightIt's really expensive though (about $330CDN/month)It's two shakes a day and a light meal with a bunch of supplements and stuffMy mother in law lost over 30lbs in the first month, it was crazyI tried it but I hated the taste of the shakes (my husband liked them though)If you go to their website I think there's a place to find someone around you who sells it.
Q:I am using a pipe to smoke which is made of plastic, i got it as a bubble blower toy at a storeI am covering the opening wiht aluminumWill the plastic melt through the aluminum, even tho the flame will only be near the aluminum covering for half a second, and could i accidentally inhale toxic fumes from the palstic? also, will the smoke melt the plastic tubing?
Q:i want to make paper mache, i like iti have a few problemswhat can you make out of a box with paper mache,how do you make a dog out of paper mache
to make a dog, you can make a skeleton using aluminum foil, to get the basic shape, wrap it with tape so it is sterdy, and then start to cover it with paper mache, and when its dry you can paint it! hope that helps (-:
Q:I have recently become aware of the amount of food that I throw out, both cooked and fresh, and am keen to hear from others how they limit how much food is wasted.Do you shop on a monthly, weekly or ad hoc basis? We have recently moved to a little village so popping to the local supermarket is an impossibility and I am probably over buying to compensate.The frustration is exacerbated as we have 9 month old twins and a 3 year old who sometimes eat and sometimes don't, throwing away virtually full plate fulls of food is really getting to me!We don't own a dog to feed leftovers to, and obviously it can't go in the compost binPutting it in the normal bin is attracting the foxes to our garden, and I worry about rats using our bin as a restaurant.Has anyone got any good ideas what to do with the leftovers and wasted food, and how to limit it?Cheers.
Anyone who holds the office of President of the United States is the most powerful man in the world by default if nothing elseAllow me to ask the question I think you meant to ask: Dear irrational socialist wannabes, If George Bush is the dumbest man in America as you say, how can you attribute to him events of disastrous proportion on a scale that could only be accomplished by a diabolical genius?
Q:I had a gas can that leaked in the back of my carThe smell is awful and potentHow can I clean the gas and get rid of the smell? Anything would be helpfulFYI the gas is dryed into the interior of the car already.
This is going to sound weird but it worked for me: Buy a gallon of white vinegar and pour it into several large grocery store aluminum foil pansIt's important that the pans be wide and longPlace one in each foot well and several in the trunkOf course you'll need to remove the pans of vinegar while driving but leave them in the car for a week or 10 days while it's standing stillIt helps to open all windows and trunk lid when the car is at your home or other safe place As for the red gas stains go to NAPA auto parts store and pick up a can of CRC Brakeleen Brake parts cleanerIt's main purpose is lifting grease and brake dust but I honestly just tried this and it removed a couple of grease spots on my floor carpets in my own carNow, gasoline is petroleum the same stuff grease and oil is made of a I'm sure this plan will workSpray on a terry cloth towel and rub the daylights out of the spill stainThe beauty of brake clean is it evaporates in a flash with no odor after 15 minutes.

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