• Auto Brake Pads for Honda Cr-V 43022-Sww-G01 OEM for car System 1
  • Auto Brake Pads for Honda Cr-V 43022-Sww-G01 OEM for car System 2
  • Auto Brake Pads for Honda Cr-V 43022-Sww-G01 OEM for car System 3
Auto Brake Pads for Honda Cr-V 43022-Sww-G01 OEM for car

Auto Brake Pads for Honda Cr-V 43022-Sww-G01 OEM for car

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100 set
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50000 set/month

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Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:WVA29125


Type:Brake Pads



Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.

Packing:Box, Carton, Pallet

Standard:TS16949, ISO


HS Code:87083010

Production Capacity:10000sets/ Per Month

Product Description

Fh12 Fh16 FM9 FM12 Fl6 Brake Pads WVA29125 for Volvo
1). Material: Semimetal, ceramics, asbestos free
2). Delivery time: 15-25 days
3). Stable coefficient friction
4). Less noise, no dust
5). Pass ISO and TS16949 certificate
6). Small wear rate and dual wear
7). Good performance of heat
8). MOQ: 100 sets
9). Packing: Box+carton+pallet
















Q:I have a 96 suzuki bandit, I just replaced rear brake pads and rotor. I noticed that after a short ride, like a mile, the rear brakes get very hot even if I don‘t touch them. The old pads had one that was worn to the metal and one that had little wear, do I need to rebuild the caliper or is this perhaps normal, I never felt how hot the rotor was before. I think I was fooling myself into thinking that the caliper was alright, but now I‘m doubting it‘s ok. Does the caliper need honed to be rebuilt or just replace the seals and that‘s good, I‘ve never done a motorcycle caliper before and my manual is a little sketchy on this topic.
if it,s as bad as you say then the lines will be contaminated also !
Q:Why dont motorcycles have pedals (for acceleration/braking)?
Indian 841 and 60's vespas are unusual layouts with foot clutches or throttles or even hand gear changing after year of research and trail and error motorcyclist have decided that they like to control the gears with the foot but in motogp and bsb as well as modded roadbike a thumb brake can be added so rear breaking can be done with the thumb and so every thing but the gears are done by hands in short quick movements but there is most likely a bike i have not heard of that does use a foot throttle and im sure the rider once used to it can ride it fairly effectively and is will have advantages as well as drawbacks
Q:In the end is a good motorcycle? Or electric shock?
Depends on your use. Manned or a good motorcycle, if the road near the get off work of electricity can be.
Q:Will the truck and the motorcycle after the traffic accident, when the vehicle detection motorcycle side brake system failed, which in the accident when the certificate will be affected
First of all to confirm your motorcycle accident, is not no trial. If there is no legal procedures, after the accident does not give you a check. Does not affect the results
Q:What is the glue on the brake pads?
Brake pads are also called brake pads. In the car's braking system, the brake pads are the most critical safety parts, all the braking effect is good or bad brake pads play a decisive role, so that good brake pads are the protection of God and the car.
Q:at how many miles should a motorcycle need new brakes?
Just look at the idicator marks on the shoes or the drums. At moderate use, I would guess somewhere around 20-30000 miles or so. Some last shorter, some longer depending on the riding conditions.
Q:Is it expensive ?
most probably cause its all computer assisted that meens your engine must have a ecu/computer in it to control the brakes just stick with hydrolic brakes mate alot easier if stopping is a problem buy aftermarket brakes
Q:Many new motorcycles use a belt rather than a chain to transfer the power from the transmission to the rear wheel. For my senior project my team is building an engine dynamometer and we are considering using a motorcycle drive belt and pulleys set up to connect the engine to the brake. I am wondering what the highest power these types of belts can handle. Thank you in advance.
The Buell 1125R is rated at 146hp and is belt-driven.

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