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I am a 21 year old female. I have 2 children and going to college part time. I don't get out very much so I wanted to try learning something new to help me stay sane. I was really interested in learning how to play a keyboard. Do you think it is too late to try to learn now? I know a lot of ppl who can play started young. Any tips? Advice?
Well, learning how to play the keyboard through a laptop really isn't going to give you the experience you are looking for. Now, Creative Labs does make a USB style dual keyboard regular computer keyboard, with a musical mini-key keyboard below it. However, learning how to play a keyboard on mini-keys REALLY stunts your potential. So, unless you are hard-core attached to learning how to play the keyboard on your laptop computer, you might not want to ask your question in the Laptop and Notebook category of Yahoo Answers. end of line
Hi. I'm in need of an android keyboard app that is fast and reliable, doesn't lag too much and that predicts words because I am the worst typo-er in the whole world. However, I want it to be as minimalistic and simple as possible since too many (redundant) features would only serve to drain battery and slow my phone down (I own a pathetic and slow mini S3, hence I need something that doesn't use up too many resources). Swiftkey and Swype have too many useless features for me so these are out of question right off the bat. I'm currently using ICS but it's not working properly, however a keyboard similar to it would be appreciated. Thank you!
Fleksy Keyboard – Happy Typing 2.0.1 is great and power full faster
Heyaa,what's the best gaming keyboard?prefer lit keys asswell :)Greetings :)
Logitech Gaming Keyboard G510
How to replace a Toshiba Satellite L25 S1192 keyboard? Need detail steps to get the keyboard replaced
Most toshiba keyboards are secured in the same way. There should be a removable cover running along the top edge of the keyboard - this can be prised off with a flat blade. Underneath will be the securing screws - remove these and the keybaord can be gently lifted away, it will have a ribbon cable so make sure you don't damage this
helphow can i open my hp 6710 laptop keyboard ???thnx
HP's can be tricky, first you want to remove the plastic bezel around the keyboard, there will normally be screws on top and HP loves to put screws through the bottom, once you get all the screws out the keyboard just falls out, disconnect the cables and you are done.
I recently moved from Switzerland to the United States. In Switzerland I purchased a German Apple wireless keyboard. Now that I live in the U.S I purchases an American wireless keyboard now that I connect it to my Mac whenever I type the letters are not arranged in a QWERTY keyboard form, for example the Y and Z keys are switched. Any advice?
The system is still set to use the German keyboard layout. You have to change the default keyboard 'input source' to 'U.S.': – Open System Preferences-LanguageText – Go to the tab 'Input Sources'. You'll see a list of keyboard languages. Scroll down and check-mark the entry 'U.S.'. – If you don't want to use the German keyboard ever again, un-check the entry 'German'. In this case, the US keyboard will automatically be activated. – If you want to change occasionally, check the option 'Show input menu in menu bar.' This will display a little flag in the menu bar which you can click to get a menu of all keyboard languages that you have check-marked in the list of keyboard languages.
I text alot so i want to know whether the touch screen keyboard on the evo is good or not. ( since the evo has no querty keyboard )
Better Keyboard is an option that actually has countless skins available right from the Market. It will allow you to change and fine-tune the keyboard to make it your own.SwiftKey is another option that provides impressive word prediction, including a feature that predicts the next word you haven't even begun to type yet.
Hi all. I've managed to change the settings on my computer so that I can use Spanish characters. However, I'm now having trouble remembering HOW to create letters with accents, Ns with tildas, etc. Nor do I know what other changes there are between this keyboard setting and the English one. I own a PC, not a mac.Is there a website, or could somebody help me with a tutorial on how to create these symbols, on this setting? I'm finding tutorials that people use when their keyboard ISN'T set up to Spanish, and that's not what I want.Muchas gracias!
Why do no longer you place residing house windows to apply the worldwide English Keyboard? while chosen (Left Alt+Shift) ', ~ and ` exchange into deadkeys, then, case in point, ~ then n turns into ?, ~ two times to get ~, and so on. additionally, suitable Alt + n leads to ?. On residing house windows XP, circulate to regulate Panel, interior sight and Language, Languages tab, information, upload, Spanish (everywhere), examine keyboard format, and decide country - worldwide.