HOWO synchronizer assemble VOLKSWAGEN POLO (9N_) 1.4 16V 036 141 032 E

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Product Description:

036 141 032 E1861 947 032320 0339 10358315SEAT CORDOBA (6L2) 1.4 16V09.0255751390Saloon
036 141 032 N1861 947 031 803850SEAT CORDOBA (6L2) 1.4 16V10.02741001390Saloon
036 141 032 F SEAT IBIZA IV (6L1) 1.4 16V02.0255751390Hatchback
SEAT IBIZA IV (6L1) 1.4 16V02.02741001390Hatchback
SKODA FABIA (6Y2) 1.4 16V12.99741001390Hatchback
SKODA FABIA (6Y2) 1.4 16V12.9955751390Hatchback
SKODA FABIA Combi (6Y5) 1.4 16V05.0055751390Estate
SKODA FABIA Combi (6Y5) 1.4 16V04.00741001390Estate
SKODA FABIA Saloon (6Y3) 1.4 16V12.99741001390Saloon
SKODA FABIA Saloon (6Y3) 1.4 16V10.9955751390Saloon
VOLKSWAGEN NEW BEETLE (9C1, 1C1) 1.411.0155751390Hatchback
VOLKSWAGEN NEW BEETLE Convertible (1Y7) 1.401.0355751390Convertible
VOLKSWAGEN POLO (9N_) 1.4 16V10.0155751390Hatchback
VOLKSWAGEN POLO (9N_) 1.4 16V10.01741011390Hatchback
VOLKSWAGEN POLO (9N_) 1.4 FSI05.0263861390Hatchback
VOLKSWAGEN POLO Saloon 1.411.03741011390Saloon
VOLKSWAGEN POLO Saloon 1.407.03557

All kinds of auto synchronizer ring with good quality, exporting large volumes to different markets. we also can make the items according to the clients' requirement. We have:

1) Competitive price.

2) Prompt delivery.

3) Quality approvals.

4) Reputation.

5) Good service

6) Small quantity accepted .

synchronizer (auto synchronizer ring)


1. A Professional Manufacture of  ZF  Gearbox After Market Parts for 8 years;

2. Competetive Gearbox Parts ( synchronizers, gears, shafts, flanges,housings, covers,etc.)

3. Strong R & D capabilities and production experience;

4. Certificate: ISO9001;

5. Market has reached worldwide;

6. Legal right to export and import independently

7. Any delivery ports in China;

8. Fast Delivery.

Our field:

1. 5 speed gearbox assembly & spare parts: S5-50, S5-60, S5-70, S5-80, S5-120

2. 6 speed gearbox assembly & spare parts: S6-80, S6-90, AK6-90, S6-100, S6-120, S6-150, S6-160

3. 9 speed gearbox assembly & spare parts: 5S-150GP, 5S-111GP

4. 16 speed gearbox auto parts: 16S109, 16S150, 16S151, 16S181, 16S220,  16S221, 16S251

5. Mercedes-Benz G60, G85 auto parts

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Q:SMG transmission?
I would agree with Gonzo.
Q:What is the transmission voltage in China?
transmission voltages vary depending on the line involved, they can be any voltage, usually higher than 100 kV. .
Q:Does dual manual + automatic transmission cost more?
That transmission is not ever really a manual, it's simply an automatic transmission that has a manual mode. There is no clutch, it has a torque converter just like any automatic, the difference is it has the mode to allow you to choose the gears yourself, so you decide rather than the computer. The real manual is still the best transmission for that car
Q:The transmission didnt shift above 2nd gear after transmission fluid change?
I'd like to help, but I've never seen an automatic transmission with a fill port that you put fluid in until it pours out, but BMWs are different. I have a manual in my E34, which does have drain and fill plugs.
Q:Do manual transmissions last longer than automatics?
if u live in an area where the roads suck and has winding roads with potholes and is hilly then manual transmission is what u need. if u live in an area that has highways and straight roads with no potholes and such where u only do braking. automatic transmission is better. it is all about the stress that the car gets, auto does not handle corners, excessive braking and such well as it is forced to engine brake alot. manual in this case is better. i would go for manual either way because u do not have to maintain or change any oil for the life of the transmission. it is also better on fuel economy
Q:Do all scooters have automatic transmission system?
no. some have automatics and some you shift just like a motorcycle.
Q:Slipping transmission?
The transmission fluid should really be changed every 30k miles or so. You definitely need to change it it if looks at all suspicious. Make sure they do a 'flush'. $80-$120 is the going rate. You might want to pay a bit extra and have the filter changed too.
Q:1992 chevy truck transmission probelms?
You can start by taking it and having the transmission flushed (if its an automatic)
Q:Is my transmission failing?
Why not buy a quality used set and invest in some lessons. that will help you more than trying to buy a game.
Q:can cars with a manual transmission have the transmission go out like automatic cars do and be out the 2-3k?
Both types of transmissions CAN fail, although you are more likely to have to replace the clutch than the transmission. It will depend on the type of driving you're doing, but if it makes you feel better, I have a 1990 stick shift that's never needed a new transmission and it has over 250k miles on it. Mix of highway, city and country road miles, not a lot of mountain driving or hauling done though.

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