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Product Description:

Applicable models:TOYOTA


Outer diameter:77.3 mm

Weight :75 g


Actual teeth:30

Theory teeth:36

Material :copper


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Q:2001 acura integra transmission help.?
is peaceable problems with the trans.slipping. the cloches or the disc were out
Steptronic transmissions with the manual gear select mode are different from the auto transmissions with no manual gear selection. The electronics for each are also different so swapping them is not possible.
Q:Hyundai warranty and transmission?
I posed your question about the dealer's comments of maybe being covered to my wife who works for a Hyundai dealer. Her answer to me was: He has to be the first owner, have had at least 2-transmission services ( 30,60 miles services, transmission flush) and they would have to look at it to see if he needs new transmission (it could be something else). If he is the second owner he only has 5yrs, 60,000 mile warranty. That's the Hyundai stance on this and hopefully you fall into the 1st owner status and have the required service work done too. Good luck
Q:Change Transmission oil of Allion?
Well, if it's an automatic, there should be 2 dip sticks. One will be red, the other yellow. The red is usually transmission fluid and yellow is engine oil. To change the transmission fluid, depends on the transmission. Most, have a pan on the bottom of the transmission (automatic) that has a bolt that you can take out and drain the fluid. Manual transmissions, there will not be a dip stick. Those are enclosed gear oil transmissions. They will have a bolt on the top (fill port) and a bolt on the bottom (drain port). NOTE: Considering this is FWD, you may have the same set-up as a manual Transmission, for draining and filling on the automatic. These are Japan based vehicles and not in the USA, it would be hard for me to say for sure where everything is, but this is just a generalization.
Q:Slipping transmission?
Changing the transmission fluid early certainly won't hurt anything but from my experience a slipping transmission is usually loose bands. These can be adjusted and it would be a very good idea to ask about them and if the fluid is going to be changed I would insist on the bands getting checked and adjusted. This in only a minor problem
Q:Transmission flush?
Remove trans pan, clean pan, replace filter, replace pan, fill with new specified fluid. NO FLUSHING, whatever that is supposed to be. This is a transmission not a cooling system.
Q:honda transmission is broken and it requires 3000$ to fix?
As it is the van is worth very little with a bad transmission. My advice would be to purchase a used transmission and have an independent transmission shop install it. I am positive it will not cost $3,000.
Q:What are the necessary conditions for the stable operation of electromechanical drive systems?
1. The mechanical characteristic curve of the motor n = f (Tm) and the characteristic curve of the production machinery n = f (T) have the intersection point (ie, the balance point of the drag system); 2. When the speed is greater than the equilibrium point corresponding to the speed, Tm & lt; T, that is, if the interference speed is increased, when the interference should be eliminated after the Tm-T <0; and when the speed is less than the equilibrium point corresponding to the speed, Tm> T, that is, if the interference rate of decline, when the interference is eliminated Should have Tm-T> 0
Q:Transmission Fluid 528I 1998?
HI The transmission is check thu a dip stick that should be at the back of the motor and the tube should go down toward the bottom of the transmission The fluid is checked with the motor warmed up (or transmission warmed up) with the shifter in park. Leaving the motor running pull out the dip stick wipe it off and re stick it.and check it the add mark is 1pt the fluid is sold in Qts. The type of fluid should be stamped on the stick. You fill the transmission thru the dip stick tube with a funnel. Smell and look at the fluid if it is dark and smells like varnish it is due for a change. If the transmission is an automatic then there is a dip stick. If it is a Manuel transmission then it is checked from under the car. There is a bolt in the side you take out and put your little finger in if the tip touches fluid then your OK. good luck tim
Q:Transmission options?
mr. s , many options are out there for you. price is the issue. If the trans you have is a 3 speed manual than you can convert to a 4 or 5 speed trans. if you want an automatic and it a stick right now again can do price is the issue. the good news is modern 5 speed transmissions are actually very compact and should provide good clearance. mounts would have to fabricated etc a 5 speed could be purchased that offered a good start off acceleration as well as a good highway cruise rpm. many mustangs were set up with the l6 and 5 speed so its a possibility. by the way I was building corvette retro cars were we installed modern engines and trans in early corvettes (54-67) so I speak from experience here.

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