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Polyester enamelled Copper wire

Polyester enamelled Copper wire

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Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

  • Application:
    transformer, motorType:

  • Conductor Material: Copper

  • Insulation Material: Enameled

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:standard exported cartons with pallets or wooden case or as per clients's request
Delivery Detail:2-3 weeks


enamelled copper wire, winding wire, magnet wire with various kinds,like: PEW/130, PEW/155, UEW/130/155/180, EIW/180, EI/AIW/200

Enamelled Copper Wire, Winding Wire, Magnet wire with various kinds, like: PEW/130, PEW/155, UEW/130/155/180, EIW/180, EI/AIW/200.

Annual output: 100,000 metric tons

Production Size Range: 0.05mm-3.50mm (AWG7-AWG38)

production type: Class 130'C to Class 200'C

Certificates: ISO 9001-2000, ISO TS 16949, ISO 14001-2004, UL Approved, RoHS Directive Met

Executive standards: IEC, JIS and NAME

Product Description

Capable of working under extreme situations where strong resistibility against very high and low temperature, powerful cryogn,hard radiation and forceful heat shock are needed.

The wires have got RoHS,REACH and UL approval (File No.E227047). Gets the ISO TS 16949 certification.

Be suitable for refrigerator compressor and aire condition compressor, microwave oven electric instrument and other pressuring motor.

Packaging & Shipping

 Standard exported cartons with pallets or wooden case or as per clients's request  

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Best sales department teamers to do best serve for the customers

With advanced testing equipments and professional test teamers to do all necessary

tests before every shipment to ensure the all technical parameters of our wires meet

customers' requirement.

Professional packing teamers to keep goods fastness during shipment

Q:can run hot and cold wire to it and it works fine plug it back in harness and dont work at all
fuel pump relay may b bador pressure regulatoror even the fuseso check fuse fist then relay then regulator.then harness itself. btw pump no supposed to just start running when hooked to harnesshave to have key on and low fuel pressure.
Q:I blew up my 3.9 and i have a 318 and i need to know if it will fit?
it will fit but you will need a wiring harness from a 318. or if you are good with wiring or a friend is you can usually adapt it but its a lot of work. good luck
Q:i found a wire harness for my 05 toyota camry from crutchfeild I would however like to buy my player from a different company will the harness fit the new player??
yes, they are universal. the harness plugs into your car, and the player has its own harness. match up the color wires and youre good to go
Q:Hi,I'm installing a car stereo for the very first time in my 2000 BMW 323i (e46). I bought a wiring harness to convert the BMW wires into something my Kenwood will match to. All the wires are connected and the radio antenna is also connected (with an aftermarket converter). The only problem is the wiring harness is blocking the track where the radio goes in. We tried shoving it over to the left but there is no room for the wiring harness. So I'm stuck. The radio works fine, but it won't fit because the wiring harness is in the frame! Does anybody have some suggestions to try? We're going to pull the entire frame out and put the wiring harness behind that later today as a last resort. But are there other ways to try this?Thanks!
E46 Wiring Diagram
Q:Dont want to pay $500.00 or more!Thanks
JC okorder
Q:I need the wiring harness to a 99-04 jeep grand Cherokee for the stereo Cd changer.
Local car audio shop (but pretty pricey) or u can try Walmart or Best Buy.
Q:i have a 97 acura integra rs non vtec (b18b1) and i need to know if my factory wiring harness will fit a b18c or b18c1 (obd 1) which is vtec? i know i will have to run the wires for the vtec and since i have a skunk 2 intake, the secondary runners in the intake of the b18c/c1 will be not needed to be ran. and yes i will have the p72 (gsr) ecu for the vtec pinouts. for the obd1 part i will be getting a skunk 2 conversion harness that goes obd2 to obd1.
I see we have a frankenstein car in the makes here
Q:I have a step side 1975 Dodge 100, and I been to junkyards and looked online, I can't find step side fenders anywhere. Also I was wondering how hard a wiring harness from E-Z wire or Summit is to put in it?
call 800-558-7750 browns of two rivers collision parts. see if they have them or can get them.
Q:I have a 93' Ford Explorer 4x4 that I am going to install subwoofers and an amp in. I don't have a problem with those it's the wiring of the new CD deck that I need help with. I tried to install the new deck once before, by hard wiring it(I'm keeping the vehicle so I didn't really care if it came back out.) but we came across the power cord the truck has that hooks up to the stock casset player. it's a kinda thick looks like aluminum wire with rubber cover. We just put the stock back in till we figured what to do. What kind of wiring harness do I need to get to install the new CD Deck? and any tips in doing so? Thanks a lot D-
Your okorder
Q:i need to know how to find the connector from the wiring harness to the transmission speed sensor! The mechanic i had working on it forgot to hook it up and now everything is hooked up except for that! The transmission and the engine are all hookes up and i can't find the sensor hookup at the harness!!
There will be a whole set of different plug in harness connectors via the wall by the windshield or in that area by the TCM.One of those is the set of sensor wires that runs off of it.Again I'am not sure exactly but regardless if you trace the transmission wiring harness you'll find where the wires should be coming from for those sensors Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way it should have two plugs on it by the transmission.

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