Aluminium Alloy Model No. 131 for the best quality performance

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Product Description:


Wheel Aluminium Alloy Model No. 131 for the best quality performance


Product Description:


1) Lighter than tube wheels makes the car much more oil saving.


2) Better cooling performance in longdistance and high speed driving keeps the car safe enough.


3) Bigger external diameter let the driver feel much more comfortable.


4) High speed lowering tyre termperature can reduce wear resistance prevent tyre-shoulder seperation


Size ETCBHoleP.C.DFinish
20x7.540-4573.14/5100-120MATT BLACK


Production Procedure:

1) Casting Machine Melting & Full Heat Treatment

2) CNC machine CNC made in Taiwan

3) Painting Line Full automatic Painting

4) Quality Control Certifications : JWL.VIA Japanese Standard

   Impact fatigue testing

   Bending fatigue testing,

   Radial run out testing

   Dynamic balance testing.

   Air-tightness testing


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Q:Pottery Wheel~~~?
Advark in Santa Ana CA
Q:Do I really need a wheel alignment?
i can still show you a scary trench that had years of use
Q:The wheel can not be modified on how to do?
Che Kwun where the car will give you a parameter table, above your rim specifications, according to this specification, buy the same specifications of the casting wheels, the cheaper the better, do not ask why, because cheap, as long as To ensure that you open to the car on the line, if you can, then get four BMW stickers in the middle, so after the car on the check on the card, directly for large size forging, the four poor casting circle to keep after Vehicle inspection.
Q:sk8 wheels?
It doesn't matter , maybe a few days or so .
Q:why is it that whn u turn the one rear wheel clockwise and the other wheel turns anticlock wise?
It has to do with the limited slip action in the differential - ever notice when you lose traction ( in mud, loose gravel) only one wheel spins- the traction is supposed to go to the one that has the traction ( though it dosnt seem to work that way and you get stuck anyway). If it were a positrac - both wheels would spin the same direction- since theyre locked together.
Q:Armored Aberdeen in the wheel rolling speed is how fast?
The wheel will run and your face will be torn by the air
Q:wheel size affecting effort of rotation?
The difficulty in rotating an object depends on its moment of inertia. The inertia of an object (its mass) is a measure of how difficult it is to move an object. The moment of inertia is a measure of how difficult it is to rotate an object. The other answerer is correct about it depending on a lot of things but given that it is a wheel, I think you can safely say you are trying to rotate the wheel around it's axle. I would use a hollow cylinder to approximate the moment of inertia of a wheel since most of the mass is near the rim. The formula for the moment of inertia is I mr^2 The moment of inertia of a wheel depends on the square of the radius and depends linearly with the mass. The mass also depends on the radius. Increasing the radius by 4 times will increase the mass by 16 times since the circumference of a circle depends on the square of the radius. Replacing m with 16m and r with 4 r in the equation gives 16m (4r)^2 64 m r^2 It will be 64 times more difficult to move a wheel that is 4 times bigger. If instead of a hollow cylinder you use a solid cylinder you still get the same answer.
Q:What are wheel locks?
it when u shift down in high rpm and the engine gives high sound, there the wheel locks and not going to drift or to go around it self if u know what i mean.
Q:A 1998 Buick Regal GS rear or front wheel drive?
Yes. But it would not be a wise idea.
Q:What is the meaning of under the wheel?
I've never. heard that before. I mean, there's behind the wheel and at the wheel that both mean driving a vehicle, so maybe under the wheel is a variation of that. Or maybe it could mean that the person who's under the wheel has run out of luck, or in a tight spot. a oh no, we're in trouble! kinda thing. Because I imagine being under a wheel to be painful. Example: Aw man, a dead end? We're really under the wheel now! Haha. But that's kind of bizarre. Or maybe someone is literally under a wheel. I don't know, I'd have to see this one in it's context, I suppose. Good luck!

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