ANon asbestos brake lining for TOYOTA 19486

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200 set
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50000 set/month
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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:1) 3 sets per carton 2) 20' container: 1000 CTNS
Delivery Detail:15days


1) Extremly lower noise
2) Little dust and long life
3) Stable friction coefficient
4) High quaility with guarantee



Brake lining


Semi-metallic or non-asbestor






Black or up to you






40,000 kms  


carton package

FOB Price

USD 1.7-4.5 /pc


100 sets

Delivery Time

30 days after order confirmation



1)Stable Friction Coefficient

2)heat-resistant: Less fading and heat resistant up to 400°C

3)abrasion resistance

4)Long Service life:FF grade 35000~40000km

5)Low noise and dustproof

6)Environmental protection,green products



1)We can supply all kinds of brake pad ; this model was designed  and developed as per clients' specifications and drawings or samples
2) We can currently offer over 800 moulds for different using models for Japanese, European, Korean and American brand cars and trucks with OEM services available
3)These products sell well in more than 20 countries and regions including the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe, America and Japan
4)We assure that all the parts strictly meet the original equipment standards



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Q:I recently had the dealership change my rear tire on my motorcycle. I have noticed my rear brake is less responsive than before my new tire. I was wondering how to tighten up the rear brake pads so my rear brake has more stopping power. Any help or tips?
Q:It's for the melee weapon schematic.
All I know is when you are with your dad and you are going from the vault you find him at, to Rivet City, you pass through a area with a shitload of motorcycle parts laying around.I cannot find it. But I have already beaten the game and I just loaded up while following a giant robot and I just went somewhere else, so chances are, for me, it is probably destroyed.
Q:I‘m just getting starting and I was told I shouldn‘t go above an 250cc as an beginner is this true? And what type of gear besides an full face helm and leather gloves should I wear. Also any tips for a beginner on turning, braking, etc.?
It depends - my own rule of thumb is no more than 50 hp. I started on a 500 cc Honda CX500, and that was about the right size for me but may be too large for some beginners. I'll second (or third or fourth) the recommendation to take professional lessons like the MSF. You'll get plenty of good tips from veteran riders there. I'd also recommend getting a copy of David Hough's book Profficient Motorcycling - it's loaded with tips, but some will only make sense after you start riding. I wear all the gear, from head to toe, myself - boots, riding pants, motorcycle jacket, gloves, and helmet. I'd be scared to ride in less the way traffic is on my morning commute!
Q:How did you get from never rode a motorcycle to doing wheelies on the freeway? (What were the steps you took to being able to drive one) and advice on safety and necessary precautions.What do I need to know about motorcycle accidents. I am interested in saving on gas for a cost efficient vehicle and a good beginner motorcycle. And thank you this means a lot.
personally i think it was unnecessary to do so, i think the only reason americans did this was because they were getting scared that the japanese wouldn't give up so the americans had to do the cowardly thing and use the a-bombs, but like i said, that's what I personally think
Q:is it difficult to switch gears on motorcylce.i suck at manual cars.swithcing gears i use automatic/standard
Changing gears on a motorcycle is easy. The left foot controls the shifter. Pull up with your foot to shift up. Push down to shift down. The left hand controls the clutch. If you really are bad at manuals then you should buy a motorcycle with an automatic. Currently only honda and aprilla make a model with an automatic. However, all scooters are automatic and they come in all sizes. If you want to do long distance riding, suzuki makes a nice one.
Q:I just replaced my motorcycle levers ( both), because I broke my brake lever.Well., after I installed them I noticed the clutch lever is 2inches below the brake lever.My original levers were not like this, anyone know what the problem is? It‘s hard to tell in these photos, but take a look. Looks like I can‘t add two photos.
Q:I am still a new rider so I am getting use to all the techniques. Lets say I am on the highway and need to slow a little as there is traffic coming up. I know that I would downshift to engine brake. Lets say im entering a turn and need to slow but not stop.just slow down. They taught me in my MSF traning to use both brakes( but dont hold in the clutch) when entering a turn and then roll on the throttle. Is this right? So to slow in any instance, esp a turn I would use both brakes or maybe just the rear ( i heard its better than using the front) to just slow down? If lets say I am in first or 2nd gear already?
It depends on how much you have to slow down. If you're just slowing a little, yes you can just brake without using the clutch. But you need to slow down into a turn and accelerate out of it, and if you slow down enough, you'll be too slow for the same gear, so you'll have to shift down. It's best not to shift down in a curve. The idea is that you want to go through a curve smoothly. You're aware than when the bike is leaned over in a curve, anything abrupt can cause you to lose traction,either braking or shifting or even really hard acceleration. So you get 'set up' before you go into the curve, and this includes slowing down, picking your line, and shifting down if you need to. This way you can use the engine braking of the lower gear to slow you down into the curve, and the lower gear to accelerate out of it. Then, once out of the curve, as you speed back up to your original speed, you shift back up.
Q:What is the brake on the left hand of the motorcycle?
Some of the rear brakes (assistants) are some clutch
Q:My .motorcycle clutch and brake levers have adjustments on them 1-6 how do you use these and what do they do?
i own a repair shop,and i doubt that they total it out,they might if the amount of the damages add up to be 80% of the trucks value then they,ll total it out,other wise they,ll fix it back for you, if it was a 2000 model they would have totaled it,good luck with it,i hope this help,s.
Q:today i went on craigslist on a saw this used 2008 Honda Varadero XL1000VAmotorcycle for a pretty cheap price for a its condition. i ended up buying it bc it looked so cool.However, as i took errands and drove it back home the engine was sort of quivering a bit and the and the tires and brakes looked like they have never been replaced. My question is whether this bike is suitable for daily commute for me in florida key west. i might plan on taking it to school Florida key west community college.
Hondas are reliable but like all bikes need servicing from time to time

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