EI/AIW 200 enamelled copper wire

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  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

  • Type:
    InsulatedModel Number:


  • Conductor Material: Copper

  • Conductor Type: ROUND

  • Insulation Material: Enameled

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Standard exported cartons with pallets or wooden case or as per clients's request
Delivery Detail:2-3 weeks


Class 200polyesterimide enamelled copper wires overcoated by polyamide-imide
Excellent heat shock resistance.

Product Description
Capable of working under extreme situations where strong resistibility against very high and low temperature,powerful cryogen,hard radiation and forceful heat shock are needed.
Applied in C class motors,transformers,electric refrigerator and etc.

Annual output: 100,000 metric tons

Certificates: ISO 9001-2000, ISO TS 16949, ISO 14001-2004, UL Approved, RoHS Directive Met

Executive standards: IEC, JIS and NEMA

Packaging & Shipping

Standard exported cartons with pallets or wooden case or as per clients's request  

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Q:if a car stereo rca ports but my car doesnt have rca wires will it work off just the wire harness?
I don't understand your question. Most after-market car stereos have speaker outputs (in the wire harness) and RCA outputs. If you're connecting your car speakers directly to the new stereo, you use the speaker outputs. If you're using a separate amplifier to drive the speakers, you use the RCA outputs for the connection between the head unit and the amp. You can use both outputs if you want; ie, drive four speakers with the head unit's outputs and a subwoofer with a separate amp. However, if you aren't using any other amplifier, you don't normally have to connect anything to the RCA outputs.
Q:wire harness for my stareo in my 92 thunderbird sc?
The square one is the speaker harness. My probe has the same setup. The best thing you can do is to buy a harness kit so you don't have to cut your original wires. Also, I'm sure your car has a factory amp, so you will need to buy an amp integration harness to use your factory amp. If you don't use your factory amp, then you'll have to run your own speaker wires because you'll get no sound if your amp doesn't turn on OR they most likely make an amp bypass harness that you will need to buy. If you have a power antenna, the harness kit will make it easy for that to work again too.
Q:What are the advantages of hiring a wire harness assembly sub-contractor in the U.S. vs. abroad?
Where you have them built is less important than the quality of the harness and whether they build it to spec. You will likely save money if you have it built outside the U.S. but, you also may face communication/cultural issues. One idea is to contract with a firm that has U.S. offices where the design and contracts are handled, but that also oversees manufacturing capability to keep costs down.
Q:Do I need a wiring harness for my 2001 dodge neon?
you can use the same wires most people just replace the ends of them or they cut the ends off and add ones that wil fit which most have at same place where one buys radio wont need a wiring harness most radio dont have ends on the wires so you can hook them up to any other system just look at ends you got with old radio cut wiring off old rewire to new really its not that hard ive done it a 1000 times really typing into search box how to install radio wil pretty much get you al you need to know how to do it its not rocket science heres a step by step guide that should help you and really anywhere they sell a radio wil have the parts you need same place most offen right beside wires conectors tape everything and its not that cutting the wries wil mess up the car so much has to what wire s you cut shouldnt have to cut any wires really just un hook them the plugs that stay on old radio can be cut and tape or rewired back on not the wires under dash dont have to cut them any time watch the video or just type how to install radio its not that hard
Q:Wiring harness shorts out?
Any of several things could have happened. There is more than one fuse panel on most newer vehciels, you may be missing the bad fuse. Also a lot of radios are powered thru a body computer, you could have burnt that up. . Could also be as simple as not having the power lead of the radio hooked to a live power wire. Your local library should have All Data or some other auto repair information online . Get a wiring diagram and loscations of fuse panels and power distribution panels and recheck everything
Q:do i really need to pay $120 for a stereo wiring harness for my 2004 silverado?
More manufacturers are integrating more features (ie. keyless entry, security, door chimes, etc.) through the HU in vehicles. I personally know of a car that has to have the original radio placed in the trunk (with a 15 foot harness) to keep these features intact when installing an aftermarket. Talk about a PITA. So yes, pay the price and have it done right.
Q:Ignition Switch wiring harness. 1997 Grand Prix GT, with or without console?
keep on with the inventory wires. merely verify that you do sparkling the coil posts each once and a lengthy time period, they rust or corrode causing misfires. i have been operating the Autolite Titanium spark plugs and they artwork tremendous. Get a okN air filter out that suits the inventory housing and do the cat lower back exhaust. 3800 performance has a tremendous internet website for Grand Prix improvements.
Q:where can i get the wiring diagram for a 91 mustang 2.3 mass air computer harness?
the difficulty is you're proscribing your self to the internet in this seek. My adventure has been that there are circumstances once you ought to close the laptop off and make a journey on your close by library. flow to the vehicle section and verify out between the Chilton's manuals or Hayes Manuals for that year you're looking. you will get severe high quality wiring diagrams.
Q:wiring harness un hooked?
instead of hooking to your jeeps power source try a battery pack first to see what engauges this way you wont melt any of your wiring harness on your jeep .they could've been old amp wires that they ran under the jeep?
Q:Installing a car stereo without a wiring harness.?
I would say just hard wire it in. One reason being the difficulty in locating a factory harness the other being it minimizes the amount of work you have to do. Just make sure to check the owners manual for the correct schematicsof the stereo wires as auto manufacturers in the 80's were notorious for not having a standard color coded wire setup

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