class 200 polyester imide/polyamide-imide enamelled copper wire, EI/AIW 200, PEI/AI 200

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Product Description:

Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)

  • Type:
    InsulatedModel Number:

  • Application: motors. relays, transformers, etc

  • Conductor Material: Copper

  • Conductor Type: Solid

  • Insulation Material: Enameled

  • production range: 0.17~3.20mm

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: OEM
Delivery Detail:3 weeks


class 200 polyesterimide/polyamide-imide enamelled copper wire, EI/AIW 200, PEI/AI 200

class 200 polyesterimide/polyamide-imide enamelled copper wire, EI/AIW 200, PEI/AI 200. Excellent heat shock resistance, excellent heat and refrigerants resistance and heat resistance, suit for high speed winding. Be suitable for referator compressor and air condition compressor microwave oven electric instrument and other pressuring motor.

Product Description

Highthermal properties and good chemical resistance.

Good thermostability under 150 working envirnment good resistance to abrasion and solvent
applied in all sizes of H class motor transformers,instrumentations,various types of electric components and winding for coils.

Single&double coating

Packaging & Shipping

 Standard exported cartons with pallets or wooden case or as per clients's request

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Q:Integrated wiring system design to pay attention to which aspects
I understand that the BV line is suitable for AC voltage 450 / 750V and below power plants, household appliances, electrical equipment and telecommunications equipment with the cable. WDZ-BY is smoke-free low-halogen flame retardant cross-linked polyethylene insulated wire I personally think that the difference is that smoke-free bar
Q:On a 96 Honda Accord, would I need a relay and Wire harness for an HID kit?
Sounds like someone's trying to sell you stuff you don't need. I had mine installed (can't do anything that technical myself), and whatever I gave them, is what they used. For sure no additional wire harness, aside from what was in the kit.
Q:Do I need a wiring harness?
Yes you'll need the harness thyll run about +$80 and yes the check engines light,open door chimes,ignition light,warning frm passanger airbag,cluster gas gauge,low fuel warning,rpm gauge,on star,and yur bose amp if u have it, will all STOP working if u DO NOT use the interface HARNESS:)
Q:Saturn SL2 Radio; Wiring harness?
Saturns are very easy to upgrade. U can buy the adapter at walmart and radio shack. If u cut and slice every wire u will never finish putting in that stereo lol
Q:Lost car CD player wiring harness.?
Here's where you can look up your car's wiring and color code. If you're going to add plugs on wires and stick them in the correct position where the original plug was, I would go on and buy the replacement plug for the player.
Q:no ground to wiring harness?
A ground that is bad will show little power, but so will a bad live connection. Check the starter connection from the positive battery post down to the starter, and look at the connection, both going to and from the terminal. If all is ok, there should be a ground wire from the engine block to the car body also. If not make one and install it. good luck
Q:im having trouble wiring my new sony cd player?
that wiring harness you bought gets wired to the wiring harness from you new head units wiring and plugs into were you unplug ed your factory head unit from.they call it plug and not cut the plugs off your wiring harness under the dash.all wiring done on a bench tape or cap all contacts even the unused ones so you have no shorts.then just plug each plug into its own plug in.there's only one way they will fit and remove the contact covers in the plugs before you plug them in.and follow the wiring diagram that came with it the colors match up if you have the right make and yr and model of the plug in that fits your car.the (color code gets matched to the new stereos wiring)has nothing to do with wiring under dash,this is why you bought the plug in in the first place so you did not have to deal with all the dash wiring,it should plug in just like your factory stereo did.
Q:Older Vehicle - Wiring, Wiring Harnesses, etc. beginning to dry rot, etc any spray solvent or application?
I'm sorry to tell you but they sound like they are already damaged. Especially if your are finding corrosion and the plastic is cracking. What you could do is check in a magazine called Hemming's Motor News and see who might have replacement electrical harnesses for your vehicle. If it is an older vehicle, the harnesses are pretty cheap, and they are easy to change if you work them slowly, one connector at a time. They come with all the wiring pre-done, with all the connectors attached. You just remove the old connector, snap the new one in place, and then move backwards and do it to the next part of the harness. A lot of cars have different harnesses for different functions, so you only need to change maybe 2 harnesses, because the others are OK. The harnesses typically stop at the firewall, where there is a large connector. The body electrical harness will be from the inside of the body to the instrument panel. while the engine harness, and also maybe the forward lighting harness, will start at the firewall and run forward. Good luck!
Q:Black ground wire harness missing for car deck?
Yes it will need a ground, you can hook a wire to anything solid metal under the dash for ground. Also the reason it works is because they are naturally grounded through the antenna plug.
Q:Where can I find an electronic brake module and wiring harness for my truck so I can use my trailer?
Auto part stores handle such a critter. You may need to special order it. Also try Tractor Supply company, Northern Tool, or a RV dealership.

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