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Product Description:

Applicable models:KBD-26 ELF


Outer diameter:71mm

Weight :55g


Actual teeth:30

Theory teeth:30

Material :copper


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Q:Tuner car with an automatic transmission?
The transmission isn't the biggest part of the power making operation. It really depends on your engine. If you have a twin turbo supra you can smoke a civic with a manual transmission. If you can find a decent Eclipse GSX with an auto you could probably get some respect. Automatic transmissions aren't usually associated with sport/tuner cars because the majority of drivers want a manual transmission, and the engines generally perform better with a manual. You can also look into Honda Civics and VW's as possible choices, but an auto trans in an older used car wont hold up to a lot of modding.
Q:How do drugs affect neural transmission?
Depending on the drug, it can either severely slow or quicken neural transmissions. Depressions slow transmissions almost to a standstill, and can break connections or even kill neurons. Drugs such as uppers speed up transmissions and cause euphoria (happy feeling) and other emotions. An example of a depressant is a barbiturate, such as Opium (Chinese drug similar to pot is in America) or even alcohol slows down brain activity and neural transmissions throughout the brain. Hoped this helped!
Q:Transmission went out?
750 for what? replacing the transmission or rebuilding the existing one? Either way sounds like one heck of a deal unless 750 is replacing with a used transmission. That's a risk in itself because you have no idea how that used transmission was taken care of or if it was abused. If you plan on keeping the car for a couple of more years and the motor runs well and you maintain it well, then I would recommend having your broken transmission rebuilt or having a rebuilt one installed. It costs more now to do that but could save you headaches later.
Q:How much for a rebult transmission for a 2000 mercury sable?
To be honest with you, i would try to just find one in a junk yard somewhere like pull a part. You'd be surprised how many cars have low miles on them that are junked. Cut your cost in half if not 3rds. Good luck!
Q:Transmission fluid refill?
its actually 70% percent motorcycles are manual. I learned that is not that all difficult to switch gears even if you do it wrong, for i ride a suzuki Gs500F. There is an increase in Automatical motorcycles, yet these bikes are bulkier and more expensive than their counterparts(i have seen myself). there's more than just Giving the motorcycle gas; you'll have to first: shift, clutch, gas, then shift to a higher gear. I learn how to shift on ATVs and learned to use a clutch of a manual in a Truck.
Q:Why do we need to match the impedance of antenna to the transmission line?
To avoid generate reflect power due to mismatch, reflect power cancels the useful transmit power that make the transmitter becomes useless.
Q:1999 Crown Vic P71 Transmission Issues?
Transmission fluid is deep red in color but is it completely full and checked while its hot ?? If yes then the transmission is slipping, meaning its going out
Q:What are the motorcycle drive systems?
Motorcycle transmission system includes clutch, variable speed gear, gear shaft, transmission chain (transmission belt, drive shaft), sprocket and so on.
Q:Transmission fluid leak causing hard shifts?
You wont need to rebuild it. What it sounds like is that your fluid could be low, or you have an air bubble in your tranny line somewhere. By shifting hard do you mean it jerks each time it goes into a new gear or it take a while to shift? I would take it to a local mechanic shop and have them take a look, somewhere like midas does free driving insepctions and things like that.
Q:Does anyone know about transmissions?
Its an automatic right? If yes then your transmission is sliping, the bands in your trans. are worn out and will not alow for the transmission to shift up. There are three solutions to the problem: 1. Buy transmission slip fix fluid pour it in the pipe where you pour your transmission oil and that should (20% of the time) refresh the worn out bands and stop slip. 2. If option one does not help. get your transmission rebuilt (very expensive depending on make and model). 3 If you have a cheap car buy a new one because most of the time transmission rebuilds are not worth it!!! NOTE: dont drive your car when the trany is slipping you will only make things worse and cause more engine wear then normal!!!

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