107 Keys Computer Keyboard

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107 keys computer keyboard,wired keyboard,PC keyboard

Ultra responsive to the user's touch; effectively reducing typing stress
Laser engraved/Silk screen letters with UC film

Multi-language versions

10 million times key stroke life



* Standard slim keyboard with 107 keys

* PS/2, USB and U+PS/2
* Color option: silver, black, silver+black, pc white
* High quality membrane tactile key switch available
* Lifetime: 10millions
* Multi languages avaialble
* Provides three ACPI power management keys
* Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP/VISTA/WIN7 compatible

 Packing List

Gift Box Size

453 * 160 * 26mm

Ctn box size

465 * 27 * 338mm










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Q:Keyboard selection based on keyboard touch
 Feel is mainly determined by the strength of the key to determine the degree of bond. 
Q:unstick keys on keyboard??
Try popping off the keys by prying from below. You may want to do the entire keyboard. Place the loose keys into a pan of warm soapy water and stir them around a bit. Next, use a q-tip and plain water and mop around the entire newly exposed keyboard area. Use canned air to blast away anything around the stickiest areas. Snap the keys back in place and hope for the best. Either that or do as I had my son do when he dumped an entire glass of pink lemonade into my keyboard spend $26 at Best Buy and get a new keyboard.
Q:Will anything replace the keyboard?
Yeah, I believe that new things are going to come out and take away the keyboard
Q:i want to connect a second keyboard?
Both keyboards will work in the same way. The keys on both keyboards will do the same thing. It's useful when you're playing arrow key two player games with someone else where two keyboards aren't as cramped when you use the WASD and arrowkey configuration.
Q:Disabling laptop keyboard?
if you have a vista laptop. go on start then all programs then click on keyboard then disable
Q:Music assignment help (musical keyboard)?
During the 17th century (baroque period) in Europe, numbers of keyboard was invented during this period, the keyboards that was used here are clavichord, harpsichord and organ. The development of pianoforte which is now the full scale piano was introduced during the 18th century (classical period). The adventages of having a keyboard for me, it would be probablly give me enjoyment, especially when you can play a keyboard well, aside from giving an entertainment feature it can also provide us jobs for those talented musicians out there. It can also express ourselves through playing a keyboard. Well for the disadvantage side, I don't see anything problem aside from its high cost. Maybe some muscians cannot express their interpretation on the keyboard but somehow they can used other medium. Im not sure about the inventor of the keyboard: Rubenstain or waldstein.
Q:Keyboard keyboard can not identify the problem
 It is best to use a camera to shoot down the keyboard layout or draw a sketch. After the cap is removed,
Q:Using web cam makes keyboard stop working?
If the keyboard and the webcam are both USB (meaning the keyboard isnt the other kind of plug [P/S2]) there could be a bus conflict between the two devices. My easy fix to this would be if you have a P/S2 adapter for your keyboard, use that with the keyboard and there shouldnt be a conflict. If you don't, try reinstalling the drivers for teh webcam and (if included) the keyboard also. Hope this helps. Best wishes.
Q:Need help to choose keyboard?
If I were you, I'd decide on something (at first) that's inexpensive, and a line that's real easy to learn on is Casio. Although they're organs, it's an easy way to introduce yourself to the keys. Also, when I was growing up, my parents bought me an upright piano, which is a lot cheaper than a grand, and has the same basics, which of course, is 88 keys. Are you going to take lessons, or play by ear? If you choose the latter, I learned on a book that had some really old (lame, but simple) songs, and taught you to play by learning the keys and chords by color. If you have the money, lessons are great and so are grands. Either way, it's a great instrument.
Q:A question about my Keyboard?
As long as this is a plain keyboard (i.e. has no batteries inside) you can unplug it from the computer and run hot water though it. You can also pry off the keys and clean under them (they go back on by pressing them down until they click). If you run water though it make absolute sure that you dry it out. You can use a hair dryer if you are careful enough not to get it too close. A keyboard is really nothing more then a large array of switches. These switches may corrode (depending on the make of the keyboard). But generally they can have water run though them. If all else fails simply buy a new keyboard (they are relatively cheap) and call this a learning experience about drinking liquids around your computer.

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