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Product Description:

Sychronizer Ring for Fiat 8858923
OEM No:8858923
ISO/TS 16949 Certification

All kinds of auto synchronizer ring with good quality, exporting large volumes to different markets. we also can make the items according to the clients' requirement. We have:

1) Competitive price.

2) Prompt delivery.

3) Quality approvals.

4) Reputation.

5) Good service

6) Small quantity accepted .

synchronizer (auto synchronizer ring)


1. A Professional Manufacture of  ZF  Gearbox After Market Parts for 8 years;

2. Competetive Gearbox Parts ( synchronizers, gears, shafts, flanges,housings, covers,etc.)

3. Strong R & D capabilities and production experience;

4. Certificate: ISO9001;

5. Market has reached worldwide;

6. Legal right to export and import independently

7. Any delivery ports in China;

8. Fast Delivery.

Our field:

1. 5 speed gearbox assembly & spare parts: S5-50, S5-60, S5-70, S5-80, S5-120

2. 6 speed gearbox assembly & spare parts: S6-80, S6-90, AK6-90, S6-100, S6-120, S6-150, S6-160

3. 9 speed gearbox assembly & spare parts: 5S-150GP, 5S-111GP

4. 16 speed gearbox auto parts: 16S109, 16S150, 16S151, 16S181, 16S220,  16S221, 16S251

5. Mercedes-Benz G60, G85 auto parts

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Q:Torque converter part of transmission replacement?
if there were signs of particulate matter in the trans fluid, then a converter change would be warranted/manditory every time. converters have a low spot. and they turn. centrifigal force will trap most if not all particulate matter. can not be flushed with any degree of certanty. replcacement is manditory. if not replaced and new trans is installed, then the verter will re-contaminate the entire system. no particulate matter? verter change is not manditory. maybe suggested, but not manditory. that is iffin all outward symptoms do not point to a verter issue. no comment on warranty coverages. USAF tained hyd/pneu tech. old fart, common sense, and rebuilt my fair share of auto trans. to be fair, not one of these though. i would heeed our resident ASE Certified Mechanic. they're usually right.
Q:Dodge 518 Transmissions?
there has been a lot of failures with the 518 transmissions,those was the early versions and the caused problems with clutch packs burning out in them and also with shift solenoids going bad along with the governors not allowing the right amount of pressure to them,most of them didn't make it past the 125 thousand mile mark without having to be rebuilt,so if you can find out if its ever been worked on before,i owned a 96 model that had had two transmissions put in it,so be careful on this one,good luck.
Q:Payment plans for new transmission?
Inquire with different transmission shops to see if they offer financing plans to help you pay for the service. Also use that opportunity to find shops that have the best rates and the best experience. In addition, consider your car and determine whether or not it's really worth getting it fixed. If the cost of repair exceeds the value of the vehicle, you might want to see if you can buy a replacement car with financing plans that will help you to afford it.
Q:How to prevent problems with a transmission.?
you must bleed the air out your brakes will be spongy and unsafe brake fluid is an alcahol (sp) based fluid.
Q:How to check transmission fluid level?
Checking the automatic transmission fluid level in your car is something every car owner should learn to do. Maintaining the proper transmission fluid level is important in keeping your transmission shifting properly and your car running smoothly. 1. Locate the dipstick for your transmission. It is usually near the back of the engine, and the stick handle is either a T-handle or a ring handle. 2. Start your engine to check the fluid level. 3. Grasp the dipstick handle and pull straight up until the end of the stick clears the housing tube. Wipe the stick off with a rag, and push it all the back down into the tube. 4. Pull the stick all the way out again and hold it so you can see the end of the stick and the film of fluid that clings to it. 5. Look for the level indicators stamped or drilled into the dipstick. You should see two sets of indicators. One set is for checking the fluid when the engine is cold, and the other set is for checking the fluid when the engine is hot. Each set of indicators is marked with a full line and an add line. 6. Determine whether your transmission fluid is at the proper level by finding the spot on the dipstick where the film of fluid ends. If the film ends near the full mark or somewhere near the halfway point between full and add, your transmission has an adequate fluid level. 7. Return the dipstick to the holding tube and push it all the way back down into the tube. Fully seat the dipstick in the holding tube.
Q:Why is an automatic transmission better than manual transmission?
I too prefer manual transmission for the most part. But automatic is better in stop-and-go traffic on hills. Not only is it easier, but less wear-and-tear on the clutch. Also, some people have physical conditions that make the clutch harder to use, or it can cause back pain or sacroiliac pain in some individuals.
Q:Transmission help?
Unfortunately, unless you're lucky, there are no quick fixes for a transmission. You would need it rebuilt, $$$$$$$$$$. Or you could try some Lucas Oil Transmission Treatment, that might help. It's $14 at any auto parts store, and it can work miracles.
Q:My automatic transmission has trouble shifting?
I'd guess you need either a new modulator valve, or a simple linkage adjustment.
Q:What is the general use of the bridge coordinate system?
Hexagon used toothed belt drive, ZEISS multi-purpose friction wheel drive
Q:Performing automatic transmission fluid exchange service?
do not do a flush or use any cleaning agents in a can. This can do more harm than good. Its best to do what the manufacturer recommends, which is usually droppin,g the pan, replacing the filter and gasket cleaning and replacing pan and just replacing fluid that was in the pan. I would pay for two transmission services 20,000 miles apart before doing a flush. Transmission fluid is high detergent already, and introducing harsh chemicals can cause more problems than they solve. Keeping up on the transmission service and oil changes is the key to longevity in most cars and trucks today. I would not use a dealer for this, most are known for upselling routine maintenance more often than necessary which is what a lot of those jiffy lube type places do to. I find this practice pathetic its in the name of greed to replace something that is fine for a few years in some cases, I have even had one shop put clean oil on a dirt smudge to make the gear oil look dirty. When I informed him it was just changed, he never said a word, but the next day I smelled gear oil, and went straight to my mechanic, and the little prick at jiffy lube had left the bolt out of the rear end when he checked it. Do not go to any place but a trusted mechanic, there is no honor anymore, just greedy lube shops stealing from hard working people.

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