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Car ModelFor toyota
Model year
Materialwe can meet customer's requirement to change the material to control the cost
Quantitythe quantity is unlimited. more quantity, better price
PaymentT/T. Western Union. You can pay 30% deposit first and the balance must be paid before the delivery
Package detail1. neutral packing box
2. original packing box
3.making the packing according to customer's requirement
Delivery time within 7 days after receiving 30% deposit
Remarkwe can accept trial order with small quantity

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Q:Transmission line compensation?
Transmission Line Definition
Q:Are transmission slips normal in all cars?
the altima has a cvt transmission in it and due to design it will have a little bit of a slip to it
Q:Transmission Fluid 98 hyundai elantra?
That depends, Open the hood, you will see a yellow dip-stick and a Red dip-stick. The Red dip-stick will be on the passenger side toward the dash of your car. Pull it all the way out and wipe it off. You will see two little holes in it one says full and the lower one says ''Add. Now start the motor, and stick the cleaned stick back in the pipe all the way downnow pull it out and see where the oil level is. If there is no oil on the stickadd a quart and check it again just as you did the first time. Add Transmission Oil (red) till the oil shows up to the full line or little hole that is there Its a piece of cakeTakes only 2 or 3 minutes to do and all you need is a clean rag. The stick will tell you how much oil to add or if its full. The red stick is the transmission.The Yellow is the motor oil dip stick. while your there Check Bothof them. And now you can drive without feareverything will be OK (Houston)
Q:Get a transmission replacement or new car?
1200 dollars does not buy much of a car these days. For many cars on the market this is less then the sales tax. Lets face it there are those that pay more then that just for rims to put on a car. So if the body is good, I would suggest replacing the transmission is the best investment right now.
Q:Late model Volkswagen automatic transmission reliability?
Don't know about Jettas cause they are not sold here in Germany but all the other models from Polo to Phaeton have a very good reputation. Never heard anything bad about the automatics, maybe she just had bad luck with that one car or the previous owner mistreated the engine. All I can say is that VWs are very reliable cars and long lasting, especially the diesel engines!!!
Q:1991 Ford Mustang Auto Transmission?
Quick answer, Yes! The seals in the transmission are not designed for the chemicals in motor oil or vice versa. Your clutches and plates will start slipping because motor oil is designed to provide a lubricating film. They will burn out too. It's simple economics, do you want to pay now for removing a mistake or do you want to pay later for a whole transmission repair? Hope you aren't driving around in this mistake. You can drain the transmission yourself by using one of the cheap syphon pumps from an auto parts store. Make sure the syphon tube will fit down the dipstick tube. Remove the dust cover under the torque converter and turn it over until the drain plug is on the bottom back edge. Drain it. Do NOT have someone tap the starter to turn the torque converter while you are under the car. Safety first. I strongly suggest you take it to one of those oil change places and let the people who do this for a living handle it. It's cheap considering the other options.
Q:Overdrive not engaging in automatic transmission?
It is indeed. You need to look on the auction house. Talk to a guard in one of your factions main cities and ask where the auction house is, go there, type in copper bar and WHAM! You can buy one. I suggest learning mining though - it's a good money maker. Copper will be one of the first things you can mine, too, so you wont have to wait. AND you can sell the excess!
Q:98-02 Honda Accord transmissions what was the difference between USA.and jpns?
Honda had a lot of faulty and over engineered transmissions in the early 2000's that where made in Japan.
Q:1999 Chevy Malibu transmission?
Well unlike changing oil, where you just remove an oil drain plug, let the oil drain out and replace it and the oil filter is located outside the engine. On a transmission several bolts (sometimes 10-14 bolts) must be removed from the transmission fluid pan methodically to prevent a big mess for the do it yourselfer. You want to use a really wide pan to catch all the fluid that will run down all sides of the pan. Also your transmission has a filter that needs to be changed as well. Most filters are visible as soon as you remove the transmission pan. They are a little trickier than the oil filter to remove and replace if your are unfamiliar to the territory. It's not hard just tricky. Just remember when you remove the old filter, make sure there is a used o-ring around the neck of the old filter. If not, it's up in the hole the filter neck came out of and you must get it out before installing the new filter. By the way, most transmissions can have a fluid capacity of up to 8, 10 maybe 12 quarts on fluid. But when you drain the fluid, only about 4-6 quarts will come out. So remember that when adding new fluid. Also remember to check the transmission fluid with the car idling in PARK at normal operating temperature.
Q:Where does the transmission fluid go in a 2000 Toyota Camry?
ALIBATA im sure of that! ^^, coz we have learned that since when iam a grade 5 five student but now im second year student i remeber that coz its important that is the first alphabet of the filipinos.

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