Class 200/220 Hot sale Polyester-imide/Polyamide-imide enameled aluminum wire

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Productmodels:OEI/AIWAL,1EI/ALWAL,2EI/AIWAL ,Q(ZY/XY)L-3/200, Q(ZY/XY)L-2/200,Q(ZY/XY)L-1/200, OEI/AIWCAL, 1EI/AIWCAL, 2EI/AIWCAL,Q(ZY/ZX)L-2/220,Q(ZY/ZX)L-3/220, Q(ZY/ZX)L-1/220,

Product standard: IEC60317-25,MW35-A,MW36-A

Product features: good heat resistancequality, thermal shock resistance, chemical resistance, solvent resistance andscratch resistance.

Product application: electric motors usedin compressor, microwave, high tension transformer, heat-resistant electric motor, hermetic electric motor and electric usedin washing machine  

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