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Product Description:

Applicable models:NPR 4BC2 LTD-56 4TH&5TH


Outer diameter:109.15mm

Weight :138g


Actual teeth:42

Theory teeth:42

Material :copper


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Q:how do I adjust the bands on an automatic transmission?
You should take it to a tranny shop and let them do it since there's no short cut procedure. They will charge you to pull the tranny, minimum cost is like $250, and then they will take it apart far enough to diagnose it and then adjust or repair it. Plan on having at least $750 to blow at a minimum. Get them to quote the prices before they start on it so you know worst case scenario. If they sell rebuilds of this particular tranny then this is a possible swap and drop option you might consider. Good Luck!
Q:Transmission change?
about 650 or 800, because you have to change the shifting and add a clutch, so if you find one that will not rip you off it should be, 200.00for the transmission, 200 for the clutch and 100 for the shifting, after that it should only bee about 150.00 for labor. whats the year of the car and model type too, that also depends
Q:Audi R-tronic Transmission?
Nope. Check the switch at the handlebar.
Q:i need help with 96 dodge transmission?
Scan the PCM to see codes,can be input or output sensors,or VSS or solenoid pack malfunction,thus make computer to hold the transmission in limp mode (2nd gear all the times).Have to know which Dodge though,FWD or RWD?
Q:Is my transmission failing?
Why not buy a quality used set and invest in some lessons. that will help you more than trying to buy a game.
Q:Transmission shifting hard?
There are folks who can do a flush job on your tranny and put in new fluid, but they charge as much as a couple of hundred bucks for that. Usually the giveaway that you have a potential bad problem is if the trans. fluid smells burnt. If it's merely dirty looking then most of the time changing the fluid will work really well.
Q:1990 Accord Transmission Problem?
Maybe I'm being too simple, but is the fluid level correct? It has to be rechecked after the engine has been run once because the torque converter is filled with fluid by the pump.
Q:what tells the transmission when to shift?
It may be happens when the mainshaft or the bearing for it is worn out. There is too much play in the mainshaft, and the gear is not running exactly perpendicular to the mainshaft. There is no adjustment for this, the transmission has to be repaired. You can remove it yourself and bring it to a standard transmission repair shop, or if you have some experience and the special tools required, you can do the repair yourself, but it must come out of the car to do this. IF the vehicle shifted properly BEFORE you changed the filter and installed NEW transmission fluid of the same type of which the manufacturer recommends, then you either did not install the transmission GASKET and or O ring on the filter correctly OR there could be a problem with the filter as most filters have a CHECK VALVE built into the filter to prevent the fluid from draining back down thru the filter.
Q:Baseband and Broadband transmissions?
Quoted from the 2nd link: What is difference between baseband and broadband transmission? In a baseband transmission, the entire bandwidth of the cable is consumed by a single signal. In broadband transmission, signals are sent on multiple frequencies, allowing multiple signals to be sent simultaneously There are more details but this one seems to be the simplest if it is what your actually looking for. Another thing to know is that a LAN is baseband. It has one signal at a time. A long distance connection between two central offices of the telephone company is broadband in the sense there are upwards to 12 or more conversations running on a single channel using multiplexing. Cable networks have multiple channels (multiplexing) so you can get your TV channels as well as the Internet on the same physical media. That is why the term Broadband is used with cable networks.
Q:1993 Oldsmobile Regency 98 Transmission?
IT under no circumstances OVERHEATS purely HAS ENGINE TEMP modifications HAS NO ANTIFREEZE LEAKS in any respect . you purely replied your questions do no longer complication with regards to the readings as long it would not overheat

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