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Product Description:

Applicable models:HINO KR EH700/421


Outer diameter:109.25 mm

Weight :172 g


Actual teeth:24

Material :copper


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Q:How do I I.D. a Chrysler transmission?
Look up crysler transmissiom the. Shape. Of the pan will be besiside the transmission.
Q:Cogs in a transmission?
No, you're not an idiot. The rim is a part of a wheel technically, so those who use the word rim are just using slang rather than saying wheel. Additionally, the word wheels can be used as the other answerer stated to refer to your car.
Q:transmission acting weird?
would suggest having the fluid flushed and filter changedand go from there
Q:What is 4-speed automatic transmission?
No, you don't have to shift. A 4 speed automatic transmission is an automatic transmission designed to have 4 different gear ratios in the forward position. Just put it in Drive (or Overdrive if offered), and allow the transmission do all the shifting for you.
Q:flushing transmission?
The best way is to take it to a shop that has the equipment to do this, but you can do it in your driveway as well. It requires disconnecting the transmission cooler return line and running the engine while the transmission pumps all the old fluid out the disconnected line. You have to be carefull not to damage the transmission oil pump, by not running the trans dry. It's kind of a tricky deal, but as long as you shut the engine down when the fluid stops flowing out the return line, you should be ok. Then just fill it back up with fresh tranny fluid and press on. You also need to drop the pan and replace the filter.
Q:Water in transmission?
Nothing in life is easy.You need to consult the experts hard or not or don't do it.Plain and simple.It's a resposibilty you up to it or not.
Q:What are the necessary conditions for the stable operation of electromechanical drive systems?
1. The mechanical characteristic curve of the motor n = f (Tm) and the characteristic curve of the production machinery n = f (T) have the intersection point (ie, the balance point of the drag system); 2. When the speed is greater than the equilibrium point corresponding to the speed, Tm & lt; T, that is, if the interference speed is increased, when the interference should be eliminated after the Tm-T <0; and when the speed is less than the equilibrium point corresponding to the speed, Tm> T, that is, if the interference rate of decline, when the interference is eliminated Should have Tm-T> 0
Q:how to change transmission oil?
If there is no drain plug you will have to find the fill plug. It is about halfway up the side of the transmission. You will need to suck out the oil with a pump and replace it through this filler hole. If there is a drain, simply drain it and refill thru the filler plug.
Q:Transmission question.?
Vermiculite is best for small fine seeds but yes it can be used for any seed but i wouldn't use it for say a sweetpea sized seed. I would stick to using it for small seeds (any) and seed compost for the bigger ones.
Q:1999 Chevy Malibu transmission?
Well unlike changing oil, where you just remove an oil drain plug, let the oil drain out and replace it and the oil filter is located outside the engine. On a transmission several bolts (sometimes 10-14 bolts) must be removed from the transmission fluid pan methodically to prevent a big mess for the do it yourselfer. You want to use a really wide pan to catch all the fluid that will run down all sides of the pan. Also your transmission has a filter that needs to be changed as well. Most filters are visible as soon as you remove the transmission pan. They are a little trickier than the oil filter to remove and replace if your are unfamiliar to the territory. It's not hard just tricky. Just remember when you remove the old filter, make sure there is a used o-ring around the neck of the old filter. If not, it's up in the hole the filter neck came out of and you must get it out before installing the new filter. By the way, most transmissions can have a fluid capacity of up to 8, 10 maybe 12 quarts on fluid. But when you drain the fluid, only about 4-6 quarts will come out. So remember that when adding new fluid. Also remember to check the transmission fluid with the car idling in PARK at normal operating temperature.

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