Area Rug Carpet,Corridor Carpet,Home Carpet,hotel ballroom carpet

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100000 m²/month

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Area Rug Carpet,Corridor Carpet,Home Carpet,hotel ballroom carpet 

This carpet is made by 100% wool,100% acylic,100%nylon,100% silk,thin silk,copy silk,100% cotton,100%polyester,100%bamboo fibre,it's colorful,striking,and modern,when you touch on the carpet,you will get a feeling of  full.


1. material: 100% wool,100% acylic,100%nylon,100% silk,thin silk,copy silk,100% cotton,100%polyester,100%bamboo fibre

2. patern: any modern pattern and delicate pattern

3. design: many different customer design

4. pile height: 10mm--20mm

5. weight: 2050g--4000g

6. Packing: strong export standard woven backing

7. color: various and can be made as buyer's requirement

8. size: can make any size or even strange or irregular size as customer's requirement

9. payment: T/T, L/C time: within 20 days from the day we receive your deposit

CNBM International Corporation

(CNBM International) is the most important trading platform of CNBM Group Corporation, a state-owned company under the direct supervision of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.With the advantages in Cement, Composite Materials, New Building Materials and Engineering, We are enlarging sub-brand. Currently, we have wholly-owned overseas subsidiaries and branches in 5 countries with a view to realize localization. Meanwhile, we have established strategic partnerships with hundreds of domestic manufacturers and sound business relations with clients from over 120 countries. In line with the business, CNBM International launched E-business platform It conformed the best resource and logistics to meet the customers’ request  with 24 hours full-time service.

Our Vision: Initiate new global trading structure; create new value for benefit related partners.

We will do utmost to promote rational use of resources under the new structure, meanwhile, create new value of  “green, environment friendly and sustainable’ for a more prosperous future.


CNBM International Co. Carpet Dept.


At CNBM International Co. Carpet Dept., we design and weave  beautiful carpets of superb durability - with axminster, tufted and wilton carpets to suit all hospitality environments. · There is no size limitation on rug size.  Rugs can be created with a variety of materials from pure wool to woolen silk, from natural fiber to chemical fiber.

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Q:What carpet is good for sound absorption?
Sound absorption effect is good, if sound absorption is large, then you can choose a thick, porous structure, loose carpet.
Q:question about fixing carpet?
The size of the iron makes bigger pieces easier to attach; somewhere at least 12 inches by 12 inches is easy, but smaller is trickier.
Q:What shape of rug should i use?
A rectangular rug would look choose the correct size measure the length and width of the table and add at least 4' to each measurement, the chair legs shouldn't fall off the rug when people are seated at the table or pulling the chairs away from the table to seat themselves.
Q:What carpet is better for lawn wedding? Polypropylene fiber? Dacron? Acrylic? Or else?
But the color of the carpet chosen by the newlyweds must be in tune with the wedding style. For example: the new choice of Chinese wedding, it should choose the red tone wedding arrangements. New choice of Western wedding, you should choose yarn, curtains, flowers and other major wedding arrangements. The wedding arrangements for the new couple should also be combined with the specific style and colour of the wedding hall, which is very important. Just imagine: if the scene in a Chinese wedding ceremony, under the classical Chinese style decoration, decorate a white carpet, must seem neither fish nor fowl. Imagine, in a western style wedding scene, a large red carpet, will also seem excessive publicity.
Q:Where can I buy a good area rug?
Target always has good rugs. Pier one might have what your looking for too.
Q:Is there need to lay carpet after laying floor heating floor?
Very soft; under normal circumstances, in fact, there is no need to lay a mat on it, it's needed in every family , if you feel it's unecessary, you can choose not to lay it. after all, it is just the floor. actually, that depends on your needs
Q:pave a carpet under the tea table in the living room or not?
it depends on the overall style of your home decoration
Q:How do I remove tar from carpet?
Try Folex , Home Depot or Lowe's sells it. It got paint out of my carpet.
Q:how to remve strongodor of cat urine from rug in spite of repeated washings?
Is it a female or a male cat? There are lots of variables in why a cat will do this. Sometimes it's because the litterbox is objectionable in some way - either the location, the cleanliness of it, the litter, etc. Quite often when a cat goes somewhere besides the litterbox, it's because it is either unhappy about something, or is ill. Urinary tract infections occur often and cats will begin to go somewhere that will draw your attention to it. Perhaps he/she is sick? My male cat started doing the same thing to the throw rug I kept in front of the door. Eventually, we discovered he had a bladder problem which made it difficult for him to go at all. Once the problem had cleared up (he had to have surgery), he started using the box again. As for the smell, it is hard to get rid of. You can get a rug treatment and apply it, or take up the rug/get rid of it. If the cat is going on the rug because something is wrong, it will probably happen somewhere else until the problem is solved.
Q:How do I clean my rug/carpet?
I have used a product called CAPTURE for the last 5 years and it is the best thing I have tried yet, it even got charcoal out of my white rug. I buy it from either Sears or Home Depot. A guy I used to know who sold oriental rugs told me about it. They use it to clean expensive rugs that get marks on them in the stores.

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