Class 130 Polyester enameled copper wire

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  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

  • Type: Insulated Model Number: PEW

  • Conductor Material: Copper

  • Insulation Material: Enameled

  • PEW-1/130: golden yellow

  • PEW-2/130: golden yellow

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Neture packing or as request
Delivery Detail:2-3 weeks


Golden wire color.
Good mechanic and chemical properties.
Use B class motors,appliances,instrumentations,etc

Packaging & Shipping

Neture packing or as request

Product Description

Golden wire color.
Good mechanic and chemical properties.
Use B class motors,appliances,instrumentations,etc

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Q:4.0l wiring harness in 3.0l ranger?
No. Even if the wiring harness was the same, which isn't too likely, your ECM is calibrated for the 3.0L.
Q:how to disconnect the cruise control pod from the wiring harness on a 2001 Ford Expedition?
Get a small pocket knife work around the switch pod, between the pod the foam, slowly prying the pod out. There is nothing holding the pod into the foam except the foam. When the pod pops out, the thin wiring is plugged into the back of the switch pod. Why are you after the wiring harness ?? If the cruzz isn't working, Ford had a bad batch of switch pods in '01 - Had to replace the ON-OFF pod on my Grand Marquis.
Q:Installing a new car radio need help with wiring harness?
Go to any audio store and if you're lucky a walmart and go into the audio section Ask the worker to help you look for a wiring harness adapter for the specs of your car When you get it, it should give you a plug end and the other end just being wire colors Plug that end to the one in your car and then with the other end of wires, just match up the wires from your stereo and then that should be it Other than that, the ones you don't use, just leave them alone because you don't need them
Q:How to install an aftermarket radio in my 2007 single cab 2wd Colorado, With Out a wiring harness?
you have to find a wiring diagram for your car and the wiring diagram for the radio you want to put in .
Q:How much power is the computer power harness?
Yellow + 12VCPU, graphics card power supply; for the standard drive circuit power supply, such as optical drive, hard drive motor Orange + 33V is now used for SATA drives Purple + 5V (USB) USB device power supply, support USB keyboard and mouse boot function, power is still off after the shutdown Black ground (0V) Power supply circuit is an integral part of the power supply Green PS-ON power on the signal line, when it is short with the ground will start the power supply, the port signal level is greater than 18V, the main power is off; if the signal level is below 18V, the main power is on The Gray powerGood monitoring line, connecting the motherboard and power supply, play a signal feedback, under normal circumstances, the gray line P-OK output if more than 2V, then the power can be used normally; if the output of P-OK below 1V , This power supply will not guarantee that the system is working properly and must be replaced Blue -12V old serial port, now rarely used White -5VISA bus, now rarely used, and some manufacturers use it instead of black line as a ground
Q:where is the wiring harness for the 2010 ford f-250 lariat?
dude there are no acces points in a wiring harness for your subs ok any access point in a electrical harness wont be for your subs you need to go from the battery or go under the dash the accesspoints you refer too are usually controlled by other things like relays etc and you would not have enough juice cause the wire will be too small from that access point (wire gauge too small) and i am guessing you mean the amp to drive the subs you need to take it from the battery using the correct gauge wire the signal or remote or blue wire is from the ignition but power for it should come directly from battery
Q:Techniques for measuring copper in wiring harness?
If you know the lengths of the wire and the gauge, you can calculate it. It won't be fun, but it will work.
Q:What can I do about the engine wiring harness in my car?
you'd be ahead to get a sparkling harness or one from a salvage backyard, with all the connectors intact. The connectors on maximum autos can in effortless words connect one way, so it is demanding to hook it up incorrect. the biggest difficulty installation a harness is feeding via some tight areas, like below the intake or different tight spots. Haynes manuals have wiring diagrams in them, they are below $20 and must be ordered on-line or offered in a parts save.
Q:Do I need to buy a different wiring harness if I am putting a new radio into my vehicle?
Q:Where can I find an electronic brake module and wiring harness for my truck so I can use my trailer?
Auto part stores handle such a critter. You may need to special order it. Also try Tractor Supply company, Northern Tool, or a RV dealership.

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