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Product Description:

Applicable models:NISSAN RD-28,E24,BD1


Outer diameter:75.4 mm

Weight :54 g


Actual teeth:36

Theory teeth:36

Material :copper


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Q:97 Dodge Neon Transmission?
i'm going throughout the time of the comparable subject, curiously, I even have been informed, nevertheless no longer have been given below it yet will quickly because of fact the undertaking persists, that the hose that comes off the transmission is a million broking basically, no bulk hose can do the trick, and that this hose leaks because of fact the motor dances throughout below the hood, because of detrimental mounts, the front one replaced into replaced for $ however the three could take $$$ so because it is the reason I basically have been given one replaced however the undertaking maintains - nevertheless massive time leaking and the scent on social gathering. no longer stable as I even have little $ to paintings with.
Q:94 Honda Accord automatic transmission slipping?
Transmission rebuilding can cost from $2000 to $4000. It would be cheaper to call salvage yards and find a used one in a wrecked vehicle.
Q:modulator can damage transmission?
indirectly i suppose that it could. if the modulator causes the transmission not to shift and remains in a gear for a while it could cause a warmer that normal running condition. a broken vacuum line causes a delayed shift and the engine will run hotter due to a lean run situation. this heat transferred to the radiator could cause the trans to run warmer still.
Q:Honda transmission problem?
its possible that your transmission might be going but I would rule out an engine performance issue before you look at the transmission, it may be the engine is not firing on all 4 cylinders therefore is not putting out the power to turn the transmission, so check to see if your engine isn't misfiring, check this by removing each spark plug wire one at a time and listening to the rpms as you pull it off, if you hear the rpms drop then that cylinder is firing as it should, and if you pull one off and the rpms don't drop like the rest of them, it could indicate a problem with that particular cylinder,
Q:Automatic Transmission Fluid?
I hate to tell you this but that transmission is going to die soon. It is the consensus that changing fluid in such a tranny will kill it in short order. If I were you, I'd dump in a couple of bottles of Lucas trans treatment. That may buy you more time.
Q:Is my transmission out?
Make sure it has enough transmission fluid, if it is too low, the car will not engage into gear. If it has enough fluid and still will not engage, the trans is probably shot. You will have to hunt around for a transmission in salvage yards ETC. It will not be cheap, the LT1 engine has a lot of torque and the transmission as a result is fairly heavy duty.
Q:2004 Hyundai Sonata transmission?
Hyundai Sonata Transmission
Q:Ford ZX2 Automatic Transmission problem?
porcelain is a finer grained clay, it will fire hotter, when fully fired it holds water without glaze because the particles bond more closely, it also shrinks more, if you cast a mold in porcelain and then in ceramic clay, they porcelain one will be noticably smaller after the final fireing. ceramic is cheaper. porcelain you can pour thin enough that you can see light through it but ceramic you cant. porcelain is stronger because of its density too.
Q:Whats wrong with my transmission?
Get an estimate. Make sure its a reputable place. Otherwise, it won't matter what it is they will stick it to u. A referral better business bureau ok.
Q:2015 Mustang Transmission Issues?
Well since your automatic doesn't have synchronizers and it doesn't have a fuel pump I'd say the shift solenoid would be a good guess.

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