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Sychronizer Ring for Toyota
OEM No:K71E-17-265,0K71E-17-265
ISO/TS 16949 Certification

All kinds of auto synchronizer ring with good quality, exporting large volumes to different markets. we also can make the items according to the clients' requirement. We have:

1) Competitive price.

2) Prompt delivery.

3) Quality approvals.

4) Reputation.

5) Good service

6) Small quantity accepted .

synchronizer (auto synchronizer ring)


1. A Professional Manufacture of  ZF  Gearbox After Market Parts for 8 years;

2. Competetive Gearbox Parts ( synchronizers, gears, shafts, flanges,housings, covers,etc.)

3. Strong R & D capabilities and production experience;

4. Certificate: ISO9001;

5. Market has reached worldwide;

6. Legal right to export and import independently

7. Any delivery ports in China;

8. Fast Delivery.

Our field:

1. 5 speed gearbox assembly & spare parts: S5-50, S5-60, S5-70, S5-80, S5-120

2. 6 speed gearbox assembly & spare parts: S6-80, S6-90, AK6-90, S6-100, S6-120, S6-150, S6-160

3. 9 speed gearbox assembly & spare parts: 5S-150GP, 5S-111GP

4. 16 speed gearbox auto parts: 16S109, 16S150, 16S151, 16S181, 16S220,  16S221, 16S251

5. Mercedes-Benz G60, G85 auto parts

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Q:What are signs that your transmission is going out?
depending on the intake it could add 10-15hp or even give you 2/3mpg more but thats about it
Q:Are transmission slips normal in all cars?
Please tell us if each transmission is a standard or automatic. When you notice a slip with a standard transmission car the clutch is slipping not the transmission. If both transmissions are automatics check the transmission fluid in this manner after a 10 mile drive: Shift the transmission lever through all the gears, set the emergency brake, shift the transmission into drive then check the fluid. When you take time to ask questions, be more specific what gear you're in and how fast you're going when the transmission slips.
Q:Changing Transmission Fluid?
waiter! yes? There's something wrong with my soup! what's wrong with it? Come and take a look! what's wrong with it? Idk! but there's something wrong with it. how do you know if there's something wrong with it? It looks fine from over here. How do I know? There's something wrong! well, just tell me. Come over here! *he walks over* ok, what's wrong with it? Idk. You taste it! ok. where's the spoon? (AAH- HAAAAAAH!! XD)
Q:Transmission for my Ford van?
The transmission in your E-150 van is a 4R70W. If you are looking for a used transmission, any E (full size van) or F (full size pick-up) series vehicles with a 4R70W transmission for V8 2WD applications only, will work for your van. Do not get one from a V6 equipped truck. The bellhousing bolt pattern is different. Hope this helps. Note: Manual transmissions have NEVER been an option on any E-series vans since 1991. An E4OD/4R100 is for heavier applications on vehicles equipped with the 5.4L, 6.8L V10 7.3L Diesel engines.
Q:Dodge Durango Transmission Sensor?
i think the one they was talking about is the one for the transmission the speed sensor,it mounts on the transmission and that may be the one you need,you should have had them show you which on they was talking about on that one,but the speed sensor will cause a check engine light and will also cause one to start shifting gears funny,and eventually lead to the speedometer not working right on it,i hope that's the one they was talking about,it has a small wiring harness leading to it,and its easy to get to,good luck.
Q:02 Honda Civic HX transmission problem?
Is this transmission the constantly variable transmission (CVT)? I think it is. If so, Honda has a procedure to 'drain and burnish' the transmission fluid to cure the condition that is causing the start clutch to judder. I don't know from your post how long ago the transmission was replaced. If it was a while back, then the problem will usually be cured by this procedure. If it was recently, they may have crossed some wires on the shift solenoids when they put the transmission back in. Honda has a 3 year 36000 mile warranty on their transmission replacements so take it back to the dealer hope that helps
Q:Are automatic transmissions slower than manual?
Depends on the skill of the driver, and the power your engine has. If you have enough H/P, you win, regardless. The guys with manuals are going to miss shifts on occasion, but with an automatic you NEVER miss any shifts. Back in the old days, I had a pretty hot '57 Chevy with a 4 spd tranny. The guys with the Dodges and Plymouth 383 V8/torqueflite automatics used to make me look real bad.
Q:any ideas for help with transmission problem?
figure out what weight tranny oil/gear lube it take and ordre in the best stuff you can get. red line gear oil is deffinately the way to go. and try your hardest not to beat on it. so no hard accelerations.
Q:What are the main factors that cause the failure of the automobile transmission system?
Reduced working efficiency of the engine lubrication system causes excessive friction of the parts. May be long-term do not make oil changes caused by the deterioration of the engine lubricating oil failure, or lubrication caused by the decline in sealing oil pressure is not enough, will make the engine lubrication effect decreased, resulting in excessive damage to the friction parts. This mechanical abnormal sound vibration frequency and the engine speed (excitation frequency) has a direct relationship between the normal working speed of the engine in the 800-5000 r / min. The frequency of noise is high, the human ear can only hear the sound of continuous or intermittent time is very short, with the engine speed increases, abnormal sound in the volume and frequency are increased. If your car appeared above the abnormal shape, it is necessary to do the psychological preparation, and at least is disassembled engine repair inspection wear situation.
Q:What are the five parts of the mechanical transmission system?
The mechanical transmission system includes a clutch, a transmission, a universal transmission, a drive axle, and a splitter

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