Chinese Knot Silk Carpet

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chinese knot carpet          


cut pile



Face yarn


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Cotton cloth

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Q:how do i Make own rug/mat?
There are a lot of ways to make a small rug. An easy ways to start with a piece of nylon carpet. If you are doing a small rug about 18 x 27get a carpet sample at a carpet for about $1. Go a craft store and get permeate markers of the colors you want and just color the carpet. Markers and the dye used to color carpet are about the same thing. You can also get pieces of carpet, cut to shape and glue together. You can also braid cloth together to make a braided rug. There are lots of craft books to show you how.
Q:Why are most homes carpeted in the US?
Most homes don't have carpeting at the entrance door where alot of people take their shoes off. Carpeting has a pad underneath it, unless it's like mine where I have underfloor heating in my ground floor living room. Little kids like to play sit on the floor, so carpeting is warmer/softer for them in the winter months. Most bedrooms are carpeted for barefoot warmth. (You can't fall asleep if your feet are ice). Mopping shampooing is work, shampooing a carpet is done less frequent. I'd rather have baby tip over and bonk his head on carpet than on a tiled floor. Full room carpeting became popular about in the 60's. Under floor electric heating is catching on, I have it in my bathrooms built in '99. ele ^ (my delete isn't working)
Q:What is a rug? is it like a carpet?
I am a carpet installer, and i wouldn't recommend putting these treads over existing carpet and pad on the steps, as it could be a major trip hazard. If you decide to anyway, you can go to a flooring store and buy stair rods that install over the tread, in the crotch of the step. Good luck, John
Q:How to wash a shaggy rug/carpet?
Over dyed rugs are modern rugs which are specially designed to give stylish and vibrant look to your room. They are specially weaved, treated and washed to give a unique effect to individual rugs with 80% wool and 20% cotton and combination of different techniques and best quality Indian wool. These rugs can be well used to give deep tone to ground any contemporary home.
Q:Problems with my shag rug...?
I suggest...brushing it/raking it. Sounds weird but back in the 70's when shag rug was in, raking was introduced to the carpets. If you rake it, it combs the direction of the carpet, but also pulls materials in from deep within the carpet. If this doesn't work...try a lint brush with teeth. Not a roller that picks up sticky stuff.
Q:My cat keeps licking the carpet?
Well there is something on the carpet apparently. TO make her stop put plastic over the carpet for a while till she/he stops
Q:Can I put carpet tile over padding ?
Carpet tiles usually have some adhesive on the bottom so they can stick to a concrete floor. I think over padding they would be too uneven and cause tripping. Remove the padding and just put them directly on the floor.
Q:Are there any coupon codes for Hopscotch Rug?
Tinkerbell Sales Rank: #31,809 in Toys Games
Q:How to get a poop stain out of a rug?
try some diaper soaker .first try iit onsome part oof the rug that can't be seen in case it takes the colour of the rug out .then use it carefully ,not too much soaker.about half a cup in a litre of water get as much of the poop off as you can before you start then gently drawing the stain to the center from each side dab on the diaper soaker. you will need to put the soaker in some warm water. when you think you have got it cleaned up get a micro cotton towel and put it over the stain and stand on it .this will soak up most of the water .you may have to repeat this to get it all out .
Q:I'm trying to find one of those thick white fur rugs for sex.?
try . Affordable Luxury! Alpaca Pete's is the world’s largest producer of Alpaca products. Our Alpaca are perfect for the wall, On the Bed, At the foot of the bed, to highlight a coffee table, or set off a fire place. Perfect as a light traffic area rug. They clean real easy simply brush them. They still have their natural oils that act as a natural scotch guard. Brushing on baby powder with cornstarch is a Natural way to Dry-clean them. ANNOUNCING OUR NEW DYNAMIC ALPACA PAGE. Do not be fooled. At Alpaca Pete's we photo the EXACT piece that you will receive. Buy from the ORIGINAL. For over 25 years we have taken pride in our %1000 Guarantee! Good only on our Alpaca Rugs! We are so sure that you will LOVE your alpaca area rug or Alpaca Wall hanging that we send UPS to your door at OUR expense and give you a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase.

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