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Product Description:

Applicable models:MAZDA E4100/E3500/T3000


Outer diameter:87.5mm

Weight :62 g


Actual teeth:39

Material :copper


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Q:1999 Hyundai Transmission problem?
It seems like the transmission forward band is slipping. Flushing or replacing fluid will not help. You will have to overhaul or replace the transmission, period. the reason why the problem gets worse after fluid replacement is that the dirty fluid actually helps to seal minor spaces in the clutches and bands when new fluid circulates. It will pick up deposits and remove dirt sealing clutches and bands. Most trans shops dont reccomend replacing trans fluid on vehicles over 120K miles that haven had regular trans fluid maitenance for that exact reason.
Q:Where do I add transmission fluid ?
Don't mess with your transmission fluid. If it's low you have a leak. On a 2004 vehicle you probably should have the pan dropped and filter changed along with new ATF. The fluid level gets checked at normal operating temperature with the motor running. It's not easy to read correctly, you need to take at least 3 readings. Dexron VI goes in GM trannies.
Q:The length of the transmission fluid dipstick on 2003 Mercedes E320?
There is no transmission dipstick for your Benz. There is a dipstick tool from Benz that you could buy if you wish ( but you would have to learn to read correctly as there is only one tool for all Benz electronic transmissions, it is not calibrated strictly for your E320 ). Or, you can go to a shop or dealer that has this tool and ask them to check your transmission level for you. The answer above doesn't help you by the way. The '95 E-Class uses the 722.3 transmission ( the last full year for that transmission series ). The 722.6 electronic transmission ( which you would have in the 2003 ) was phased in during the 1996 model year. It is a completely different design and you cannot use the earlier transmission's dipstick.
Q:2000 Ford Contour SE Transmission Problem help please.?
in spite of if it isn't the desire for an completely new and distinctive rotor, as antagonistic to resurfacing; then you quite've an ABS undertaking. If fortunate, it extremely is interior the relationship to the left area hub bearing assembly, in any different case that's the administration unit or micro-processor, ABS module in spite of observed as.
Q:Slipping transmission?
The transmission fluid should really be changed every 30k miles or so. You definitely need to change it it if looks at all suspicious. Make sure they do a 'flush'. $80-$120 is the going rate. You might want to pay a bit extra and have the filter changed too.
Q:Automatic transmission not changing gear sometimes?
Transmission Not Shifting
Q:Swapping out Chevy Transmissions?
only if the tahoe is a two wheel drive otherwise the tailshafts are different,and cant just be switched,also keep in mind finall drives and gears in trans are from 4x4 -----2x4
Q:Nissan 300zx transmission?
Transmissions are the same different drive shaft. Twin Turbo trans has had a harder life than the NA trans however.
Have you checked your local salvage yard(s)? Most salvage yards only go back about 10 years, but you may luck out. How about a transmission repair shop? Be sure to get an estimate and find out what the warranty is also. Good luck.
Q:Adding transmission fluid to my 2000 grand am?
1. There is no change oil light for the transmission fluid. The change oil light is for the engine oil. It was probably not reset last time the oil was changed. To reset the oil light, look in the fuse panel located on the left side of the dash when you open the drivers door. There should be a red button you can press. Check owners manual for exact procedure. 2. You have a sealed transmission. No dipstick. Unless it is leaking, there is no need to add fluid. To service the transmission fluid a machine is used that replaces the fluid at the same rate it removes it. 3. There IS a round red cap on top of the transmission that you can add fluid to, but unless it's been leaking, don't add any. It's kind of buried down in the engine compartment, hard to reach.

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