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1.synchronizer ring for Toyota

2.oem number: 33037-60050

3.three pieces of one set

4.synchronizer (auto synchronizer ring)

All kinds of auto synchronizer ring with good quality, exporting large volumes to different markets. we also can make the items according to the clients' requirement. We have:

1) Competitive price.

2) Prompt delivery.

3) Quality approvals.

4) Reputation.

5) Good service

6) Small quantity accepted .

synchronizer (auto synchronizer ring)


1. A Professional Manufacture of  ZF  Gearbox After Market Parts for 8 years;

2. Competetive Gearbox Parts ( synchronizers, gears, shafts, flanges,housings, covers,etc.)

3. Strong R & D capabilities and production experience;

4. Certificate: ISO9001;

5. Market has reached worldwide;

6. Legal right to export and import independently

7. Any delivery ports in China;

8. Fast Delivery.

Our field:

1. 5 speed gearbox assembly & spare parts: S5-50, S5-60, S5-70, S5-80, S5-120

2. 6 speed gearbox assembly & spare parts: S6-80, S6-90, AK6-90, S6-100, S6-120, S6-150, S6-160

3. 9 speed gearbox assembly & spare parts: 5S-150GP, 5S-111GP

4. 16 speed gearbox auto parts: 16S109, 16S150, 16S151, 16S181, 16S220,  16S221, 16S251

5. Mercedes-Benz G60, G85 auto parts

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Q:Volkswagens transmissions?
I have the same car and haven't had any problems with the transmission. The only thing that I have changed is the clutch. Go for the cheap stuff first before you change the transmission, although I dont think it is. Try refilling the transmission fluid, changing the shifting gears, and lubricating the gears. Approximately 300-500 dollars instead of 5000. Good luck!!
Q:transmission stuck help?
Well, a few detail could be helpful. Had it been making any strange sounds or shuttering? When you pull the transmission dipstick, what is the color of the fluid, or is their any fluid at all? What happened when you put it into reverse the last time? Were you actually backing-up or just going to park? What does the gearshift feel like when you try to move it? Does the button push in? Will it move a little, or just completely locked in place? Try to give us some clues as to what could have caused the problem.
Q:Where is the transmission fluid located on a 2008 Chrysler 300?
Not sure at all, but as a guide ALL lorries [trucks] now have Intercoolers fitted standard, so it must be worthwhile.
Q:What is the difference between an ordinary lathe and a CNC lathe drive system?
Ordinary machine tool spindle drive relative to the CNC machine tools to be complex, need v-belt, gear complex transmission ratio to achieve the desired speed, noise, precision. And CNC are mostly variable frequency motor, adjust the speed. The advantages of noise is small vibration accuracy is relatively high, low energy consumption and reduce the number of complex lubrication system maintenance simple and convenient
Q:chevy S10 transmission and clutch?
As it is very expesive to replace your transmission I would suggest replaceing the clutch (also have flywheel machined true). Most clutch kits come with new throw-out bearings and pilot bearings which may be weak on your truck. Although if you know for sure your clutch only has approximently 30,000 kms or very low mileage, I'd re-use it. Ps, some clutch disc springs rattle when brand new when you shake the disc, some dont.
Q:what is overdrive in a transmission?
Well - overdrive is an extra gear, but it doesn't necessarily have to be 1:1 - its actually over-driven past 1:1 (hence the name). Quite a few Turbo Hydramatic transmission series have overdrives down into the 0.6:1 range. And technically, the 6 speed T56 manual transmission on my camaro has an Overdrive - its the 6th gear selection, which is really only usable after about 70 mph. Just because its selected by me doesn't mean its any less of an overdrive. Unless you have to, always run your automatic in the overdrive selection - what this does is shift the car down to that gas-saving overdrive gear when possible. The only time you don't want to use it is in situation where you will bog, or otherwise lose much-required power (such as in towing, where you could cause excessive engine/trans wear by overdriving while pulling a heavy load).
Q:loading limits of transmission lines?
Q:Is my transmission gone?
right now there the best on the market,,i have used them for a while and i really like them, they stop better and don't make hardly any brake dust on the wheels,,there expensive though but worth it i think,, i own a repair shop,,and now most of my customers prefer them over regular pads,and i cant say that i blame them there well worth the extra money they cost,good luck i hope this help,s.
Q:Nissan 350z transmission?
Automatic transmissions are boring, give you less control, worse gas mileage, are more expensive, and are overall worthless in a sports car IMO. the only downside to a manual is that they can be slightly annoying in very heavy traffic, but the benefits far far outweigh that small drawback. Stick is the only way to go in a car like that.
Q:transmission problems with my 1995 ford escort?
Check the transmission fluid level. did you do so with the transmission warmed up, on level ground, and with the engine idling, after going through all the gears? When was the last time, you changed the fluid and filter on the transmission? Did you check the transmission oil pressure? Did you apply the transmission oil pump TSB? Did you check the linkage? If you take it to the shop the only fix they ever do it to rebuild or replace, even if you don't need it, Everything I suggest above is easy enough to DIY. From what you wrote, I am assuming that you are not having trouble with the stupid interlock that sometimes prevents you from moving the shift lever (sometimes problematic in cold weather, but easily disabled). Problems are also common at the electrical connector at the top of the transmission, but I don't think that's your problem (unplug it and plug it back in anyway).

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