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Applicable models:ISUZU


Material/ ourter and inner ring :copper

                middle ring :steel

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Q:General price for a transmission replacement?
That is the going rate. What independent shops do is make the money off the removal and installation, but subcontract out the actual rebuilding. Since you're paying the exact same price, I'd recommend taking it right to a reputable transmission shop. Unfortunately, some of the tranny shops are chain operations that just buy rebuild transmissions from major rebuilders. So look for a shop that's independent, does their own rebuilding and is a member of the trade association ATRA. Then you'll get a warranty that's good nationwide.
Q:Long-term reliability of CVT transmissions?
Cvt Long Term Reliability
Q:Transmission shifting into neutral randomly?
Too much ATF will cause the fluid to foam which can cause problems. No idea how many miles on your vehicle? It's kind of hard to diagnose things with no idea what you've done for maintenance or the mileage. It didn't go into neutral.the clutch packs in the transmission are slipping. If this has been happening for a while you will be needing $1800 worth of repairs to rebuild the transmission soon.
Q:Should i flush my transmission?
There is only ONE reason for a transmission flush. to get you into the shop so the REAL problem can be diagnosed. I cannot think of a single transmission problem that a flush would actually solve, except for maybe a mouse stuck in the cooler line. Flushing the transmission sounds so cheap and you're so hopeful that it will solve your probable transmission problem. I know that desperate hope is hard to shake off, but take it to a shop, and explain the problem, not suggest a fix action. If you demand a flush, they will do it, but when it doesn't fix the problem, will you hold them liable, or will you take the hit? Take it to a shop you trust and let them repair it and get you back on the road.
Q:does 5 speed mean manual transmission?
Ok, it is commonly accepted that 5-speed is referring to a manual transmission. Generally if someone tells you that its a 5-speed, its going to be a manual. Granted that the correct term would be manual, or standard transmission, most people who say 5 speed mean its a manual. Alot of automatic transmissions are 4-speeds, but this is not always the case. If you are unsure, it is usually a good idea to ask.
Q:ACURA 3.2 cl transmission issues?
I do not think that to be right
Q:1999 Saab 9-5 Transmission?
Sorry you got stuck with that. As the other person said, I'd try taking it back too. I have to say, yours was the most intelligent, descriptive question I've seen in a long time. You covered everything :-)
Q:what happens when a transmission solenoid mulfunctions?
May need to buy a new solenoid.
Q:Nissan 350z transmission?
i cant believe you cant figure this out just from lookin at a car// but just in case changing a tire is remove one/and replace it with new one/the wheel stays the same/mounting a tire is having a wheel wit hno tire and installing one on the wheel/the wheel mount to an axle/
Q:2003 Kia Spectra Transmission Problems?
The kia DOES have a transmission dipstick. It's near the brake fluid behind the motor. Did you find out what was wrong with your car? Having the same problems.

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