front shock absorber parts for HONDA STREAM 51605-S7C-N08

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332029NISSANNISSAN  Cherry/Pulsar/(N13)(2WD)F-L
332028NISSANNISSAN  Cherry/Pulsar/(N13)(2WD)F-R
SKODAPick-Up/Felicia  Pick-Up/(787),(797)

Our coilover with really high performance and quality.

-Large cylinder and piston Mono-Tube design to advance driving.

-32 different adjustable damping setting for softer or harder need.

-Ride Height fully adjustable.Can lower very much to meet your needs.

-53MM Monotube designs with gas (Nitrogen) and oil separated.

-Long lasting spring: SAE 9254 steel,color can be chosen.

-Robot welding, high quality and finish.

-High rigidity aluminum alloy strut and pillow ball upper mounts, 6061-T6, color can be chosen.

-High quality components: JAPAN NOK Sealing, GERMANY Fuchs Oil, JAPAN KOYO bearing, durable PURF bumper, PU bush and so on.

-One year Warranty

-Good quality package to protect proucts.

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Q:I have had both rear suspension systems on 2 different Small Station Wagons and was wondering which is better or are they both decent? My first small Wagon was a 1987 Chevy Cavalier with the Rear I Beam and now I have a 1993 Ford Escort with Independent Rear suspension. Which could handle more weight better or they both about the same?
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Q:I just had a wheel alignment done because my car was pulling. After the alignment, it was still pulling, the guy said it is a radial pull and the only way to fix it is to get a new tire. What do you think about this and can you explain what a radial pull is? Thanks
o.k. at my shop if i do an alignment and i still have a pull its one four our five things. 1. the alignments still off, the toe may be correct but camber or caster may be off. 2. radial pull witch is possible, simple fix swap the two front tires left to right if its radial pull it will pull the oppisite way. 3. a shifted belt in a tire wich should of been noticed before the alignment. 4. a brake problem, when a left or right caliper is hoding pressure causing it to pull one or the other
Q:I know nothing about cars but I have a Physics lab on the topic. I think it‘s quite clear that the question wants me to use Hooke‘s law to determine the spring constant of the suspension system; the problem is that I have no clue how to go about it. Any suggestions?
Kev, Without disassembling the car, the only practical way to test the stiffness is to apply a weight w at each corner (preferably right over the tire) and measure the downward deflection d. Then, at each location, k w/d and the total k for the whole car would be K 4w/(Σd) In this case the 'suspension system' includes the tires as well as the springs shock absorbers.
Q:i was looking to buy a spindle system 4 inch lift for a 1990 2wd chevy silverado i was just wanting to know what is the diffrence in a spindle system and a suspension lift and any other info would help thanks
well with a new spindle the offset will be lower or higher in your case higher
Q:Hi my friend has an E36 3 series BMW he is going to change the suspension to lower the car although he is wondering if you also need to change the rear coil springs???? As far as i know you only need change them if there broken he is wondering by lowering the car will the coil springs effect this??? Thanks
Hi lowering an e36 six is a simple task if you are not an engineer, there are two sets of springs ready made for the lowering of the e36, one of which is for the lighter engined e36 which are found on the 318is and the heavier engined car found on the M3 look in most scrapyards or failing that a haynes manual gives the specifications for the spring dimensions. I hope this helps. Guy.
Q:I have a Lincoln Towncar 91 model. I was driving from home to work this morning and I happened to notice the air suspension sign active. What does it mean? Any help?If it is something I need to get checked with a mechanic, how much would it cost me? Could you suggest me a cheap place to get it fixed?Thank you.
The anti-lock brake system, does just that, prevents your brakes from locking up, which helps slow you down faster and saver. If you had to stop suddenly and didn't have anti-lock brakes, the brakes would lock up, this would cause your tires to skid across the road and loose grip and thus cause you to travel farther without slowing down.
Q:i want to buy an air suspension system for my s-10 and i already have the compressor, an airtank and two bags. What else do I need?
by the time you get to the faucet , it will be ok.
Q:I‘m kind of confused as to what to do on this problem. I know that ωo (k/m)^1/2 which is the natural frequency, but I‘m not sure what to do with it. Could someone give me a hand?A car’s front suspension has a natural frequency of 0.45 Hz. The car’s front shock absorbers are worn out, so they no longer adequately perform their function of damping out oscillations of the front of the car (i.e., assume thedamping constant b 0). (a) At what frequency do you expect that the frontsuspension will experience resonant vibration (i.e., at what frequency will the amplitude of the front of the car oscillate with maximum amplitude)? (b) Now, assume that the car is driving on a bumpy road with bumps spaced roughly 40m apart. At a certain speed, the driver notices that the car begins to shake violently. What is the car’s speed?
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Q:What are some cars that are very luxurious but arent really flashy. I can only think Escalade, Range Rover, Maybach, ect Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, ect I feel like are way to in your face.
A Toyota Camry XLE V6, a Honda Accord EX V6, or a VW Passat are luxurious cars that aren't flashy. They're technically a Lexus, an Acura, and an Audi but many people won't bat an eye on them because they're common cars. They also don't scream in your face so there's a guarantee that these vehicles won't get stolen as they're not flashy. The Honda may be an exception just because they're on the top list of stolen vehicles, but Honda's are not considered flashy in any way.

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