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Product Description:

Applicable models:HAICE ,KF/5RTY-8001 TOP


Outer diameter:70.7 mm

Weight :65 g


Actual teeth:33

Theory teeth:33

Material :copper


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Q:4l60e transmission slipping code ?
I very own a 2000 4 cylinder S10 with the comparable transmission. that is a great transmission and that i latterly had the comparable problem. i could advise drain the fluid, get rid of the pan and examine to work out if the clear out has fallen. I had this problem those days as I genuinely have a changed deep properly pan and the clear out replaced into lacking a bracket to hold the clear out in place. additionally be certain that the seal for the clear out is correct put in.
Q:Transmission Problems?????
Your tranny is shot. The grey color is the surface of your bands disolved (ie metal flakes!). Get it in before you need to be towed in. Sorry for the bad news.
Q:hydramatic transmission?
Most likely the transmission cooler inside one of the radiator end tanks has sprung a leak. A mechanic should be able to remove the cooling lines from the radiator and pressure test the transmission cooling tank inside the radiator.
Q:Payment plans for new transmission?
Inquire with different transmission shops to see if they offer financing plans to help you pay for the service. Also use that opportunity to find shops that have the best rates and the best experience. In addition, consider your car and determine whether or not it's really worth getting it fixed. If the cost of repair exceeds the value of the vehicle, you might want to see if you can buy a replacement car with financing plans that will help you to afford it.
Q:1998 Dodge Durango Transmission?
I've got good news for you, I think I know what your problem is. I had a similar issue in my 2001 Durango. Sometimes it wouldn't want to go into gear, the issue was I had a bad transmission solenoid. It is a component inside of the transmission. I changed it by myself and it was easy, however you do have to remove a few other components to get to the transmission solenoid. You do not need to drop the transmission. You need to remove the pan and components behind the transmission pan. I bought the solenoid from a company in Florida, off of OKorder. Do a search on OKorder and see if you can find it. Good luck.
Q:Transmission fluid flush on 2006 corolla?
This Site Might Help You. RE: Transmission fluid flush on 2006 corolla? I took my 2006 corolla (46,000 miles) into a Midas shop for mild vibrations on the steering wheel at speeds above 60mph. They looked at tire balance and saw they were only off by a quarter. They didn't find anything else. However, they recommended that I need to do transmission fluid flush as.
Q:1995 dodge dakota transmission removal?
1995 Dodge Dakota Transmission
Q:Ford crown Victoria transmissions?
no it will not Lincoln: Town Car | 2003 n the crown vic is totally different
Q:Ford AOD Transmission problem?
Why don't you try to replace the shift cable and adjust it properly before condemning the transmission. Rigged shift cables are asking for trouble.
Q:1995 Ford Aerostar Transmission Filter?
The transmission filter is located,are ya ready? In the transmission.Yes,you need to remove the crossmember below tranny,remove bolts around pan bottom and filter will be in there.Check for fine metal shavings.Little is ok,a lot could be a sign of a rebuild on the way.If not mechanically savy,go to a transmission shop.Filter/fluid changes usually run $60-$100 and are well worth the money.

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