Galvanized Iron Wire /Binding Wire Using in Making Welded Mesh

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1.Structure of Galvanized Iron Wire Description:

Galvanized Iron Wire is also known as galvanized wire or galvanized steel wire. We produces galvanized wire at diameter ranging from 0.14mm to 5.0mm, which can be supplied in the form of coils, spools, U type wire or straightened and cut into tie wire. Electric Galvanized Iron Wire we produce usually goes through standard processes under careful control from steel rod coil, wire drawing, annealing, rust removing, acid washing, boiling, drying, zinc feeding to wire coiling.

Through wire drawing, wire galvanizing and other processes,Galvanized iron wire has the characteristics of thick zinc coating, good corrosion resistance, firm zinc coating, etc. The process is Steel rod coil -- Wire Drawing -- Wire Annealing--Rust Removing-- Acid Washing-- Boiling-- Drying-- Zinc Feeding-- Wire Coiling.


2.Main Features of Galvanized Iron Wire:

• Durable

• Good Visual

• Convenient

• Use widely

• Antirust

3. Galvanized Iron Wire Images

Galvanized Iron Wire /Binding Wire Using in Making Welded Mesh

Galvanized Iron Wire /Binding Wire Using in Making Welded Mesh

Galvanized Iron Wire /Binding Wire Using in Making Welded Mesh

4. Galvanized Iron Wire Specification

Galvanized Iron Wire /Binding Wire Using in Making Welded Mesh


We have organized several common questions for our clientsmay help you sincerely

①Are you facotry of trading company?

We are a facotry and supplying wire products for over 10 years.

②What is different of the Hot-dipped and Electro galvanized iron wire

Hot-dipped Iron Wire:

1. This kind of wire is extensively used in construction, handicrafts, woven wire mesh, express way fencing mesh, packaging of products and other daily uses.
2. Hot dipped galvanized iron wire can be supplied in the form of coil wire, spool wire or further processed into straightened cut wire or U type wire. Galvanized iron wire is made of Low carbon steel wire Q195.

Electro Galvanized Iron Wire:

1.Electro galvanized iron wire can be supplied in the form of coil wire, spool wire or further processed into straightened cut wire or U type wire.
2. Electro galvanized iron wire applications:
Electro galvanized iron wire is mainly used in construction, express way fencing, binding of flowers and wire mesh weaving.
Electro galvanized iron wire, electro galvanized steel wire, electro galvanized Wire. 

③How much the transportation freight will be for the samples?

The freight depends on the weight and packing size and your area.


Q:I got a ventilation fan for the bathroom. The fan has 2 wires and there are 2 wires sticking out of the wall.How do I know which wire connects to which wire?What would happen if I connect the wrong wires?
Of the two incoming wires, one should be white (neutral) and one should be black (hot or power). The bath fan should have a neutral and hot also. A wiring diagram can usually be found on the fan unit if a manual is not available. Simply wire the white/neutral to the neutral wire of the fan and do likewise for the hot wire. For safety modern fans make accommodations for the attachment of a ground wire. This provides a path to ground should there be a short in the unit. Hopefully there is a third wire from the wall that will provide a ground. It is usually bare and should be attached to the fan using a green ground screw. Older homes did not have the third ground wire but unless your home is from the fifties, you should have three wires. (If your electrical outlets accommodate three prong plugs, you have grounded wiring). If your bath fan is relatively inaccessible (on the ceiling) not having it grounded might not be that big of an issue but it is always better to ground the bath fan frame when possible. Again, if you have or can locate the manufacturers wiring diagram it should be followed.
Q:I have a phone line with 8 wires that is wired to the house, how do you select which wire to use on a 4 wire phone line?
How To Wire Phone Line
Q:I just tore my old shed down, that was wired for electrical. though I never used power out there There is size 10 wiring (two wires), running from the house to where my shed was. I then bought a Tough Shed from The Home Depot and put it where my old shed was. While working on wiring my new shed for electricity, I turned power off to the entire house.I am trying to install power to the shed and I spliced the size 10 wires to size 14 (three cable, includes a ground) which I have connect to an electrical outlet in the shed, but once I turn the main power box back on, the circuit that runs power to the shed keeps tripping off. Am I missing something here?Thanks
Open the splices and leave the size 10 wires unattached with wire nuts over them. Try to power up the wires when they are disconnected. If it doesn't trip, you must have reversed your wiring. If it trips, the wires are shorted to ground. Perhaps the wires are rotted out under ground or grounded by a sharp metal edge. The shed curcuit breaker should be changed to a 15 amp if you will splice to 14 gauge. Or: There should be a breaker box like there was in the old shed, with 15 amp breakers for for 14 wire. 20 amp for # 12 wire.
Q:TRUCK WIRES, quot;orange,yellow,,red,,black,,white,,brownSTEREO wires ,,Yellow,red,black how do i hook this up right ? HELP !!
This one is the best wire. Pyramid RPB10100 10 Gauge Black Ground Wire 100 Feet OFC Technical Details * 10 Gauge Black Ground Wire 100 ft. OFC * 15/0.25 x 7C,D. 5.0mm
Q:what does a #12 copper wire look like and waht does a #14 wire look like if you got pictures post a link thanks
In recent years, much of the 12 gauge wire is being wrapped in yellow pvc, while the 14 gauge is still being wrapped in white. Side by side it's easier to tell. 12 is thicker and more difficult to work with, bend and such. Also, spools of wire have the gauge and other identifying characteristics laser printed on them at regular intervals.
Q:i got this switch with numbers 1 , 2, 3, and 4 on it and 4 wires red, green, and two black. Which wires go to which number?
Well it is defintely a 3 way switch. The fourth (green) wire being the ground. I can't tell you by the numbers, but I can tell you by the screws which wire goes where. If it does not apply to your switch you may need to go get a new one. They are inexpensive. The green, ground wire goes to the screw that is usually attached to the arms ( metal extentions that hold against the sheet rock. Now you need to find the red and black wire that are together. Look inside the box where the wires come in and you should be able to tell if the red and black are in the same sheathing. These are your travelers. The travelers need to go on the two screws that are across from eachother. One goes on the right side and one goes on the left. Does not matter which side. The last black wire, depending on which of the two 3 ways you are at is either your power or your light leg (wire going to your light). This wire goes on the last screw. Hope this was helpful.
Q:i have a 1995 chevy S10 blazer and i noticed that it has 5? speakers in the door and 6x9 in the back i started looking and i found that it has 4x6 in the dash with cardboard over it but it don't have speaker wire ran for it i think its going to be difficult running wire for it but what gauge of wire should i use? and should i run the speaker wire to the head unit how would i hook the speaker wire to the aftermarket head unit or should i run it to the 6x9 or 5? i already have a pair of 4x6's ready to be installed in it as soon as i find out how to do it and what size of speaker wire it is im going to be doing it by myself
16 okorder /
Q:What are some of the basic advantages of twisted pair wiring?
Less interference.
Q:My tail light work but when i hit the breaks everything go out. Any answers? Standard 4 wire
you might have a broken wire check the plug to see if the prongs aren't broken or damaged also check bulbs
Q:I'm not sure what kind of wire to use to make wire rings. I had found 50ft of thin wire for a cheap price from city mill. Is there a difference between wire from city mill and wire from Walmart or Ben Franklin? I went to Walmart yesterday and the wire was expensive for such a short length. Am I able to use wire from city mill or is it different from wire you would get from a craft store? To me, wire is wire but i really don't know much about crafts.
There okorder /

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