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TEMPER: O H14 H16 H18 H22 H24 H26
WIDTH: 200MM-1600MM
STANDAR: GB/T 3198-2003

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Q:any ideas on how 2 make a fake pond 4 a school diarama it has 2 b on a piece of cardboard, so i cant use water?
I once used a round piece of aluminum foil for a lake in a shadow box (diorama), got a good grade too! Depending on what color you want, you can also use blue or green glass (careful!) or one of those little round mirrors that you sometimes see in stores that display those little crystal figurines, (they sit the figurine on top of the little round mirror, like in Halmark stores), they even make those in blue occasionallyIf you want something a little thicker than aluminum foil, you could go to the grocery store and get one of the packages of disposable pie pans (they are thick aluminum and usually come in a package of like 3) for only a few bucks, and cut one of those up into the shape you wantYou can also just use anything small, flat, and roundish, and paint it up into whatever color you want, then put a coat of clear varnish or 'shellac' over it to make it shiny, or even stretch a piece of kitchen plastic wrap over it to give it a sheenGood luck, hey, let me know what you end up using (even if its not my idea!) Good luck!! :)
Q:HELP! What is a good substitute for cupcake liners!?
A unit in which many complicated textile structures are built up is said to be textile fiberTextile Fiber is the raw material required for the textile industry.
Q:How can I modify the recipe to suit a bigger pan?
Wondering if what's possible?
Q:What needs to go between hot water radiant floor heating and vinyl floor covering?
I would have left it whole, then seared it in a pan, then put on the ovenYour way will work, although 45 mins is too longCheck after 20 mins (I don't know how thick your slices are).
Q:How would I find the radius of a cylinder which requires 188.5 square inches of aluminum and is 7in high?
When you divide by 43.96, you have to divide the 6.28 by it as well or you change the equation completelyRegardless, when you are doing calculations you shouldn't do so much rounding until the end, so: A 2πr^2 + 2πrh 188.5 2πr^2 + 2πr(7) 188.5 2πr^2 + 14πr 0 2πr^2 + 14πr - 188.5 Now use the quadratic formula to solve for rThe values are a 2π, b 14π, and c -188.5[-b ± √(b^2 - 4ac)]/(2a) [-14π ± √(196π^2 - 4(2π)(-188.5))]/(22π) [-14π ± √(196π^2 + 1508π)]/(4π) about -10 or about 3 The radius cannot be negative, so it is about 3 inches.
Q:Foil & fries- shiny side up or down in oven????
Wrap them in foil as to not dry them out and place them on top of a tray with a pan of water underneath to hold in the juices and create a gravy or basis for your sauce later.
Q:Explain what is wrong with each of these 10 statements? SCIENCE CHEMISTRY Q, PLEASE HELP!?
black background with silver materials/words/lettersAlso, a dark gray can work for the background.
Q:recipe for baked mozzarella sticks?
well.first of all,try really works: step 1wash ur hair with Herbal Essense Pin Straight (pink bottle) and use conditioner if u'd like (same brand)step 2apply a leave in treatment if desired on wet hair(Lanza) (to prevent heat damage) step 3blow dry hair evenly with large round brushstep 4use a straightner to remove puffines and frizziness I do this atleast 2ce a week.good luck.
Q:would you make a toilet paper dress for your wedding?
I was leaning towards foil paperShiny aluminum should catch everyone's attention right?
Q:Chemistry help please? Aluminum and Copper percentage yield and cost of electricity ?
I call it 3-2-1 bread3 cups flour, 2 Tbsp sugar, 1 beerAdd some seasonings if you wantThat's just the basic recipe.

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