• ANon asbestos brake lining for TOYOTA 19486 System 1
  • ANon asbestos brake lining for TOYOTA 19486 System 2
  • ANon asbestos brake lining for TOYOTA 19486 System 3
ANon asbestos brake lining for TOYOTA 19486

ANon asbestos brake lining for TOYOTA 19486

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200 set
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50000 set/month

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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:1) 3 sets per carton 2) 20' container: 1000 CTNS
Delivery Detail:15days


1) Extremly lower noise
2) Little dust and long life
3) Stable friction coefficient
4) High quaility with guarantee



Brake lining


Semi-metallic or non-asbestor






Black or up to you






40,000 kms  


carton package

FOB Price

USD 1.7-4.5 /pc


100 sets

Delivery Time

30 days after order confirmation



1)Stable Friction Coefficient

2)heat-resistant: Less fading and heat resistant up to 400°C

3)abrasion resistance

4)Long Service life:FF grade 35000~40000km

5)Low noise and dustproof

6)Environmental protection,green products



1)We can supply all kinds of brake pad ; this model was designed  and developed as per clients' specifications and drawings or samples
2) We can currently offer over 800 moulds for different using models for Japanese, European, Korean and American brand cars and trucks with OEM services available
3)These products sell well in more than 20 countries and regions including the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe, America and Japan
4)We assure that all the parts strictly meet the original equipment standards



Q:I want to buy a motorcycle and get my motorcycle license just as a car alternative. there are a few worries that are preventing me however:helmets: would I need to carry my helmet with me around everywhere I go? (do I need to wear motorcycle gear every time I go out and everywhere I go??)parking: would I need to chain it down in special bike parking?terrain limitations: I live on a fairly sloped hill, and i see mopeds on it all the time. would a motorbike have no problem?thank you for all your time and answers ! :D
Riding a motorcycle is a purely personal choice. In general, those that feel a need to ask aren't ready. Helmet: can be locked to the bike with the supplied helmet lock or an aftermarket one. When going out, it can be checked like a jacket (or with). Do you need to wear gear all the time? No, but most recommend it. The majority of all accidents occur close to home. (I got it a block from the house) Parking: If you are lucky enough to find motorcycle parking where you go, use it. Usually, the ignition and steering locks are sufficient. Chains are bulky, heavy, and can chip your paint easily. A disc lock is a much better idea (locks to brake disc, prevents rotation). Terrain: Any place a moped can go, most motorcycles can. Any place a car can go, a motorcycle can. For better answers to your questions, especially the one about if you should, enroll yourself in a Basic Rider's Course.
Q:I am new to the whole motorcycle thing and I think the brake fluid is starting to look dirty. My uncle told me that he uses a turkey baster and sucks it out of the resiovor on the handle bar but I do not know if that is correct or not. Any help would be appreciated.
That's the way I keep my auto brake fluid freshened. Suck some out with the turkey baster and refill every few years. Otherwise have the fluid flushed during a major brake job.
Q:I know how to drive a car of manual,automatic and I have my license and I‘m 18 years old. But I was thinking ? Buying a motorcycle because there cheaper and less gas. But driving a motorcycle it‘s going to be my first time. And i know ima have to take courses. But I don‘t know what too chose because motorcycles look interesting, and more funner. But I love cars also. But I have to choose one those transportations . Not two Please give an advice (:
motorcycles are a great way to get around when the weather is nice, and its above 50 degrees and not raining.In the winter you are severely limited in terms of what you can do, or where to go, especially if it is raining or snowing. There are die hards out there who ride in the winter, but very few, rain is very dangerous wet roads take away the two safety features a bike has, the ability to accelerate quickly, and the ability to stop. If you have to stop suddenly in the rain, you cannot. for the most part you can barely touch the front brake, and if you panic in an emergency, your wheel locks up and the bike drops you on your face so fast you miss all the fun. In short, no stopping quck in the ran. Die hards have to wear waterproof gear so they can get to work. And a windshield on a bike in winter is a must have plan. I would buy a car first save your money for a honda 250 for your first street bike, get used to it in the summer weather and store it in the winter. and use the car as the back up plan, makes a lot more sense. Or if you found some lucky guy who won your heart, make him buy the car, so you can use it in the winter when you need it. ( get him two full time jobs, drop him off at work and keep the car.)
Q:Motorcycle tail light works, brake light does not?
bad bulb ,or the fuse is blown,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Q:I am driving motorcycle since last 6 months. Unintentionally, I found myself using only the front wheel brake of the bike. I never use the rear wheel brake. Is this normal ? How often do you use the rear wheel brake of your bike as compared to the front wheel brake ?
I use both, the front does most of the braking . You should always use both so that in the time of need.your body is trained for maximum braking.
Q:on a bike? also is there a website
for disabled ( wheelchair ) drivers there is a control bar that accelerates when pushed forward and brakes when pulled back.
Q:ABS motorcycle braking vs. Traction Control Braking?
ABS- Anti-lock braking system TCB- Traction control braking ABS- An ABS generally offers improved vehicle control and decreases stopping distances on dry and slippery surfaces for many drivers; however, on loose surfaces like gravel or snow-covered pavement, an ABS can significantly increase braking distance, although still improving vehicle control. TCB- A TCB, is a secondary function of ABS in motor vehicles, designed to prevent loss of traction of driven road wheels. It enhances driver control. CLEAR?

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