Lathe Coolant Pump with High Quality JCB Series

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Coolant pump is design for the circulation and spraying of cooling lubricants, especially for machine tools.
This series may use on all machine tools performing Turning, Milling, Drilling, Cutting, Slitting, Grinding etc. It is suitable to carry liquids such as water, soda water, light minerals and other non-serious corrosive liquid


Special Feature

1.Single phase electric pump

2.With vertical motor and single stage centrifugal pump

3.Fashionable shape, compact and simple structure

4.Small weight, low noise and good overload ability

5.Voltage can be ranged from 220 to380V and frequency can be ranged from 50 to 60Hz

6.Applicable to various machine cooling systems


Working condition

1.The altitude does not exceed 1000m.

2.The temperature of cooling medium less than + 40°C.

3.Operating load not exceed rated power




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I would suggest having the computer codes read. If it shows that the Temp sensor is reading too high, then yes, the cause could be from your water pump. Have the Codes read to be sure.
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Q:How do I calculate the power of the pump?
A 15kw pump, know how to calculate the head pumping water for an hour (if the head is 10 meters)Lift: MFlow rate: kg / sec (general water pump is cubic / hour, if 10 cubic hour / hour: 2.7 kg / sec)Efficiency: average 60%15000/102*0.6=88 kilograms per second88/10=8.8 kg / sec8.8*3600=31680 kg / h=31.6 cubic / hour
Q:whats the route of coolant through the cooling system?
this question is stupid. GOOGLE IT LOL

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