ZLB Vertical Axial/mixed Flow Pump

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Z(H)LB vertical axial-(mixed)-flow pump  is a  new general-eration product successfully developed by this Company by means of introducing the advanced foreign and domestic  know-how and meticulous designing on the basis of the  requirements from users and the conditions of use. This series product uses the latest excellent hydraulic model, wide range of high efficacy,  stable performance and good vapor erosion resistance; the impeller is precisely cast with a wax mould, a smooth and unimpeded surfac e, identical accuracy of the cast dimension to that in design, greatly reduced hydraulic friction loss and shocking loss, a better balance of impeller, a higher  efficiency than that of the common impellers by 3-5%.
Flow:800~200000m /h
Voltage: 355kW 6kV 10kV

Extensively used for hydraulic projects,  farm-land  irrigation, industrial water transportation, water supply and drainage of cities and water allocation engineering.

Suitable for pumping pure water or other liquids of the phy-sical chemical natures similar to those of pure water.
      Medium temperature: <50
      Medium density: <1.05 x 10 kg/m
      PH value of medium:between 5~11

ZLB(Q),HLB(Q) series products are all  of  a  vertical  structure and fitted with a vertical motor, With the impeller there are fixed, semi-adjustable and fully-adjustable type. The fixed type means
both impeller  and hub are cast  integrally and the impeller angle is unadjustable; the  semi-adjustable type means the impeller can be turned  to the desired  angle by loosening the fixing screw on it in case the working conditions need to be changed, then fix  all the impellers again; Z(H)LQ is the  fully-adjustable type, that means the impeller angle can be adjusted through a mechanical or hydraulic adjustor with or without stopping.
      Vertical axial-(mixed)-flow pump consists of the pump casing and the actuating part.  The pump casing generally includes water inlet pipe, impeller, guide vane,  pump  shaft,  elbow, middle pipe, sealing unit and clutch.  For both middle and small  pumps,  a water inlet horn is used as the water inlet pipe while, for the large one,  a toggle or bell water inlet passage is used,  poured with concrete and fitted with imported basic parts. The adjustable impelle r is formed with blade(stainless steel or copper alloy,  in general), hub, water guide cone. For the middle and small pumps, both impeller and pump shaft  are connected with  flat  pin and nut whi le, for the large and fully adjustable ones, a flange is used to connect both hub and main shaft. The pump s  guide bearing is a  rubber  one and can be lubricated with going-through water or additional pure water. When lubricated with the going-through water,  it has to be done to supply water for the rubber bearing on the upper side via a water-led pipe and do not  stop until  water comes out of
the pump normally.
      Both middle and small pumps  are directly actuated by a  vertical  motor, the motor is mounted on the motor seat and connected wi th the actuating shaft  via an elastic cluth. Inside of the motor seat there are radial and thrust bearings, lubricated with engine oil or grease; for the one of a bigger power there is a water cooling mezzanine. Large pump is fitted with a large vertical motor, directly mounted on the motor s   basic  beam, and both motor shaft flange and pump shaft flange (hinged hole)  are  linked with bolt.  The axial  force of the pump is borne by the thrust bearing of the  large vertical  motor.
The pump moves clockwise viewing from the motor

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Q:How to I know if I need to replace the water pump?
have a plumer come look at it every so often
Q:estimated cost for changing a 95 toyota sr5 4runner v6 3.0 water pump?
Too okorder.com i did this, and by doing so it saved me money, time, and the risk of getting ripped off.
Q:bmw 2745i water pump?
Usually car manufacturers estimate that most car parts (like a water pump) would last the warranty period and this means 40k to 50k miles. Original water pumps from dealers which are installed during car repairs are usually warrantied for 2 years. Of course this can be voided by driver abuse such as overheating the car or low coolant level.
Q:Physics help with water pump?
It is known that 1 hp = 746 watts, so 0.13 hp = 97 watts = 97 Joules/s The amount of work to lift 1 kg water a vertical distance = 30.23 m = mgh mgh = (1)(9.81)(30.23) = 296.6 J no. of seconds in 2.20 hr = (2.2)(3600) = 7920 s total work output of a 0.13 hp pump in 2.2 hr if 100% efficient = (7920)(97) = 768,240 J no of kg lifted by 100% efficient pump/motor in 2.2 hr = 768,240/296.6 = 2590 kg ANS
Q:What's the submersible pump?
Submersible pump is a pump directly on the water inside the pump, eliminating the water inlet pipe, eliminating the trouble of ordinary water, is very convenient, just a pool, pool, bucket, water tank water level is shallow to be able to work, meet your requirements of pumping drainage. Not afraid of water, because it is placed in the water itself to cool themselves, you can use for a long time. The amount of water pumped and the height of the water now basically meets the needs of a small amount of individual and a large number of factories. This is the submersible pump, the water pump in the water. You can see.
Q:backyard wind powered water pump?
My Grandpa could show you one that was installed in front of his house about 90 years ago. Check out a farm ranch supply store. Those guys are freakin geniuses.
Q:How to find in a web how water pump works & its cross sections?
Here's okorder.com/
Q:Broken Dishwasher Water Pump?
Unless you are sure that the problem is the water pump, you might want to check the hose to make sure it isn't clogged up and not allowing the water to drain out correctly. If you do need to change the pump, you will most likely have to replace it with the same pump. If you haven't done so, try going on line and enter your dishwasher make, model, and enter water pump and see what you can come up with. If your washer is an older model, it is possible it is no longer being made and it might be difficult to find parts for it. You might also try calling around in your local area to some appliance stores and ask them about finding the part or where you might find the part. You could also contact a repair service and just ask them if they can find the part for you if you are going to fix it yourself. If the pumps are still being made, any appliance repair service should be able to get you the part. If you can find a store that sells that brand of washer, they to should be able to get the pump for you to.
Q:What motor with Grundfos pumps
Grundfos pumps with the motor Grundfos own.
Q:are duralast water pumps any good?
We dont install autozone anything at our shop. I would say no.

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