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Applicable models:TOYOTA JINBEI HAICE GEARBOX 1/2 gear


Outer diameter:83.5 mm

Weight :83 g


Actual teeth:39

Theory teeth:39

Material :copper


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Q:hydramatic transmission?
The entire system needs to be power flushed by a mechanic that has the machine to do it. It is possible that permanent damage may have already occurred though.
Q:Am trying to find my transmission control solenoid for a 2009 dodge journey any one?
The transmission control unit, or solenoid pack is mounted on the side of the transmission, facing the radiator. It is a metal box bolted to the trans right where the transmission dip stick tube enters the transmission case. It has a big electrical plug screwed into it with 8 thick wires.
Q:Car transmission questions?
There is only one transmission in a car and its iehter automatic or manual. I have a VW which has a tiptronic transmission which basically is an automatic but you can also choose what gears you want as a manual, the gearbox itself is still automatic but it lets you change gears, and choose what gear you want. If you dont feel like changing gears yourself you can put back on D and drive. I think the SMG system is the same.
Q:ford e40d transmission noisey?
Occasionally an injector cleaner is a good idea. But other than that and Sta-bil for storage of fuel, I'd save the $.
Q:What transmission is in the 2000 Daewoo Leganza and are there any other vehicles that use same transmission?
the automatic transmission version for this model is a BMW transmission so i'm assuming the standard might be too. if it's just the bracket that's broken take the vin number and call a BMW dealer parts dept and ask if they might use the same set up. if not then junkyard last place to look or if metal arm see about having it welded. if it broke the case then need transmission. everything i have in front of me does not list the standard model number for the car. or if a daewoo blog out there
Q:my transmission is having some problems.?
Your saying that you have no transmission but you state that your car drives fine?. I don't get it your question does not make any sense at all.
Q:ACURA 3.2 cl transmission issues?
I have a 2003 cl type s auto and I bought the car with 60k miles on it and the transmission was replaced already in the car. Acura did extend the warranty to 100k miles so you have at least 20k miles to find out if it is slipping or not. Have a certified acura tech check it out before purchasing. My car now has 92000 on it and not a lick of problem with the transmission.
Q:1993 Nissan Altima - transmission?
Yeah man return that bike and threaten to do it all if they give you a hassle about giving your money back. Tell them they'll see you on YouTube when you make a video about the bad treatment from their lousy establishment.
Q:transmission flush and now its loud?
Try any haynes manual through the index turn to breaks hope this helps
Q:97 Dodge Intrepid Transmission Removal?
I cannot imagine a worse transmission to replace in the field than your Intrepid. Challenging in a professional environment with lifts, engine supports and air tools, under the ol' shade tree, it would be a real pain. In the professional environment, I would expect in excess of 10 man-hours. In the field, with less than ideal tools and working conditions, that could exceed 20 man-hours. If they are qualified, I'd give 'em all the beer and pizza you've got, plus the money. By a different one I assume you mean used. I sure hope you get a good one, because all that work is down the drain if the salvage transmission has a problem. About the sub-frame removal, that is your only choice. When the car was built, the engine and transmission was mounted to the cradle or sub-frame and lifted into the body. I would have to ask myself, is the Intrepid worth the job?

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